The Man at the Altar - Recap

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The scene opens with Annie running down the street chasing after a fugitive. She goes into a church and interrupts a wedding. The fugitive is up on the altar standing next to two grooms. Annie tells the fugitive to turn around. One of the grooms turns around. It is Jimmy. The other one turns around and it is Ben Crowley. Annie looks down and her outfit has changed into a wedding dress. Annie is shocked and looks around. Marco is a singer in the choir and Luke is a priest. She knows that this is a dream, but the fugitive at the altar won’t turn around. She walks up to him and just as she is going to turn him around, she wakes up. She has been in the surveillance van with Marco the entire time. Annie tells him about her nightmare and Marco tells that she was only asleep for 15 minutes, but she was saying Jimmy’s name and Ben’s name. Annie focuses on the job and says that they have a target. It is Harcourt. A friend at the DEA tipped Annie on Harcourt’s whereabouts and that he has been running marijuana for a while. Jimmy comes on the radio and tells that Harcourt’s father’s car is going toward them. Harcourt is in the car along with an unknown friend. The team jumps out and Harcourt runs for it. However, when he climbs a barbed wire fence, he is caught. Annie, Jimmy and Luke watch and laugh for a moment.

Later as they are taking Harcourt away, Annie checks up on the person that Marco caught. His name is Jackie Walsh. Marco tells that he is having Luke run the ID that they found on him. However, Jackie says that he wasn’t the shooter in this. Luke tells that there is a warrant on Jackie and that he was one of the four men that murdered a cop six months before. Annie remembers it and says that they are doing good because they have what they need and it is just started. Later, Annie and Jimmy talk to Jackie and ask him where the rest of the men are. Annie shows a picture of the female cop that they killed and he says that nothing bad was supposed to happen. There are flashes of the past and they show that Jackie was riding with the men to collect from someone. However, they were pulled over and Macon, one of the men, panicked and Little Boy told them to calm down. When Macon ran for it, Little Boy shot Officer Lacey. At headquarters, Jackie tells that he never has done anything like that and tells that he will tell them what they need to know. He says that afterwards, they were told to lay low. Annie and Marco go in a van while Jimmy and Luke drive. They have Jackie in the van as well. Marco tells that he is good at dream analysis and offers to help her with the dream she had. However, Annie blows it off and tells him to not worry about it. Annie tells for Jackie to make the call. He calls Francis and asks if he is still with the rest of the men. Little Boy takes the phone and shoots it. However, Marco is able to get a trace on the call before that happened.

They go back to headquarters and Annie bumps into Natalie, Jimmy’s fiancé. Natalie tells that she is there to get Jimmy’s opinion on some wedding things. They are talking when a man punches Jackie in the face. The man is Hank Lacy, the husband of the officer shot. Hand is now with the Houston Police Department and he shares everything on the killer. Annie keeps looking at Natalie and Jimmy and says that they have most of the information, but sees a phone number. Hank says that it is the number to the guy he hired to help. Annie recognizes the number and later, goes to Ben Crowley’s door. He tells that he has been expecting her and says that Hank hired him to find the fugitives. Annie wants to know what is missing and Ben plays around a bit. Ben tells that Little Boy had a cellmate who hung himself. However, the real story is that Little Boy killed him. She asks why and Ben asks where. He says that he has a lead on Macon. He says that Macon’s sister works at a warehouse. Annie thanks him and he says that can’t be the only reason she came to see him. They kiss.

Later, the team goes to the warehouse and a security guard tells that Macon is inside. Annie leads the team inside, but daydreams of the church in her dream. She is back in the dress, the mystery man is at the altar and Annie orders him to turn around. Jimmy appears behind her and in his wedding clothing and kisses her. Suddenly, Annie walks up next to Ben. She realizes that the entire warehouse was a dream and tells Ben that she shouldn’t have stayed last night. Ben asks if there is another guy in her life and replies that she thought that Ben wasn’t into the “why” of things. Annie gets to headquarters and goes into her office. She opens an envelope and pulls out a gold wedding band. Luke and Jimmy come un and Annie hides the ring. They tell that Macon’s sister admitted that Macon was hiding in her work, but he left and hasn’t contacted her. Jimmy asks how Annie got the tip and she tells that it was Ben who gave it to her. Luke notices that Annie didn’t change her clothes, but Annie quickly changes the subject and tells him to get Little Boy’s files. Annie asks Jimmy where Macon’s sister is now and Jimmy says that she is in the interrogation room and warns her that she is “colorful”.

They sit down with her and she says that she doesn’t want to talk. Annie tells that she doesn’t have to because they have the right to seize her house because she put up her hom on Macon’s bond. She asks if she can she has to stay with them and Jimmy says that she is free to go, but warns her that she needs to start packing her bags. Lana, Macon’s sister, calls Macon and gets the signal near Baton Rouge. They hear the sound of a train and realize that he is on a train with an open door. Meanwhile on the train, Macon asks Little Boy where they are going. He says that they are going to go to a stash of money that will get them out of the country. Macon is upset because it was Little Boy who shot the cop to begin with. When Macon mentions his sister, Little Boy realizes that Macon has been talking to his sister and slams him against the wall. However, Macon pulls a knife on him and Little Boy gets his shoulder cut. However, Little Boy stabs Macon in the side and Macon jumps off the train. Francis looks at Little Boy and tells him that they need to get to the hospital, but he says that he isn’t. He asks Francis if he knows anyone. He says that he does, but he doesn’t want to ask them. Later, Annie and Jimmy get to the train yard and find the boxcar that Francis and Little Boy were in. They hear that a car was stolen. They see that there is a lot of blood inside and tell the police to contact any nearby hospitals.

Meanwhile, Macon goes to a nearby clinic and asks for help. As the nurse walks to get more medical supplies, a fax with Macon’s photo comes through. The nurse recognizes Macon. Annie and Jimmy get ready to go into the clinic when Jimmy tells that he heard that Annie hasn’t been sleeping well. Jimmy teases Annie about the dream. At the urgent care clinic, Macon asks the nurse where the doctor is. She offers to call once more and when Macon sees a security guard watching him, he collapses. However, when the nurse helps him, he grabs her and puts a razor to her throat. He gets the security guard’s gun, but Annie and Jimmy are thre. Annie distracts Macon and Jimmy knocks him in the face. They talk to Macon and he says that Little Boy is crazy. He says that they probably went to New Orleans. Marco and Luke raid the house in New Orleans, but it is vacant. They find a photo that shows Francis holding a baby. They realize that Kevin is Francis’s son. Meanwhile, the criminals pull up in Jackson Mississippi and a little boy goes running to Francis. It is Kevin. Allison, the mother, comes out and tells Kevin to stay away from him and tells Francis to leave. He begs her and she syas that he can stay a few hours. Little Boy starts to disagree, but Francis tells that they have to respect what she says. Little Boy fixes his wound and threatens Allison that he will kill Kevin if she goes to the police.

Later that night, Annie tries to sleep, but can’t. Jimmy talks to Annie and says that he had a fight with Natalie. He feels that the wedding is off. The next day, Jimmy and Annie race to Allison’s house and see that Little Boy and Francis are walking down the road with their heads down. They leap out of the car and chase after them. Annie shoots them both and when she flips them over, it is Ben. Annie is back in her dream. Jimmy tells that she can marry him instead and the man at the altar tells that Jimmy is a free man now. Annie awakes from her dream and the team is outside Allison’s house. They bust in and find Kevin playing. Allison comes in and says that the men left two hours ago and took her car. Allison tells that she is afraid to talk because Little Boy threatened her. Allison says that Francis is going to call to say goodnight to Kevin. The call come sin and Annie tells Francis about the threat on Kevin’s life. However, Francis doesn’t believe it. Annie tells that Little Boy will do anything to stay out of prison. They get a trace in Tallahassee. Francis goes to Little Boy and says that he wants to split up, but Little Boy tells that they need one another. He asks if Little Boy would ever hurt or threaten his son. Little Boy lies and says that he wouldn’t.

Marco and Luke join Annie and Jimmy back on the plane. Luke asks why Florida. They talk about the stash that Little Boy has from Tony Diaz, Little Boy’s cellmate. Marco tells that Diaz had money hidden and Little Boy most likely killed his cellmate. Meanwhile, Little Boy and Francis sit at a bar and he tells Francis that start looking for the money. However, Francis tells that he is turning himself in. He tells Little Boy to get out of there and he tells that he understands. He hugs Francis and stabs him. Annie and the rest of the team get off the plane and Annie gets a call from the police saying that Francis’s body was found floating in the harbor. Luke says that Diaz’s houses here seized and sold. Marco tells that Diaz had a luxury boat and Annie says that it is a good place to hide a title. The boat is in the same harbor as the place where Francis’s body was found. They hear that it was taken out 10 minutes ago. Meanwhile, Little Boy is racing the boat out to sea. He searches under the seats and find the stash. He hears sirens and it is the team racing up to the boat. Annie asks Jimmy if he can take out the engine and he does and succeeds. They smoke Little Boy out and take him into custody. Later, Jimmy finds Annie asleep. He sees an image on Annie’s computer and walks out. The dream of Annie’s happens and she tells the man at the altar to turn around. It is Annie’s father, William Frost. William asks Annie why she hasn’t found him yet. Annie asks why William sent the ring to Annie. William says that she knows why and tells that something bad is going to happen. She realizes what William meant. The episode ends.