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Season 3

45 :03x01 - Rebound (1)

After Diane leaves Cheers for a "vacation" Sam reverts back to his old ways of drinking. Coach hates to see him this way, because he remembers what it was like the first time. So he turns to Diane for help.
Guest Stars: Anita Elevi as Baton Twirler | Larry Harpel as Customer #1 (Larry) | Brian Burt as Customer #2
Director: James Burrows

46 :03x02 - Rebound (2)

Dr. Frasier Crane, a doctor recommended by Diane, helps Sam return to the path of soberness once again. But now Diane, who has taken her job back, must tell Sam that she is "involved" with the doctor.
Guest Stars: Ethel Sway as Croquet Player | Brian Burt as Customer #2 | Larry Harpel as Customer #1 (Larry)
Director: James Burrows

47 :03x03 - I Call Your Name

Fraiser turns to Sam for help about his intimate relationship with Diane. Meanwhile, Cliff must stay undercover to avoid a vengeful fellow postal employee.
Guest Stars: Mitch Kreindel as Eddie | Erwin Fuller as Mr. Fancy Bottom
Director: James Burrows

48 :03x04 - Fairy Tales Can Come True

Cliff meets a woman at the Costume Party at Cheers who he really likes, and she even likes him back. But after the night ends he is afraid to see her again without the mask.
Guest Stars: J. Alan Thomas as Jeff | Rebecca Soladay as Woman #1
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Sam Simon

49 :03x05 - Sam Turns the Other Cheek

After Sam enters the bar with a gun shot to the butt everyone wants an explanation. So he makes up a fake story about an elaborate scheme which lies only grow bigger and bigger as the story moves through the grapevine. All to avoid the real truth that he was shot by a jealous husband.
Guest Stars: Mark Sawyer as Customer #1 | Carmen Argenziano as Marvin
Director: James Burrows

50 :03x06 - Coach in Love (1)

Coach meets a beautiful woman who agree's to marry him. Meanwhile, Sam tries to score with her daughter but can't seem to make the date.
Guest Stars: Ellen Regan as Sue Blanchard
Director: James Burrows
Writer: David Angell

51 :03x07 - Coach in Love (2)

The wedding is set, and everyone's excited. That is until Irene (coach's fiance) wins the lottery and dumps him. When Coach refuses to believe that it has really happened the gang worries he is in a state of denial.
Guest Stars: Alan Blumenfeld as Customer #1 | Ellen Regan as Sue Blanchard | Jason Tatar as Customer #2
Director: James Burrows
Writer: David Angell

52 :03x08 - Diane Meets Mom

Diane meets Frasier's mother for the first time, who "casually" tells her she will kill her if she doesn't leave Fraiser alone.
Guest Stars: Tom Kindle as Phil Ryan
Director: James Burrows

53 :03x09 - An American Family

Nick, Carla's scumbag of an ex-husband, returns demanding a more equal division of the marital properties. Namely he wants one of the kids, a demand to which Carla actually agree's.
Guest Stars: Thomas Babson as Tom | Dan Hedaya as Nick Tortelli | Jean Kasem as Loretta Tortelli
Director: James Burrows

54 :03x10 - Diane's Allergy

Diane moves in with Fraiser and begins to suffer from a mysterious allergy, which Fraiser believes is a subconsciencious sign that they are not ready to live together.
Guest Stars: Cory Yothers as Ben
Director: James Burrows

55 :03x11 - Peterson Crusoe

After an enlightening experience Norm gets an utter awareness of his own mortality. He decides to rid himself of all material possesions and move to Bora Bora. A small island free of all technological advancements where he will live in a hut and do hard labor. But will Norm really make it to Bora Bora?
Guest Stars: John Marzilli as Joe | Howard Goodwin as Mark | Michael Griswold as Conrad
Director: James Burrows
Writer: David Angell

56 :03x12 - A Ditch in Time

Sam becomes attracted to one of Diane's friends, but she strongly insists he stays away. Which of course only makes Sam want her more. After their first date the girl already wants Sam to meet her parents, or who she calls him, "their future son-in-law".
Guest Stars: Kate Williamson as Mona | David Wiley as Todd | Larry Harpel as Larry | Carol Kane as Amanda
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Ken Estin

57 :03x13 - Whodunit?

Fraiser is highly disturbed to learn his trusted mentor has been dating Carla, who also has a suprise of her own: she's pregnant.
Guest Stars: Ernie Sabella as Stan | James Karen as Dr. Ludlow
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Tom Reeder

58 :03x14 - The Heart is a Lonely Snipe Hunter

Diane insists the gang include Fraiser in their "Masculine Pursuits". So they take him on a "snipe" hunt in the woods and leave him there as a prank. Which doesn't go well.
Guest Stars: Walter Smith (2) as Customer #1 | Tim Cunningham as Tim | Alan Koss as Alan | H.B. Newton as Customer #3 | Kim Elliot as Customer #2
Director: James Burrows

59 :03x15 - King of the Hill

Sam agree's to be the pitcher for a charity softball game against Playboy bunnies, but being back on the mound brings back his competitive self and he strikes them all out.
Guest Stars: John Hancock as Lenny | Larry Harpel as Larry | Steve Giannelli as Steve | Ola Ray as Andrea | Heidi Sorenson as Ginger | Jeana Tomasina as Becky | David Paymer as Reporter
Director: James Burrows

60 :03x16 - Teacher's Pet

Sam and Coach both agree to take a night school class in geography. But when class begins, they do things a little different. While Coach is studying hard for A's, Sam is dating the teacher.
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Tom Reeder

61 :03x17 - The Mail Goes to Jail

Cliff is a little too ill to finish his mail route so Norm does it for him and gets arrested because of it. But Cliff's pride and fear of losing his perfect discipline record makes him refuse to back up Norm's explanation to the cops.
Guest Stars: Deborah Richter as Bambi | Larry Harpel as Larry | Al Rosen (2) as Al | Nick DeMauro as Customer | Troy Evans as Cop
Director: James Burrows

62 :03x18 - Behind Every Great Man

Sam tries to hit on a lady who works as an investigator for the Boston singles scene; too bad she has heard every line in the book.
Guest Stars: Al Rosen (2) as Al | Larry Harpel as Larry | Alison La Placa as Paula Nelson
Director: James Burrows

63 :03x19 - If Ever I Would Leave You

Nick, Carla's ex-husband, comes to Cheers begging for her to take him back after Loretta kicks him out of the house.
Guest Stars: Jean Kasem as Loretta Tortelli | Dan Hedaya as Nick Tortelli | Steve Giannelli as Steve
Director: James Burrows

64 :03x20 - The Executive's Executioner

Norm becomes the "company hatchet man" after the boss realizes he has a nack for letting people go nicely. But how long can Norm keep this brutal job up?
Guest Stars: Richard Roat as Mr. Hecht | Larry Harpel as Larry | Mark Schubb as Billy Richter | David Wohl as Phil Wagner | Randall Miller as Michael | Raye Birk as Walt Twitchell | Warren Munson as John Parker
Director: James Burrows

65 :03x21 - Bar Bet

An old friend of Sam's returns to the bar with some interesting news. He reminds Sam of an old bet, which stated that if Sam didn't marry Jacqueline Bissett before a certain date he would have to give the bar up.
Guest Stars: Michael Richards as Eddie Gordon | Al Rosen (2) as Al | Laurie Walters as Jacqueline Bisset | Dean Dittman as Harrison Fielder | Thomas Babson as Tom Sherry
Director: James Burrows

66 :03x22 - Cheerio, Cheers

Sam throws Diane a going-away party after she announces she will be leaving to acompany Fraiser to Italy for a while.
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Sam Simon

67 :03x23 - The Bartender's Tale

Carla insists that Sam higher an older woman to replace Diane to avoid the love factor, which Sam does. But he can't control his attraction to her young daughter, a factor Carla didn't add in.
Guest Stars: Lila Kaye as Lilian | Tim Cunningham as Tim | Gregory Snegoff as Bellboy | Camilla More as Carolyn | Rhonda Shear as Sydney | Brynja Willis as Brenda
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Sam Simon

68 :03x24 - The Belles of St. Clete's

Carla rounds up all of her former classmates from "St. Clete's School for Wayward Girls" to plot a long awaited revenge to an old principle she spots drinking at Cheers.
Guest Stars: Marsha Warfield as Roxanne Brewster | Larry Harpel as Larry | Steve Giannelli as Steve | Tim Cunningham as Tim | Alan Koss as Alan | Thomas Babson as Tom | Ellen Gerstein as Mo McSweeney | Camilla Ashland as Drusilla Dimeglio | Kate Zentall as Kathy Settuducato | Catherine Paolone as Donna Guzzo
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Ken Estin

69 :03x25 - Rescue Me

While in Italy, Fraiser proposes to Diane. She calls Sam hoping he will talk her out of it, but says yes after Sam doesn't answer...because he is on the way to Italy to bring Diane back.
Guest Stars: James V. Christy as Dan Corelli | Dan Galliani as Priest | Susan Kase as Stewardess | Martin Ferrero as Waiter
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Ken Estin
Warning: Cheers guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1982
Ended: May 20, 1993
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