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Season 4

70 :04x01 - Birth, Death, Love and Rice

After Coach's death, Sam hires a new bartender in Woody Boyd who was Coach's pen pal. Frasier arrives back from Europe after Diane left him at the altar. He tells them that she had six months of decadent living across Europe and is now seeking renewal in a Boston monastery.
Guest Stars: Arnold Turner as Customer | Patricia Huston as Sister Catherine | Alan Koss as Alan | Larry Harpel as Larry | Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane | Lois De Banzie as Sister Marie
Director: James Burrows

71 :04x02 - Woody Goes Belly Up

Woody's old girlfriend comes to Boston to visit him. Frasier decides to pay his bar bill by working as a janitor.
Guest Stars: Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane | Al Rosen (2) as Al | Amanda Wyss as Beth Curtis | Sean Everett as Waiter | Elizabeth Keifer as Lisa
Director: James Burrows

72 :04x03 - Someday My Prince Will Come

After Diane fantasizes about the owner of a coat left at Cheers, Sam pressures her to ask the coat's owner for a date no matter who the owner turns out to be. When the owner comes to claim the coat, Diane tries to wiggle out of her "dream date". Meanwhile, Norm and Cliff work together on a high school science project.
Guest Stars: Frank Dent as Stuart Sorensen
Director: James Burrows

73 :04x04 - The Groom Wore Clearasil

Carla worries that her son, Anthony, is contemplating getting married, even though he is still a teenager. She heads to Sam for help who tries to convince Anthony being a bachelor is far better than being a husband. Meanwhile, Diane has an interview with her former fiance, Sumner Sloane.
Guest Stars: Mandy Ingber as Annie | Sherilyn Fenn as Gabrielle | Al Rosen (2) as Al | Timothy Williams as Anthony Tortelli | Craig Berenson as Customer | John Ingle as Professor Moffat
Director: James Burrows

74 :04x05 - Diane's Nightmare

On a dark, stormy night, Diane awakens from a nightmare in which she fears that Andy Schroeder, the crazy date who once tried to strangle her, has escaped from the home for the criminally insane and is coming to kill her.
Guest Stars: Nancy Cartwright as Cynthia | Tim Cunningham as Tim | Derek McGrath as Andy Schroeder | Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane
Director: James Burrows

75 :04x06 - I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday

Although Sam would usually have no qualms over lending Diane money, especially a measly $500, that is until he witnesses he recent spending spree and that she has used the money to purchase a book.
Guest Stars: William Lanteau as Bruce Sayers | Alan Koss as Alan | Steve Giannelli as Steve | Rick Andosca as Guy | Eve Glazier as Little Girl
Director: James Burrows

76 :04x07 - 2 Good 2 Be 4 Real

Carla's ad in the personals has not been answered, so the guys decide to make up a man for her. Airline pilot Mitch Wainwright is created as a means of raising her spirits, but she becomes obsessed with the 'man.'
Guest Stars: Jack Gallagher (1) as Customer | Michael Alaimo as Vinnie Claussen | Don W. Lewis as Sotto the Mime
Director: James Burrows

77 :04x08 - Love Thy Neighbor

Norm and his neighbor's wife hire a private detective when they assume that their spouses are having an affair together.
Guest Stars: Miriam Flynn as Phyllis Henshaw | Frank Czarnecki as Jack | Carolyn Ann Clark as Woman | Fred Dryer as Dave Richards (as John F. Dryer) | Richard Young as Frank | Ernie Sabella as Santo Carbone
Director: James Burrows
Writer: David Angell

78 :04x09 - From Beer to Eternity

Cheers and Gary's Olde Towne Tavern are set to compete in their first ever athletic competition against each other, and the guys discover that bowling is not up their alley. But they find a reluctant hero in Woody, who doesn't want to compete.
Guest Stars: Joel Polis as Gary | Alan Koss as Alan | Steve Giannelli as Steve | Tim Cunningham as Tim | Kim Waltrip as Woman | Jack Kosslyn as Bill
Director: James Burrows

79 :04x10 - The Barstoolie

Cliff's father comes to Cheers to give him an important message, but Cliff is reluctant to identify himself to the man who left his family behind. Also, Sam is dating a woman with a brain, and tries to keep her from meeting Diane.
Guest Stars: Claudia Cron as Claudia | Dick O'Neill as Cliff Clavin, Sr.
Director: James Burrows

80 :04x11 - Don Juan is Hell

Sam is proud to be the subject of Diane's psychology paper for school titled, “Don Juan Syndrome,” until he realizes what an unflattering picture she has painted of him.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Tigar as Dr. Lowell Greenspon | Tim Cunningham as Tim | Rafael Munro as Reporter | Stephen Minor as Barry
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Phoef Sutton

81 :04x12 - Fools and Their Money

Woody has had a remarkable winning streak playing the Cheers football pool. So the gang convinces him to place a bet with a real bookie. But no one expected that he would bet all his life's savings on the game.
Guest Stars: Paul Willson as Paul Krapence | Arthur Taxier as Frank | Al Rosen (2) as Al
Director: James Burrows

82 :04x13 - Take My Shirt, Please

The gang convinces Sam to give something to the annual charity auction, and is devastated when no one bids on his authentic jersey. Meanwhile, Norm tries to impress a potential client and his wife, but soon realizes that none of them have anything in common.
Guest Stars: Robert Symonds as Mr. Henry Brubaker | Earl Houston Bullock as Announcer | Patrick Cronin as Bert | Frances Bay as Mrs. Brubaker
Director: James Burrows

83 :04x14 - Suspicion

After making a fool out of the gang at Cheers with her psychology-class experiment in paranoid behavior, it's Diane who may become a better case subject as she nervously awaits their revenge.
Guest Stars: M.C. Gainey as Irving | Joseph Paz as Customer | Hamilton Camp as Martin Gallagher | Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Tom Reeder

84 :04x15 - The Triangle

Frasier has been hitting the bottle hard since his break up with Diane, and Sam wants to help him, having been there himself. But Sam has no confidence in Diane's plan to restore Frasier's self respect.
Guest Stars: Al Rosen (2) as Al | Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Susan Seeger

85 :04x16 - Cliffie's Big Score

Cliff finds himself in an unusual situation when he has two dates for the annual postman's ball. He asks Sam for advice when he needs to drop either Diane or Carla.
Guest Stars: Timothy Scott as Lucas | Al Rosen (2) as Al
Director: James Burrows

86 :04x17 - Second Time Around

After Frasier is dumped by his date, Sam sets him up with a woman who "cannot say no" to anyone.
Guest Stars: Lou Fant as Justice of the Peace | Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Lillith Sternin | Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane | Jennifer Tilly as Candi Pearson
Director: Thomas Lofaro

87 :04x18 - The Peterson Principle

Norm has some dirt on the competition for a promotion at work, that could give him the position.
Guest Stars: Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane | Daniel Davis as Mr. Reinhardt | Adam Carl as Vito | Chip Zien as Jeff Robbins
Director: James Burrows

88 :04x19 - Dark Imaginings

In an effort not to look old in front of the guys, Sam winds up giving himself a hernia, which he tries to keep secret.
Guest Stars: Douglas Anderson as 139th Street Quartet, 1st Tenor | Larry F. Wright as 2nd Tenor | Peter Neushul as Baritone | Jere Fields as Nurse Brenda | Lisa Vice as Judy | Christine Dickinson as Joan | Deborah Dalton as Nurse Louise | James Kline as Bass | Tim Dunigan as Dr. McNeese | Pamela Bach as Bonnie
Director: James Burrows
Writer: David Angell

89 :04x20 - Save the Last Dance For Me

After finding out that Calra's ex-husband is going to compete in a dance contest with the younger Loretta, Carla tries to enlist Sam as her partner.
Guest Stars: Hal Landon, Jr. as Floyd Panjeric | Jean Kasem as Loretta Tortelli | Dan Hedaya as Nick Tortelli | Sinara Stull as Cheryl Koski | Nick Dimitri as Eddie Csznyk
Director: James Burrows

90 :04x21 - Fear is My Co-Pilot

Sam and Diane find themselves in a matter of life-and-death when the pilot, Diane's ex-boyfriend, dies during the trip.
Guest Stars: Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane | Joseph Whipp as Jack Dalton
Director: James Burrows

91 :04x22 - Diane Chambers Day

The guys at the bar feel bad for always shutting out Diane from their activities and decide to attend anything she chooses...which happens to be an opera.
Guest Stars: Doris Grau as Corinne | Jacqueline Cassell as Jackie
Director: James Burrows

92 :04x23 - Relief Bartender

Sam has decided to become the host/manager of Cheers, and therefore will need to hire a new bartender. But after the idea fizzles out, Woody fears he may lose his job.
Guest Stars: Kim Robinson as Andrea | Judith Borsi as Child #1 | Patricia Veselich as Mrs. Charters | Jack Lindine as Caribou #1 | Madgel Dean as Mrs. Benfer | Paul Eiding as Fred | Judith Barsi as Child #1 | Edan Gross as Child #2 | Terrence Beasor as Caribou #2
Director: James Burrows

93 :04x24 - Strange Bedfellows (1)

Sam falls for city councilwoman Janet Eldridge, as she stepped into Cheers to campaign. A jealous Diane decides to join her opponents side, believing she is out to steal Sam away and then dump him after the election. Frasier joins the opposition too, in hopes of getting Diane back.
Guest Stars: Kate Mulgrew as Janet Eldridge | Max Wright (1) as Jim Fleener | David Paymer as Phil Schumacher | Michael G. Hagerty as Decker
Director: James Burrows
Writer: David Angell

94 :04x25 - Strange Bedfellows (2)

Diane feels even more jealous now that Janet and Sam's relationship has grown stronger. Janet believes Sam needs to cut all ties to his past, which means he must fire Diane, a conversation she overheard. But Diane beats him to the punch and quits. Meanwhile, Norm fears that Vera's visiting sister will once again try and seduce him like she did on her last visit.
Guest Stars: David Paymer as Phil Schumacher | Max Wright (1) as Jim Fleener | Kate Mulgrew as Janet Eldridge
Director: James Burrows
Writer: David Angell

95 :04x26 - Strange Bedfellows (3)

Janet has won the election and gathers the press to Cheers to give a speech. Diane shows up and fires a few fastballs by he in the form of questions, causing Sam to remove her from the bar. Janet has been pressing Sam for a marriage proposal, but seeing a lack of commitment in his actions, decides to dump him. This causes Sam to call someone on the phone and propose. Meanwhile, mush to his fears, Vera is called away leaving he and Donna alone.
Guest Stars: David Paymer as Phil Schumacher | Max Wright (1) as Jim Fleener | Kate Mulgrew as Janet Eldridge
Director: James Burrows
Writer: David Angell
Warning: Cheers guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1982
Ended: May 20, 1993
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