Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins with a fire truck leaving a fire station on a call. The firemen are all indulging in some friendly banter on the way to their destination. They then arrive at a house which is on fire. The woman whose house it is informs the firemen that her brother is still trapped in the attic of the house. The firemen then proceed to rescue the brother. They enter the house in order to do so. A fire man named Darden enters the house through a window in the attic. He goes in and sees the fire inside is completely out of control. Then, before he can get away from the blazing flames, he gets burnt alive in the attic itself.

His colleague sees this from the window, but has no other option but to helplessly look on. The scene then flashes forward to a month later. Casey who saw Darden get burnt alive in the attic, is shown clearing out Darden’s locker. He tells Vargas a colleague of his that, he can stand looking at Darden’s stuff for one more day. The Fire Chief Boden calls Casey into his office. Severide who is also a fireman and was at the scene on the day the incident took place, is already there. Boden tells Casey, the animosity between him and Severide has to stop. Casey as it turns out, blames Severide for not doing enough to save Darden. Severide is a part of the squad that went inside the house to control the fire.

“We’ve all been through it; Andy was a friend to all of us” Boden says. They apologize to the Chief and say they are fine, although they apparently still seem to bear some animosity towards each other. Peter Mills a new candidate comes in. He runs into Joe Cruz, who is one of the firemen at the station. Mills is shown around the facility and eventually handed the responsibility of dealing with school kids who are there for a tour. Two women paramedics on the other hand are shown arriving at a crime scene. At the scene, one guy is shot and is dead and another guy who has also been shot is bleeding, but alive. One of the paramedics begins attending to the guy who is shot.

Just then a third guy, who is shot and is also bleeding, comes out of the closet and into the room with a gun in hand. He is told to drop his gun by the paramedic. She firmly tells him that, she shall not attend to him till he drops his gun. He does as is told, after some amount of contemplation. The firemen are on call again. Casey asks Mills to shadow a fireman named Mouch, and also walks him through all that he needs to do once at the scene. The scene is of a head-on collision between two vehicles on a bridge, with a mother and daughter trapped inside one vehicle. The daughter is trapped in the backseat.

Mouch figures out that, the driver of the other vehicle is in the water, as he sees the windscreen of the vehicle is shattered. Gabriella the paramedic, arrives at the scene and attends to the daughter whose name is Madeline. Turns out, Madeline is bleeding from the head. While all this is happening, Mills figures out that the driver of the vehicle is standing in the nearby crown and catches hold of him. Boden then tells his team “no one is in the water”. Madeline is in a critical state and is rushed to the hospital by the two paramedics Gabriella Dawson and Leslie Shay. Later at the fire station, Shay is shown handing Severide a bottle of some medication, on the sly. He then goes into the loo and injects the medication in his shoulder.

Casey goes back to an empty home. Hallie his fiancé comes in. She returns their engagement ring to him. He tells her, he hasn’t told anyone that he has moved out. She too hasn’t told anyone. She asks him to call her, once he knows exactly what he wants. Boden comes comes in and questions the two paramedics. He asks who, while on the way to the hospital had put a needle in Madeline’s heart. Dawson owns up and says she did it in order to steady her heartbeat. She argues that, she did what she felt was right at that moment. Boden reveals that, he has been informed the surgeon at the hospital where Madeline is admitted, feels Dawson did the wrong thing. Boden asks Dawson to get herself a lawyer, so she can defend herself.

He also asks Shay and Dawson to stick together. Later, Boden fights with the chief of the police in an annual boxing competition. Otis one of the firemen, does the commentary. Casey and the rest of the team watch the fight, while sitting on a fire truck. In the middle of the fight, the team gets a call. They are informed that it’s a building fire. The team arrives at the scene, where a building is completely in blazes. Casey assigns his team members their duties. Basically, he and Hermann go inside first and Otis enters the building from the top, along with Mills. They then enter the building and begin to evacuate it. Casey and Shermann ensure that there isn’t anyone left in the building. Boden too arrives at the scene a little later.

Otis on the other hand enters the building and sees Casey and Hermann fall to a floor below, when the ground beneath them collapses. Casey after falling is shown lying senseless on the ground. Severide and team arrive at the scene and is informed by Boden abut Casey and Hermann. Shay and Dawson too, arrive soon after. Severide and his team locate Casey and Hermann. Casey manages to wake up, but Hermann is still lying senseless on the ground. Hermann wakes up but is shown having difficulty in breathing. Hermann is secured by ropes and pulled out. It’s now Casey and Severide’s turn to make it out. Casey makes it out, and when its Severide’s turn, he is left dangling from Casey arm. He finds it difficult to pull himself up, but just then Casey’s team arrives and helps him out.

Hermann on the other hand is in a bad shape and is consequently rushed to the hospital. Casey, Severide and the rest make it out. Water is then sprayed onto the building to douse the fire. The Mayor arrives at the scene to meet Boden and his men. At the hospital, while Casey is waiting for news on Hermann, he asks the doctor about Madeline, and is told that she is better and would be released by the end of the week. Dawson and Shay, who are standing nearby, are relieved to hear this.

Hermann is still in surgery. Casey goes outside and gives Hallie a call. He tells her, he just wanted to hear her voice. “You think you could find a reason to come over tonight?” Casey asks her. She looks visibly relieved to hear this. Later, Severide too arrives at the hospital while everyone is still waiting for news about Hermann’s health. The episode ends at this point.