Mon Amour - Recap

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The episode begins with Severide running into Andy Darden’s wife and kids at a deli. He tries to talk to her but she is in no mood to do so. Casey and his team arrive outside a house from which smoke is seen emanating. A woman is pacing outside the house in anger. Casey figures out that its grease fire. The team then gets to work. Inside they a small little fire which is cause by a hotplate, they also see a man standing near the fire. They put out the fire and ask him to come along, but he tells them his landlady will kill him if she finds out the fire was his fault. The team then gets him outside and tells the woman pacing outside who is the landlady that, the fire was caused by faulty electrical wiring.

Severide walks up to Shay and tells her “I need something”. She then hands him a vial from her medicine bag and cautions him that it’s the last one. “Right…it’s all good” he tells her. Later, Severide asks Chief Boden for a few extra shifts on Saturday, so as to avoid a barbeque which Darden’s wife and kids would also be attending. “Saturday is barbeque….no way, every man on deck on this one” he tells Severide. Severide tries to persuade him further, but the Chief doesn’t relent. Hermann comes to the station and turns out he is nearly healed. Boden comes in and introduces everyone to a young woman named Nikki Rakkowski; she is there to help out with the payroll and shall be working at the station for the next one month. The team gets a call jus then and heads out. It’s the scene of a construction site, with 3 guys stuck in a hole.

Boden and his men get to work. The team discovers that there is no fire, simply that the men are trapped. The team climbs down the hole to rescues the men. Both the paramedics are also on the standby. Dawson is called in to help, as one of the men is badly injured. Casey then finds out, one of the guys named Peter is trapped under some concrete inside a hole with a small opening and is unable to either move or breathe. Severide goes down the hole to rescue Peter who is conscious and talking. Casey and team on the other hand begin widening the mouth of the hole. Dawson decides to call a trauma surgeon in order to attend to Peter, whose foot might have to be amputated, as it’s horribly trapped under some heavy concrete. Peter is also bleeding internally.

Peter is told the surgeon shall be there in 15 minutes. “We don’t have time for a surgeon you will have to do it” Peter tells Severide. “Take off the foot, get me out of here, get me home” says Peter. Casey tells Severide just then that the concrete above the hole might give in and therefore he needs to come out. “He is right…go” Peter tells Severide. Severide though, sticks around. A little later the trauma surgeon arrives, but it’s too late as Peter has already passed away. Later, Dawson asks the doctor she is interested in, to accompany her for the barbeque on Saturday, while her and Shay are at the hospital dropping off a patient. At the barbeque, Casey arrives with Haillie. Nikki apparently is interested in Severide, but he seems immersed in his own world and is sitting on his own at the barbeque, sipping a beer.

Darden’s wife arrives at the barbeque. Severide approaches her to talk to her. She though, is as rude to him as before. She basically blames Severide for pushing Andy into firefighting. Severide explains to her how Andy loved firefighting and how it was his dream. “He worshipped you, are you sure it wasn’t just your dream” she says and walks away. Nikki comes in just then and introduces herself to Severide. “How long have you been a firefighter?” she asks. “Since the day I was born” he replies. He then walks away. Casey and Dawson talk, and he asks her about Mike, the doctor Dawson has brought to the barbeque. Hallie from a distance sees the two talking and is visibly bothered. Later, Nikki comes to Severide’s room on the pretense of returning his jacket.

The two then kiss and Nikki asks to come in, but Severide tells her it’s presently not a good time. “You change your mind you tell me” she says and walks away. The next day, Dawson tells Shay that, her date with Mike didn’t really go that well. Just then the whole team receives a call and rushes out. They arrive at the scene and find a woman trapped inside a car and bleeding, because a window cleaner’s platform has broken and fallen on the vehicle. The pillion side of the car is crushed and the woman tells Severide her friend Cameron is trapped on that side, but she can’t see her. Severide discovers that Cameron has been crushed to death. A part of the platform is still dangling from the building, with the cords holding it, snapping one by one. Boden arrives at the scene and instructs his team on how to cut the driver’s side of the car open and free the woman who is trapped inside.

The team gets to work, saws off the door of the vehicle and removes the girl. She is then rushed to the hospital by Dawson and Shay. The girl’s mother arrives at the scene and asks if her daughter Julie is ok. Casey informs her that Julie is being taken to the hospital. Severide receives a call from someone and says “I’ll be there”. Later, Casey meets up with Hallie, just as she is leaving work. “I moved out because we spent the last year debating your career versus my expectations of a family” says Casey. But now, he wants to simplify things and wants to start afresh. “Put it all aside, live everyday like it will be the last” he adds. He basically tells her that, he wants to be with her. He then hands her back the ring, she had returned to him earlier. Hallie with a smile on her face wears the ring.

Casey and Hallie later arrive at a bar, where the whole team is hanging out. Severide on the other hand arrives at a house and knocks on the door. The scene then flashes back to Peter talking to Severide. Peter is shown giving a message to his wife, and Severide is shown recording it on his cell phone. Back in the present, Severide is shown sitting with a woman, who apparently is Peter’s wife. She is shown watching the recording, with tears in her eyes. Peter in the recording has poured his heart out to his wife.

Peter says in the video how he would have liked a son exactly like Severide. He also mentions how, if it weren’t for Severide the video wouldn’t really have been possible. Basically he says it thanks to Severide that, he is getting the opportunity to say a final goodbye to her. Peter’s wife then thanks Severide and gives him a hug, with tears in her eyes. The episode ends at this point.