One Minute - Recap

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The episode begins with Shay and Dawson bringing a huge pumpkin to the station for Halloween. Mills is the one who is preparing the Halloween dinner and Dawson asks him to be extra careful, as Halloween in Chief Boden’s favorite festival. Just then they get a call to deal with a fire. They arrive at the scene an turns out it’s an old abandoned warehouse. They see that the door of the warehouse has been pried open and assume there might be squatters inside. Casey and team proceed to do their job. Once in they yell, asking if anyone is inside. They find a few squatters and haul them out.

Boden from the outside sees the fire raging on and is getting visibly worried. Inside, Mills sees a squatter lying faint with fire all around him. The rest of the team is out and waiting for Mills. Mills eventually comes out and says “there’s a guy still inside. I saw him”. Mills begs Boden to give him “one more minute”, to go in and save the man. Boden though, tells him that “it’s over”. Mills protests but Boden will hear none of it and says “this building’s about to flash”. Boden asks his whole team to pull out and insists that nobody shall go back in. Everyone then watches, as the fire in the building flashes, just like Boden had predicted. Next day, Hermann’s wife shows him a newspaper headline that says, “Homeless man dies in warehouse fire”.

He then proceeds to leave for work, but his little son tries to stop him, as he is worried Hermann might get hurt again. He assures his son he shall be fine. “We’re tough bastards” he says. At work, Severide’s shoulder is bothering him to no end. Casey is dismayed to see that his car has been vandalized by someone. Just then they get a call. Severide arrives at the scene and sees an old woman standing outside her house. She has just put out a fire in her garage. He recognizes her from the previous week, and even then there was fire in her garage. “Two fires in two weeks?” he asks. She says it’s because her car is really old. But, there seems to be more than meets the eye.

Later at the station, Boden sees on the news how the homeless man’s brother who died in the warehouse, is telling the media his brother wasn’t saved because he was homeless. The man also shows a cell phone recording of the conversation that took place between Boden and Mills that night. “Even his own men wanted to go back and save my brother’s life. Chief on the scene Wallace Boden said ‘no’” the man tells the press. Later, an attorney Sandra Sherman from the city attorney’s office pays Boden a visit. She is there to ask him questions about the warehouse fire.

She informs Boden, the city has been contacted by attorneys on the behalf of Mark Throne, the victim’s brother, about the way the fire was handled. Sandra assures Boden the city completely supports him, but she is only asking him details about the fire because she can put it in her report. She basically tells Boden, how Throne’s attorneys might come after him and the city of Chicago, hence they need to be prepared. Severide on the other hand tries to talk to the old woman about the fires and he has his cop friend along. She though, insists they were accidents and says no more. Severide tells the cop how someone set fire to her car and her garage, but she is claiming they were accidents. “Why do you think somebody would come after her?” the cop asks.

Sandra suggests to Boden that he have a sit-down with Thorne to minimize the damage. The attorneys for both sides would also be there. “Maybe all he wants is an apology” Sandra says. “I doubt that” Boden says. Boden insists he isn’t going to apologize as he did nothing wrong. Sandra then reminds him that his job might be on the line, but Boden is unmoved. Throne pays a visit to the fire station to talk to Boden. Boden says nothing much except expressing his condolences. Throne though, reminds him how he let his brother die. Boden says nothing but Hermann intervenes and asks Throne where he was and why, he didn’t help out his homeless brother. Hermann adds that, Boden did what he had to do and tells Throne he should thank his stars that he doesn’t have to make the kind of tough decisions Boden has to.

Casey and team get a call and arrive at the scene, which is of a Halloween party. They were called because one of the guests is having seizures. One of the partygoers taunts the team by yelling “don’t tell em you’re homeless they won’t help you”. Hermann is visibly bothered by this comment and shoves the partygoer in anger. Casey pulls him away and asks Hermann to keep his cool. Hermann apologizes and promises “it won’t happen again”. Sandra informs Boden that the report of the investigation has come out and the report says the homeless man died due to injuries sustained during the explosion. “The department is putting together a committee now” she adds. “This doesn’t change anything” Boden says and walks away. Voight pays Casey a visit and tries bribing him, but to no avail.

Casey, who hasn’t told Hallie about the whole issue, decides to do so. Next day, Sandra informs Boden that, Throne has dropped all plans to sue the city and him. Basically, the city is settling with Thorne and would be paying him some amount of money. Boden isn’t happy about it. “Thorne was willing to settle quickly and for a reasonable amount” she says. “You will continue to have the city’s full support” she adds. “Appreciate that” he says, still visibly unhappy. Later, Severide and team get a call about a fire at the old lady’s again. At the scene Severide is informed that, a Molotov cocktail was thrown through the front window. “I won’t go to the police I promise you, but you gotta talk to me” he tells the old lady. She agrees.

Later, Severide knocks on a door; a young black man opens it. He enters and asks the man to “shut up” and “sit down”. There is another black guy sitting in the apartment. He brings up the mention of the old lady, but the two feign ignorance. “She’s the one who called the cops about the drug dealers on her block” Severide clarifies. “She’s also my aunt” he adds. He warns the two that, if he hears of another fire being reported from the old woman’s house he shall break their kneecaps, plant drugs on them and drag them to the cops. Boden has a chat with Mills and assure him he has nothing to feel guilty about. Boden recounts to him a past experience, where he and his friend went into a similar fire thinking they could save the victims.

They couldn’t, and in the bargain the victims died and so did Boden’s friend, Boden too has a scar on his back to remind him of the incident. “You got it in you. You will make one hell of a firefighter, like your dad was” Boden tells him. At the station, Casey receives a call from Hallie and rushes to meet her at the hospital. He arrives at the hospital parking lot and sees that Hallie’s car too has been vandalized. “Matt, what is going on?” Hallie asks him. The episode ends at this point.