Hanging On - Recap

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The episode begins with Casey having a chat with Hallie over the phone, about Detective Voight and the recent episode of her car being broken into and vandalized. Casey hangs up and then enters the police station where Voight works. He enters Voight’s office and tells him “stay away from me. I am telling you to back off”. Casey then makes it absolutely clear to Voight that, he won’t retract his statement. Voight though, seems apparently unmoved by his warning. A little later Casey and team get a call about a factory accident. At the factory they see that a guy’s hand is stuck in a machine. The guy tells the team that his name is Garret.

Dawson and Shay administer some morphine to reduce the pain while the team sees how they can get Garret’s hand out. They all try to ease his arm out, but to no avail. Eventually a part of the machine where his hand is stuck is removed and he is rushed to the hospital with the piece of machinery stuck to his hand. At the hospital, the piece of machinery is removed from Garret’s hand after he has been sedated. Hallie and Casey chat about how Casey barged into Voight’s office earlier. At the station, Boden asks Casey’s team about Casey’s visit to CPD (Chicago Police Department) earlier. All they know is Casey made a stop there. Boden later calls Casey for a chat into his office. The police chief and certain other police officials are in Boden’s office.

They tell Boden, the allegations Casey is making against Voight are unfounded, as he was on duty the night Hallie’s car was broken into and vandalized. Dawson’s cousin who is at the meeting, volunteers to take the lead in investigating the matter. Severide is on the other hand facing problems with his shoulder. Then just when he lies down for a bit, the station gets a call. He and his team arrive at the scene and sees two guy stuck on the roof of a church. Turns out, one guy has a harness on and is doing his best to hold on to the other guy whose harness has snapped. The guy in the harness yells that the other guy is slipping and that he shall not able to hold on to him much longer. Severide manages to rescue the guy without the harness. He then proceeds to rescue the other guy who has a harness on.

Just when he is about to rescue the guy, the guy’s harness snaps and Severide is left holding him by one hand. Severide tries to pull the guy up, but his shoulder gives way and he collapses on the roof in pain. Then somehow he gets the guy to clamp the harness lowered by his team and gets him down from the roof. Casey while walking down the road is assaulted by two masked guys. He tries to fight back, but is overpowered by the guys, who after they have beaten him up, run away. Later at the hospital Hallie checks on him and says there aren’t any cracked ribs, she then runs a few more tests to see how badly he is injured. Boden arrives in the meantime. “I know what you are going through and I know what you are thinking, but we are going to do this the right way” Boden tells Casey.

After Boden has left Casey who is seething with anger tells Hallie “I am not going to sit back and take it”. Hallie on her part reasons with him and says “you make one wrong decision and suddenly you are the bad guy and that’s what he wants”. She asks him to promise that he shall be careful. He looks into her eyes and says “I promise”. Boden meets up with a man named Terrance and tells him that he needs help dealing with a “dirty white cop”. Severide meets up with a woman named Anna in bar. Turns out, the two had dated at one point. “I have a favor to ask you Anna” Severide says. She tells him the hotel she is staying at and asks him to pay a visit. “You can ask me for your favor then” she says. Shay and Dawson get a call and arrive at the scene. At the scene, a guy named Vince is lying on the ground unable to move.

Turns out, Vince and his friend rolled down a ramp in a shopping cart, Vince then fell out of the cart onto the ground and is now unable to move. Vince’s friend who seems to be on something, tries ordering Dawson around. Then while Vince is being taken away in the ambulance, he tries to climb in insisting that he wants to go along. Dawson says that he can’t but he tries to force himself in. Dawson as a result kicks him out. Severide and Anna on the other hand are busy having sex in her hotel room. After the intercourse, Severide once again brings up the mention of the favor he wants. “I need something, something strong” he says. Dawson is informed that the guy who she kicked has filed a complaint with the city. Boden calls her into his office to have a talk with her about it.

At the office she is informed that she might be suspended for her actions, as she already has a case of indiscipline going on against her. Boden later tells Casey he knows someone who lives in Voight’s neighborhood and might be willing to wear a wire. Casey is happy to hear this. Voight pulls over Hallie while she is driving home, and asks her to talk some sense into Casey. He basically threatens her. Boden is told that if someone is willing to go on tape, a sting will be set up against Voight. Casey receives a call from Hallie informing him of what Voight did. Detective Dawson along with Boden and Casey meet a guy named Daryl, who is ready wear the wire. But, after having a chat with him the three realize that Daryl isn’t really up to the task.

Casey is visibly agitated and walks away. Dawson receives a call informing her that a hearing has been scheduled to deal with her issues of discipline. Anna meets Severide somewhere outside and hands him a bag of meds that he needs for his pain. “Be careful with these. Take them only when necessary” she says. Casey is shown observing Voight from a distance, while sitting in his car. He sees an incoming call from Hallie, but doesn’t receive it. He then picks up a crowbar and just then Boden arrives. He walks up to Casey’s car and sees the crowbar in his hand. “Give it to me” he tells Casey. Casey though is seething with anger and is busy staring at Voight, who is oblivious to his presence. Boden repeats himself “Give it to me”.

In the end Casey calms down and hands Boden the crowbar. Boden then asks Casey to get out of there and go home. He does as is told. Then Boden with the crowbar in hand stands and stares at Voight from a distance. The episode ends at this point.