Two Families - Recap

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The episode begins with Boden and his team taking care of a fire in a day care centre. Boden is informed that a worker at the centre named Leonard is nowhere to be found. Boden asks his team to go back in. Leonard is then found in a nearby shed lying unconscious. Turns out, he was brewing some meth inside the shed. Severide is struggling with his shoulder and having meds to deal with it. Boden tells the team they all will have a drug test, as they were all exposed to the fumes of the meth. Severide isn’t too happy to hear Boden’s directive. Boden sees a young kid on a bike at a distance.

He walks up to him and has a chat. Boden mentions how he has seen the kid around a few times. “I live around the corner. I like to watch” the kid says. Boden invites the kid to come to the fire station for a tour. Severide tells Shay he has taken some meds for the pain, and is worried the drug test might reveal that. Shay sees the meds and makes it clear that they will show up on the drug test. The kid, who Boden had earlier invited, pays the station a visit. He says his name is Ernie. Boden invites Ernie inside, to have a meal with his team. Boden talks to Hermann and tells him that he has seen Ernie in “two different fire scenes”. Basically, the chief suspects, Ernie might have had something to do with the fires. He instructs Hermann to be with Ernie and to see if he can find out something.

The team gets a call and heads for the scene. At the scene they find a guy lying on the ground. The team gets out to deal with the situation just then there are shots fired at the truck and everyone ducks for cover. A person is shooting through a window in a nearby building. Using the truck as a barrier, the team reaches the victim, who has basically been shot in the stomach and is writhing in pain. There is another guy nearby who has also been shot. Cruz recognizes the guy as Leon. “What are you doing her Leon?” Cruz asks visibly shocked. “He is my brother” Cruz tells Casey. Later at the hospital, Cruz is told that his brother shall be fine. Hermann has a talk with Ernie and finds out his father is in jail.

Severide calls his friend who gave him the meds and asks her how he can mask the detection of the meds in his system. She says it’s not possible to avoid detection and says “I warned you”. “Please keep my name out of this” she then begs him. Just then, he is asked for the urine sample. Cruz calls up Leon who is still in the hospital and inquires about his health. He offers to drive Leon home from the hospital and promises Leon that he won’t give him any speeches. Boden is told that Severide hasn’t handed over his sample yet. Boden goes to check what the “holdup is”. Boden and the whole team sit down for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner, while Severide is told to give his sample. Before they can begin they get a call. They arrive at the scene and see a fire inside the garage of a house.

Turns out, one of the family members was trying to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey, and things got out of hand. A snowmobile that is parked in the garage catches fire and explodes. The fire as result quickly spreads through the garage. It’s eventually taken care of and the team leaves. Severide delays going back to the station, as the man from the lab is waiting to take his sample, at the station. Hermann tells Boden all that, he has found out about Ernie and his family. Hermann says that, everything about Ernie fits the characteristics of an arsonist, but he can’t be sure. “Just be careful” Hermann tells Boden. “Of What?” Boden asks. “Don’t try to replace a kid you lost with a kid you can’t save” Hermann tells Boden.

Boden then has a talk with Ernie. Boden asks Ernie what he carries around in his backpack. “Can I see it?” Boden asks. Ernie looks visibly uncomfortable at this request and asks Boden, as to why he wants to see it. “Just curious is why” Boden replies. Ernie is visibly upset and refuses to show Boden the backpack. Boden asks Ernie to calm down, but Ernie tells Boden he knows nothing about him. He then runs to his bike, sits on it and speeds away. Severide returns to the station and finds the man from the lab still waiting for his sample. “Coming right up” he says. Shay from a distance sees Severide’s reluctance.

Shay then hands Severide her urine sample, in the loo. The team then gets a call and they head out. They arrive at the scene of a massive car pile-up on the freeway. Dawson and Shay attend to one of the drivers whose neck is bleeding. In another car, a pregnant woman who is in extreme pain is trapped inside the car. The team manages to pry open the doors of the car and gets the pregnant woman and her husband out of the car. Casey discovers that the woman might have to be delivered right on the freeway as there is not time to rush her to the hospital. Dawson and Shay are busy dealing with the man bleeding from his neck, so Dawson tells Casey that he is the one who will have to deliver the baby.

Dawson then begins talking Casey through the whole process, while she is busy attending to the patient at hand. Eventually the baby is out, but is not crying. “I don’t think he is breathing” Casey says. Dawson asks Casey to give the baby CPR. It works and much to everyone’s relief the baby begins to cry. Casey then hands the woman her baby, with tears in his eyes. The whole team applauds for Casey. Later at the station, Boden informs everyone that their drug tests came through and they are all negative. Severide looks visibly relieved and gives Shay a look of gratitude. The team then proceeds to have the turkey which they till now haven’t had time to have. Shay later has a talk with Severide and tells him “I don’t know who this is Kelly, but this isn’t you”.

She basically tells him that she doesn’t approve of what he is doing. Severide though, is in no mood for a lecture and expresses his irritation. Shay in anger then walks away. Casey tells Hallie about the baby he delivered and about all else that followed. Casey tells Hallie that, he wants to have a baby, really soon. Hallie on her part doesn’t seem ready for it. “I don’t know if I am ever going to want kids” Hallie says. Casey is shocked to hear this. Cruz arrives at the hospital to pick up Leon, but finds out that he has already left with 3 other guys.

Shay’s ex-girlfriend Clarisse, who is pregnant, pays her a visit at home and tell her in tears that she doesn’t love her husband. Shay hugs her and consoles her. Casey and Dawson meet up at a bar for a drink. Otis in the meantime, pours his heart out in a podcast. The episode ends at this point.