Rear View Mirror - Recap

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The episode begins with Hallie meeting Dawson at a diner. Hallie thanks Dawson for meeting her. She awkwardly and with tears in her eyes, tells Dawson how worried she is about “the Detective Voight thing”. She is really worried that something bad is going to happen. Hallie feels that Casey shouldn’t go through with his deposition against Voight’s son. Dawson suggests Hallie talk to Casey about it. “I did last night, he wouldn’t listen” Hallie says. “But I think he would, if it came from you” Hallie adds. Severide is on a ladder trying to rescue a graffiti artist who is stuck on the top of a building. The artist is eventually rescued safely.

Voight arrives at the scene to investigate the issue. Voight taunts Casey about how terrified Hallie was, when he had a talk with her earlier. Casey is livid on hearing this and yells “your day is coming Voight”. Later, Boden asks Casey to keep calm and trust the system. Mouch on the other hand briefs Dawson about the hearing. He says she shouldn’t come across as aggressive, as that will make her look guilty. “Keep your responses short and to the point” he adds. She sees Casey outside and is distracted. She therefore leaves in the middle of the briefing to have a talk with him. “Have you thought about retracting your statement?” she asks a visibly troubled Casey. “Would you?” he in turn asks her.

Dawson says she would think about it. “Why would you advice me to do something you wouldn’t?” he asks Dawson. Before Dawson can reply they get a call. Casey and team arrive at the scene. Turns out, a man in a bus has been shot. The shooter has escaped. The victim has been shot in the neck and isn’t breathing, but has a weak pulse. Dawson in order to save the man’s life, is about to follow an unapproved procedure, but Shay stops her and does the procedure herself. Dawson talks to her brother Tony about the Voight issue, but he says he doesn’t have anything conclusive, as yet.

Tony tells her, how he is trying to get someone to wear a wire. “Sit tight, have a little faith in your brother” Tony eventually says. At home, Hallie suggests to Casey that, they should go on a vacation for some time and wait for the cops to bust Voight. “Come on baby, let’s get out of here, let’s regroup” Hallie says. Just then there is a knock on the door. Two cops standing outside tell him that they have a warrant to search his house for cocaine. Turns out, a report has been filed against Casey, mentioning that he is in possession of cocaine. Hallie on hearing this immediately starts looking around the house. She finds a stash of cocaine hidden under a table. Just then Casey enters with the cops. Hallie hides the stash behind her and Casey too realizes what’s going on.

Casey requests the two to talk to Detective Dawson and says he will explain to them, how Voight is bothering them. Detective Dawson vouches for Casey and the cops therefore leave. Casey in a fit of anger lands up at Voight’s doorstep. The moment Voight opens the front door, Casey begins punching him. Voight removes a gun concealed near his leg and points it at Casey. He then throws the gun to Casey and says “You retract that statement against my son, or you pull that trigger, casue that’s the only thing that’s gonna stop me”. Casey without a word walks out of Voight’s house. Later Casey returns to work and has a talk with Boden about how, he was right and that he should trust the system. Casey’s team is also glad to see that he is back. Just then they get a call. They arrive at the scene. Where they see, the top few floors of a building are on fire.

Boden asks Casey to mobilize his team into the building to see if there are any occupants that need rescuing. They first encounter a woman, who says she can’t breathe and also mentions that there are “people in the hall”. A few of people, who are in the hall, are then rescued. One of the victims who, is senseless is brought to Dawson. She realizes that she has to again perform the unapproved procedure on her to save her life. Thanks to the procedure the victim begins breathing again. Casey on the other hand has reached the top floor, which is on fire. He checks all the apartments there for possible victims. Boden arrives on the very same floor a little later. Casey just then sees two people trapped in an apartment and asks them to come with him.

Boden arrives and seeing the intensity of the fire all around, asks Casey to go back into the apartment saying “you won’t make it”. Casey does as is told and narrowly escapes the raging fire. The apartment Casey and the other two people are in; begin to fill up with smoke. On the outside, after hearing Casey’s distress call, his team raises the ladder, in order to rescue the victims and Casey. The victims climb down the ladder with Severide’s help, while Casey waits for them to do so. It’s then Casey’s turn. But, just then the raging fire comes though the door and Casey is left with no other option but to jump.

In the process he is left hanging from the lower part of the ladder and is unable to pull himself up. Severide who is on the ladder has to now pull him up. He somehow manages it, and Casey safely climbs onto the ladder. Later, one of the victims who Casey rescued from the apartment recognizes him and asks to talk to him. “You’re the one who got the problem with Detective Voight, right?” the man asks Casey. “Ya, that’s right” says Casey. “Man I can help you out” the man tell Casey. The victim whose name is Curtis tells Tony at the station that, he is ready to wear the wire. Curtis is going to be prepped by Tony’s guys and would then be sent to meet Voight. At the hearing Dawson is told that the charges against her are very serious.

She is told that she performed procedures that were outside of her jurisdiction. Dawson loses it at being accused for actually saving a girl’s life and as a result lashes out at the jury. Mouch then requests for a recess. While he and Dawson are waiting for the proceedings to begin once again, the little girl whose life Dawson saved enters with her parents. Curtis on the other hand meets Voight, wearing the wire. Voight tells Curtis he wants Casey taken care of and discusses with Curtis his price. Detective Dawson Casey record and listen in, on the whole conversation.

Curtis asks for $1000 to take care of Casey. “You stop him for good, I’ll give you 2” Voight says. The moment Voight says this; the cops arrive at the scene and arrest Voight. Dawson is let off lightly, with a two week suspension. Later, Boden tells Casey “I am glad it is over”. He in turn thanks Boden for everything. Later, Casey and Hallie hug, and he assures her “it’s over”. The episode ends at this point.