Leaving The Station - Recap

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The episode begins with Casey and team chilling out at the station. Boden comes and introduces everyone to a couple of visiting firefighters named Gavin and Presley. Mouch isn’t happy when he discovers that the guys are Canadians and for some reason walks out all agitated. “Ignore him” Casey tells the guys, just then they get a call. They are informed that there is “injury on the Blueline”. At the scene the train driver tells the guys “I think I hit someone”. Mills begins checking under the train for the victim. The victim is eventually found and is conscious. His leg is stuck in the axel of the train.

The victim’s name is Jacob and he and his sister were trying to get out through the tunnel, when they were hit by the train. Mills goes in search of Jacob’s sister, who is also probably under the train. Jacob’s leg in the meantime is freed from the axel and he is rushed to the hospital. Mills finds bits of Jacob’s sister Kayla’s body on the tracks inside the tunnel. He is visibly stunned at the sight. Casey instructs his team to haul out every body part they can find and put them in body bags. At the station, Boden asks Mouch to “act right”. “Copy that Chief” Mouch replies. Mouch then takes a few digs at socialized healthcare that is provided in Canada. Casey asks Gavin and Presley to pay no heed to Mouch. Clarisse and Shay have lunch together at the station.

Dawson from a distance sees Clarisse and isn’t happy about it. Just they get a call and Shay leaves. Dawson and Shay arrive at the scene, where a little girl’s mother tells them that, the little girl had a seizure and now isn’t waking up. The little girl had has seizure before but isn’t taking any medication as the doctors “never found anything”. The little girl is rushed to the hospital. While being rushed into the hospital the little girl wakes up and says “I don’t like the way it smells”. Dawson doesn’t know what the girl is talking about. Just the doctors rush her inside. “Something’s up with that chick” Dawson tells Shay. Mills is still disturbed about what he saw and can’t stop himself from crying when he is alone.

Dawson tells Casey to ask Hallie, to pull some medical records of the little girl, who they took to the hospital earlier. Casey says he and Hallie are on a break. Shay instead calls Kendra, who can also get the records. Shay finds out that the little girl Grace was taken to the ER twice last week for seizures. The team gets a call about a heart attack victim. They arrive at the scene and see a senseless man hanging from a tree branch. His friend who is on the ground tells the team that, his friend Frank was handing him branches from the tree one moment and the next moment he is hanging senseless from the branch. The man is brought down from the tree and turns out he is still alive. Severide’s shoulder once again works up during the rescue and he seems in extreme pain.

Boden notices this. Dawson and Shay find out that, Frank had fainted because he is a diabetic and his blood sugar had dropped. Boden has a chat with Mills, who is still visibly depressed. Mills doesn’t know as to how he should get over the way he is feeling. But, Boden assures him that they have all been through such experiences during their careers and have eventually managed to get over them. Severide calls up Anna and says he urgently needs a “refill” on his meds. Anna isn’t ready to comply and hangs up. Dawson and Shay find out that Grace had ingested turpentine. Dawson feels Grace’s mother is abusing her and wants this issue reported. Peter Mills’s mother pays Boden a visit at his office. She tells Boden that she doesn’t want Peter to come back to work and tells Boden to respect her wishes.

Boden asks Severide about his shoulder, but he says he is fine. “I see it again, you are going in for an x-ray” Boden tells him. Dawson finds out the authorities aren’t ready to do anything about Grace’s issue. She therefore takes it upon herself to deal with it. She pays Grace’s home a visit and tries talking to her mother, but her mother threatens to sue Dawson and shuts the door on her face. Later, Boden reprimands Dawson for what she did. She argues that Grace’s mother is poisoning her, but he wants to hear none of it and wants the authorities to handle the issue. Boden warns Dawson that, if she takes one more step of this sort, she will be fired from her job. Boden then calls Casey and Severide into his office to talk about Mills. Shay asks Clarisse to go back to her husband. Clarisse resists but Shay is persistent.

Clarisse in the end reluctantly leaves. Dawson and Shay get a call about a respiratory distress and it’s from Grace’s address. The two arrive at her home and find that Grace’s mother has ingested a bottle of pills and is lying unconscious. They also see that Grace is absolutely fine. They rush her to the hospital. Later, Boden is summoned to the hospital. Mouch in the meantime tells Gavin and Presley how he had a bad experience with the Canadian authorities, which is the reason why he hates Canadians. Gavin and Presley apologize to him on the behalf of “Commonwealth of Canada”. At the hospital Grace’s father lashes out at Dawson and says what his wife Mina has done to herself is because of Dawson accusing her.

Boden asks Dawson to notify “the union” so she can be ready for any legal action that Grace’s family decides to take against her. Later, Grace’s father brings Grace to Dawson and asks Grace to tell Dawson what she told him. Grace then admits to Dawson that her mother is the one who made her drink the turpentine. Severide on the other hand manages to get his hands on some meds. He immediately has a few to relieve his pain. Just then, one of Shay’s girlfriends Karin comes looking for Shay. Severide says she is not home. She says she is just there for her earrings, and Severide asks her to “come in”. The two then seem to hit it off. Severide calls Shay up for her blessings, before he has sex with her. “Knock yourself out” Shay says. Karin throws herself at Severide after stripping down. Casey brings Mills to meet a guy named Gary. Gary yells out to his wife Sophie to come down.

Casey in the meantime tells Mills how Gary’s last house had burnt down a few years ago and he and his team had responded to the call. Sophie comes down and hugs Casey. Mills sees severe burn marks on Sophie’s back and shoulder. But, he also observes how happy and cheery Sophie is and how well she is doing in life now. Sophie finds Mills staring at her burns and he apologizes. She asks Mills not to be “sorry” and says “Lieutenant Casey pulled me out of that fire”. “I’m alive” she adds. Mills has a smile on his face on seeing Sophie’s spirit. The episode ends at this point.