Merry Christmas, Etc. - Recap

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The episode begins with Cruz arriving at Flocko’s layer and asking him hand over Leon to him. Flocko says he can’t do that till Cruz hands over $10,000 to him. Cruz says he doesn’t have the money. Flocko removes a gun and shoots Leon; just then Cruz wakes up from his nightmare. Cruz then meets Leon outside the station. Cruz has called him there. He tells Leon how worried he is about the serious gang business in the neighborhood. Leon counters by asking Cruz to pay the 10k to Flocko, so he can get out. “But you don’t go 10 grand right? So why are we still talking?” Leon asks. Leon asks Cruz to stay out of his business, so he doesn’t get beaten up again because of Cruz.

The team gets a call and arrives at the scene of a fire in a house. It’s a fire in the kitchen where a woman was cooking. The team enters the house and takes care of the fire. From the stuff that is there inside the house, the team concludes the owners of the house are loaded. Casey comes out and tells the woman who is the owner of the house that they have taken care of the fire and there isn’t much damage. Casey and team then get another call and leave. Boden is still at the scene and about to leave, just then the woman rushes out of the house and tells him that her diamond necklace that was on her dresser is missing. She suggests that one of his men stole it. Casey and team later arrive at the station and are told by Boden about the missing necklace. A man named Ted Griffin who is from internal affairs also arrives with his team at the station, to investigate this matter.

Casey isn’t happy about the allegation, but Boden asks him to “play this one by the book”. Boden later questions Shay and Dawson about some narcotics that, has gone missing from their inventory about a month ago. Dawson doesn’t know anything about it. Shay seems to know something, but feigns ignorance. Shay discusses this issue with Severide, to who she gave the narcotics that are now missing. She worried because it’s Dawson’s neck that is on the line. Severide basically tells Shay that it’s not his problem. “You are right it’s not your problem, you got what you needed” she says angrily. Cruz on the other hand is really worried about his brother and has begun fearing for Leon’s life. Dawson discusses with Shay about Casey. She isn’t sure if it’s too soon to ask Casey out, as he has just broken up with Hallie. Shay feels Dawson will regret it if she doesn’t ask Casey now.

Later at the station Dawson asks Casey to be her date for a family function and he readily agrees, much to her surprise. The guys from Internal Affairs in the meantime are searching the firehouse for the necklace. Otis and Hermann and the rest of the gang aren’t too happy that they are violating personal property, but Boden says it can’t be helped. Shay is trying to mislead Dawson by suggesting the narcotics went missing while they were out on a call. Dawson though is too busy buying a new dress to wear for her date with Casey. While at it they get a call about a fire. Casey and his men also leave for the scene. At the scene Boden is told there was a gang shooting in a building which was then torched. Boden’s team tries to get into the building, but there are gunshots from the inside and the team is forced to take cover.

Cruz yells out to Leon, who he assumes is also inside the building. He asks Leon to come out. Cruz gathers some courage and goes in alone, despite Boden forbidding him to do so. Once inside he begins searching for Leon. Casey and Severide along with their men also begin going in. People who are trapped inside are slowly brought out. Casey later waits for Cruz to come out after most of the other people in the building have been rescued. Cruz is still frantically searching for Leon but hasn’t found him. Casey goes inside again to assist Cruz. Cruz reaches the floor which is actually on fire. On that floor instead of finding Leon, he much to his surprise finds Flocko. Flocko who is gasping for breath, begs Cruz to help him. But, instead of helping him, Cruz leaves Flocko to his fate. He climbs down the stairs and tells the rest of his team that there isn’t anyone up there and its “all clear”.

At the station, Boden commends Cruz for the courage he sowed in entering the building despite the gunfire. Otis tells Casey, about how the owner of the necklace and her family are in financial debt. He therefore feels the woman is falsely accusing Casey and his team, so she can claim insurance money for a necklace the family might have already sold. Basically he suggests the woman and her family is trying to commit insurance fraud. Casey tells Ted from Internal affairs about this, but he doesn’t believe Casey. Shay and Dawson tell Boden that the narcotics might have been lost while they were on a call at a college campus. They promise to be much more careful in the future. Boden knows Shay is hiding something, but chooses not to say anything. Severide is spending some quality time with Rene at her home. The two discuss about each other’s lives.

Casey in the meantime knocks on the door of the woman with the missing necklace. Casey apologizes to the woman for the missing necklace. He then shows her a “thermal imaging camera” that all his men carry. He says the camera records everything that happens at a scene. So basically he suggests that the camera would clearly reveal, as to who stole the necklace. The woman looks worried but plays it cool. She then asks Casey to leave. At the station, Ted and his team are still busy searching for the necklace. While at it, Ted gets a call informing him that the woman has found her necklace and it was in the house this whole time. Ted tells Casey and his team about it. Ted and his team clear off, now that the issue is sorted. Casey tells his team what he told the woman.

Mills comments on how thermal cameras don’t record, but then realizes how Casey played the woman and got them out of trouble. Later, Dawson attends the family function at her aunt’s house with Casey as her date. Her aunt’s house is huge and Dawson shows Casey around. They end up spending some time in a deserted part of the house. “Are we just here as friends or is this a date?” Dawson asks Casey. Casey kisses Dawson on the cheek and tells her “it’s not a good time”. Dawson is hurt by Casey’s reaction, but tries to act normal. Cruz is finding it difficult to live with the guilt of leaving Flocko for dead. Shay discovers that Severide is still taking pain meds. She is hurt that she stuck her neck out for him and he still hasn’t mended his ways. She then says that she is moving out of the apartment.

Severide tries to stop him, but she wants to hear none of it and storms out. Casey is shown entering a prison. He is there to visit someone. Dawson tells Shay, Casey is still into Hallie. Turns out, the person Casey is visiting in prison, is his mother. Dawson and Shay are packing things up in their ambulance on the side of a street, after dealing with an emergency. Just then a truck crashes into their ambulance, while the two are inside. It is shown that the ambulance is badly busted. The episode ends at this point.