God Has Spoken - Recap

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The episode begins with Dawson gaining consciousness, in her busted ambulance. She is bleeding from her forehead. She somehow struggle to her feet and calls out for Shay. She sees Shay lying senseless nearby. There is blood all over Shay’s face. Dawson tries waking her up, but to no avail. In prison, Casey and his mother are busy having a conversation. She tells Casey that her hearing is coming up and she wants Casey to talk to his sister. “It’s still hard for her” Casey tells his mother. She in turn tells Casey that she wants to desperately move on and can only do that if she gets out. “You should have thought about that before you killed dad” Casey says.

On hearing Casey say this, his mother quietly gets up and leaves. Once out, Casey sees a text about the accident and rushes to the hospital. Shay who is still senseless in the meantime, is rushed to the ER. Boden is at the hospital. Dawson sees him and breaks down. Severide too arrives a little later with tears in his eyes. Casey later arrives and Boden tells him Shay has a swelling in the brain and will have to undergo an MRI. Also, Dawson only has a laceration on her leg, but otherwise she is fine. Dawson comes in and informs everyone that Shay’s brain swelling has subsided and she therefore won’t need surgery. “They are hoping she is out of the woods” Dawson says. Boden informs everyone that, in the absence of Shay, Mills will fill into her post in an EMT capacity.

Later at the station, Leon comes and gives Cruz the good news that Flocko is dead. But, in course of their conversation he realizes that he is dead thanks to Cruz. “You did this for me” Leon says figuring out the whole thing. He then hugs Cruz. Cruz on his part is still riddled with guilt and doesn’t really know how to react. Leon assures Cruz that he has nothing to feel guilty about and promises Cruz that he shall take this secret to the grave. The team later gets called to a scene. They arrive at the scene and see that the ground there has collapsed and there is a huge sinkhole. Turns out, a woman is trapped inside the hole. Severide, Casey and team immediately spring into action. The woman named Sylvia is eventually safely pulled out.

Boden congratulates his team for a job well done. At the hospital the doctor tells Dawson that Shay’s condition is slowly improving, but she still needs to be kept under monitoring. Dawson then pays Shay who is now conscious, a visit. Shay tells Dawson that she is feeling a lot better, albeit a “little beat up”. Severide arrives a little later with some flowers. Severide tries to make amends but Shay tells him that she is still going to “stay with Dawson”. Outside, Dawson asks Severide if he is “high” as he has “pinpoint pupils”. Severide is outraged at the question and tries changing the topic. “I’m worried about Shay, is that ok with you?” Severide says angrily and leaves. Dawson on her part isn’t convinced and smells something fishy.

Later at the station, Dawson and Mills get a call about a patient who is having difficulty breathing. They arrive at the scene and see the main door of the house locked. Through the glass front door they see a woman lying on the floor. They break into the house in order to attend to the woman. As they are doing so a vicious pet dog that is in the house attacks them. The two make a run for it and lock themselves in the bathroom. They manage to sedate the dog by throwing it a candy with some sedative injected into it. The two, then take the patient out to the ambulance. Renee tells Severide that she has gotten a promotion and will have to leave town in a couple of weeks. Severide is apparently not too happy about it, but tries his best to pretend otherwise. Cruz can’t take it anymore and tells Casey that he needs to talk to him about something.

Cruz tells Casey what happened in the building and how he let Flocko die. Casey says that Cruz has two options; one is for him and Cruz to go down to the police station and the other is for Cruz to sleep on it and think as to why he did what he did. Casey realizes that because of what Cruz did his brother got a new lease on life and that is what the most important thing is. Casey basically tells Cruz that they can either go to the cops with this issue or Cruz could simply get on with his life. He asks Cruz to think about what he wants to do. Severide has a talk with Dawson in private. “I need help” he tells her. “You got it” she replies. Just then they get a call.

They arrive at the scene and are told by people there that a crazed person drove his vehicle right trough a crowd and didn’t even stop. In the process he mowed down a few people. Boden sees the vehicle and its driver nearby. Turns out, the vehicle hit a wall and the driver is barely conscious. Dawson and Mills discover that the man is delirious. The crowd assumes the man is drunk, but Dawson concludes that he had a stroke. The man is rushed to the hospital. Shay is later discharged from the hospital and is told by Severide and Dawson that they have a plan. In the night, Dawson and Mills spend some time together at her home. They seem to be bonding, now that they are working together. Cruz is still contemplating about what Casey told him. Casey and his sister have a falling out; when Casey tells her that he is going to push for their mother’s parole.

She basically can’t forgive their mother for killing their father, even though it was their father who provoked her by insulting her and saying hurtful things. Severide on the other hand has decided to give up the meds and Shay is therefore back and staying with him. She assures Severide that she shall be with him every step of the way, supporting him in his endeavor. Severide tells Shay, he is meeting with the surgeon next week. He also says that he will have to get Boden involved. Severide says he will join an employee assistance program for substance abuse, if he feels he is slipping. “I’m so damn proud of you Kelly” Shay says. “I really don’t know what I would have done if anything happened to you” Severide tells Shay with tears in his eyes. “I felt the exact same way” she replies.

Dawson and Mills are in the meantime busy having a heart to heart and drinking some wine. The two then begin flirting around a bit. They then end up kissing each other. Just then Dawson gets a call from Casey, but doesn’t realize it as she is too busy making out with Mills. The episode ends at this point.