Under The Knife - Recap

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The episode begins with Dawson waking up in bed and realizing she is naked under the sheets. She then recollects that she had sex with Mills. She goes to the kitchen and sees Mills cooking breakfast. She suggests to Mills that it’s all the wine they drank the previous night that hijacked her better judgment. Mills assures her, he won’t say anything to anyone at work. Peter then begins to leave, but Dawson calls out to him and the two begin to kiss passionately. Later at work, Shay returns and is given a warm welcome by everyone. Shay then looks at Severide. “I’m going to tell him….today” Severide says, about telling Boden his issue.

The team gets a call a little later. They arrive at the scene and see an abandoned truck. “There is something funky inside” a cop tells Casey. Casey hears some noise coming from inside. He knocks on the truck and someone from inside knocks back. Severide breaks open the lock and opens the door of the truck. The smell emanating from it is unbearable. Inside the truck, the team finds a number of men, women and children lying dead. Dawson then finds a young girl who is still alive. She can’t understand English, so Dawson speaks with her in Spanish. The girl is rushed to the hospital, as she is dehydrated and borderline hypothermic. Turns out, she was being smuggled into the US along with the others. Before the girl is taken inside by the doctors, she hands Dawson a piece of paper and whispers something in her ear.

The name “Ernesto” is written on the paper and along with it there is a phone number written below. Cruz in the meantime is still struggling with his guilt and is at home. Leon enters and mentions how Cruz should be at work. Cruz lies to him that he has “traded shifts”. At work, Severide is still apprehensive about coming clean with Boden. “I moved back in because you said you would talk to Boden” Shay reminds him. Severide then gathers his courage and tells Boden about his injury. Severide is told by Boden to be off duty till his test results come in. He then spends time with Renee. She tries to do her best to make him feel better. “You’re gonna be fine” she says with a smile and kisses him. Renee is slated to leave town for her new job soon and Severide isn’t too happy about it.

But, he tries his best to be supportive. At work, Dawson tells Casey that she just spoke to Ernesto, who is the uncle of the young girl Rosa, who was found in the truck. Turns out, Rosa’s parents were also in the back of the truck and are now dead. “Can I talk to you for a second?” Casey asks Dawson, just then Dawson has some flowers delivered to her and there is no card mentioning who sent it. Casey sees this and immediately walks away. The team then gets a call. The team arrives at the scene and sees that there is a single-seater aircraft that has met with an accident. Pieces and parts of the aircraft have scattered all over the place. Some of the pieces have crashed into nearby vehicles on the road. Some of the vehicles have people sitting in them who are severely injured or even killed. Casey also rescues the guy who was flying the plane.

The pilot is an 85 year old man. Shay with the help of Casey and his team, attends to a patient who is severely injured and might not make it to the hospital if he isn’t provided first aid. Later at the station, Casey tells Cruz that, he and Cruz shall never talk about the “Flocko thing” ever again. Cruz agrees. But, later when he is all alone in the locker room he can’t stop thinking about whole issue. Dawson finds out from Mills that he did not send the flowers. Turns out, the flowers were sent by some victim who Dawson had attended to. At the doctor’s, Severide is shocked when he is told, it would take a year for him to return to active duty. Also, the doctor mentions how she has not seen any patient return to full active duty after recovering from the kind of injury he has. Renee is by Severide’s side when he is given this news.

At work, Boden briefs the whole team about Severide’s issue and instructs every one of them to be honest and to get help, if they face an issue like Severide’s. He mentions how they shouldn’t let their pride get the better of them, when they are faced with such an issue. Later, Dawson meets Ernesto and he tells her that Rosa is being deported. Turns out, Rosa is 16 and if she were younger she would have been eligible for refugee status. Ernesto gives Dawson some money to give it to Rosa. Dawson later meets Rosa at the hospital. She hands Rosa the money. Casey meets his mother and her lawyer Rick, in prison. His mother tells him how grateful she is that, he is going to speak up at her hearing. There is an issue of “the house key” which Rick wants to discuss with Casey.

Casey finds out that Rick isn’t actually his mother’s lawyer, but her boyfriend, who she met through a “pen pal program”. Rick has actually consulted an attorney on Casey’s mother’s behalf. Casey comes to terms with this news and then asks what next. “Imagine I am the parole board, just tell me what happened” Rick tells Casey. Casey begins recounting how he left the key of his dad’s house on the kitchen counter of his mom’s house. That is how his mother gained entry into his dad’s house at 3 AM. Casey then finishes by saying, “then she shot and killed him”. Casey says how he feels guilty because his father would have still been alive if he hadn’t been “careless with the key”.

Rick asks Casey if there is a part of him that left the key on the counter intentionally, because he felt his dad was treating his mom badly and he wanted his dad to pay for it. Casey isn’t happy with the question, although Rick tries to explain that it’s all about gaining sympathy for his mother so she gets parole. Casey begins to leave, but his mother stops him and assures him that he doesn’t have to say a word at the hearing, just him being there will be enough. She mentions how seeing him, the one person who has never turned his back on her, will be enough for her. At work, Boden has a talk with Mills about how he should concentrate on work and being the best he can, rather than concentrating on having relationships with women at the workplace. Boden basically has an idea about Mills and Dawson and is hinting at that.

Mills tries to argue his case, but Boden tells him he has said what he had to say. Casey in the meantime tells Dawson the issue about his mother, and explains to Dawson that he hasn’t been blowing her off; it’s just that he has been preoccupied. Dawson is surprised to hear this, as she had assumed Casey was still dealing with breakup with Hallie. Casey clarifies that him and Hallie have been over for a long time. Later, Dawson with Boden and Casey’s help manages to convince the immigration officials that Rosa is actually 15 and is therefore eligible for temporary residence in the US. Severide meets up with Casey at a bar. He tells Casey he is moving to Madrid with Renee. Casey is incredulous and says “you are messing with me”. “I’m not. Bought my plane ticket an hour ago” Severide tells him. Casey is shocked at Severide’s decision, but plays along. The episode ends at this point.