Warm and Dead - Recap

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The episode begins with Severide and Rene spending some quality time together and enjoying each other’s company. They discuss what they will do in Madrid. She tells him she has talked to a doctor who is an expert in experimental spinal surgery and he wants to meet Severide. Ernie in the meantime gives Boden a call. Ernie tells Boden he isn’t doing fine. He is calling from a phone booth. He sees a car approach and is terrified and hangs up the phone before Boden can ask him anything more. Ernie is shown sitting in the car, which is being driven by his supposed uncle, who Boden had run into earlier.

Casey and team in the meantime arrive at a store that is on fire. Boden arrives at the scene and is informed that it’s another dumpster fire. Severide later arrives at the station and tells everyone that he is moving to Spain with Rene. Later in his office, Boden tries to talk Severide out of it, but Severide is adamant about leaving. Boden is visibly worried and tells Severide about Ernie, he then tells him about the dumpster fire that his team had to attend to right after. Boden is frustrated that the police too have done nothing about it, despite him having reported it. Dawson and Shay arrive at a scene where a woman tells that her son has been shot. They enter the house and see a boy lying on the floor who has been shot in the chest.

A man with a shotgun who is also in the house slams the door shut and throws the woman to the wall. He points the gun at Dawson and Shay. The man is all panicky and says he isn’t going back to jail. He argues that he shot the boy in self defense. Casey and team knock on the door from the outside and the man’s focus shifts to the door. Just then, Shay tazes the man. Dawson is shocked to see Shay carrying a tazer. Casey breaks the door and enters and finds the man named Baby lying senseless on the floor. Casey and Dawson share a meal and Casey talks about his mom’s parole hearing and how he is going to speak up in it. Dawson asks Casey if he wants her to come along for the hearing. Casey really doesn’t protest and pretty readily agrees to her offer.

Boden again gets a call from Ernie who tells him “Uncle Ray makes me do it”. “I know. Just tell me where you are” Boden says. Ernie reluctantly tells Boden where he is and Boden rushes to the spot. He arrives at the spot soon after and yells out for Ernie, but doesn’t see him anywhere around. Severide meets the surgeon with Rene. He tells Severide his method if successful would heal Severide in merely 4 weeks. He adds that there is risk in the procedure and Severide might even be partially paralyzed if things go wrong. Rene and Severide are shocked to hear this. Casey in the meantime speaks during his mother Nancy’s parole hearing. He basically speaks in her defense and says it’s time to forgive her. He says he forgives her for what she has done. Shay is angry that Severide will be leaving.

She as a result is avoiding talking to him. “Clarisse is moving in, she will be needing your key” is all Shay tells him. Boden and team get a call and it’s from Ernie’s house. Boden arrives at the scene with the team and sees the house is on fire. He rushes in and looks for Ernie. He eventually finds Ernie lying senseless on the floor and drags him out. Shay and Dawson try to revive him, but eventually inform Boden that Ernie has passed away. Boden is absolutely shattered to hear this. Casey later receives a call informing him that his mother has been granted parole. He tells Dawson about it and she is visibly happy to hear this. The condition on which she has been granted parole is that she will have to move in with Casey. Boden in the meantime is on the lookout for Ernie’s Uncle Ray. He manages to catch up with Ray and sees him getting away in his car.

Boden gives him a chase in his car. After some hot pursuit he manages to catch up with Ray who crashes his car into a dumpster. He gets Ray out of the car and begins trashing him. Just then the cops arrive at the scene. Later at his office, Boden is reprimanded by his seniors for his actions. Boden on his part feels he did no wrong and simply helped apprehend a suspect in a murder case. His superiors aren’t convinced by his argument. Boden in anger removes his badge and steps out of his office. Severide apologizes to Shay for not telling her earlier about his move to Spain. “I am glad you are getting yourself healthy, even if it means I have to let you go” Shay tells him. She takes him to their regular watering hole for a drink and inside he sees all his colleagues and they all yell “surprise” at once.

Clarisse is also there. Shay walks up to her and kisses her. “I love you. I have always loved you” she looks into Clarisse’s eyes and says. “I love you too” Clarisse says and hugs her. Dawson and Mills on the other hand are busy kissing each other in another confined corner of the watering hole. They decide to sneak out in a bit to Dawson’s place. Severide leaves the bar and drives out on his own. He apparently isn’t happy about having to leave everything behind. He meets his father, who is camping in the woods with two other guys. He has a chat with his father about the decision he has made. His father doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He feels Severide shouldn’t give up his job in the rescue squad. He feels Severide drove all the way to meet him, so he could talk Severide out of it, as he feels Severide himself doesn’t want to leave.

His father adds that he was never there for Severide and is hence in no position to give him advice, but he realizes that Severide isn’t ready for what he is about to do. Severide apparently agrees with what his dad has to say, but feels he would be letting down Rene who is counting on her. “She’ll get over it” his father says. “Disappoint everyone, but don’t ever disappoint yourself” he tells Severide. The two smile and part ways. Severide thinks about things some more and tells Rene that he is planning to get the surgery despite the risk. Rene realizes that Severide wants to stay and doesn’t want to go to Madrid with her.

Rene is moved to tears, but Severide does his best to console her. The two kiss and sadly part ways. Later, Severide is taken for his surgery. A worried Shay is waiting outside and sees him being wheeled into surgery. She waves out to him and smiles and he too nervously waves back. The episode ends at this point.