Nazdarovya! - Recap

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The episode begins and Dawson is in the parking lot with Antonio, who has been shot multiple times. She stops an ambulance and Antonio is taken to the hospital. Shay who is in the same hospital with Clarisse and her baby gets a text from Dawson and rushes to her side. Dawson is disconsolate. At home Casey and her mother sort things out. They decide to discuss things like adults rather than fight and argue about things. Casey then asks her why she killed his father. She is shocked with the question, but Casey argues that in the last 15 years she has never told him the reason. “You always do this” Nancy yells angrily and storms off.

Mills arrives at the hospital and consoles Dawson. Casey too arrives a little later. Later, Dawson meets Detective Dan from narcotics, in Boden’s office. He is there to ask some questions. Dan says “Antonio was looking for the leader of the crew that’s been putting out the bad drugs” and asks Dawson if Antonio had spoken to her about it. Dawson says that Antonio told her, guys from narcotics were “being territorial” and he had to do twice the work, because narcotics guys weren’t helping. Dan says Antonio exceeded his brief in carrying out his investigations and even lied to his superiors and him (Dan). Dawson isn’t happy with what Dan is insinuating and says she trusts her brother and not him. Dan asks her to call him, if she decides to talk. Boden and the team later receive a call and arrive at the scene.

Turns out, a kid has fallen into a lake. The kid’s father tells them where exactly the kid fell. Severide puts on some scuba diving gear and goes in. Severide finds the boy Patrick and brings him up. He is rushed to the hospital. On the way Dawson and Shay try to revive him, it works and they are relieved to find that the boy has a pulse. At home, Clarisse shares with Shay her worries about them losing custody of the baby, to Daniel, Clarisse’s ex-husband. Clarisse feels they should offer Daniel 50-50 custody, but Shay disagrees. Clarisse argues that they could end the entire feud if Daniel accepts this idea and they can “focus on being a family”.

Shay sees logic in her argument and agrees. At the hospital, Antonio has been operated on and has regained consciousness. Dawson pays him a visit. Antonio says he would have been dead if Dawson hadn’t been there. “Has anybody come talked to you?” he asks. Dawson tells him about Dan. “He is after my badge” Antonio says. Antonio then describes that the whole case he has been following has now become about gangs and isn’t just about the spiked drugs anymore. Dawson feels there is one cop who could help, if the whole thing has become about gangs. Antonio seems to realize who she is talking about and says “don’t you think about it”. Next, Dawson is shown meeting Detective Voight, in prison.

He says he knows who she is and asks “what the hell do you want?” She tells him about Antonio and his case. She says Antonio risked his life to try and save the prostitutes who were dying because of the bad dope, and she says she is willing to risk her life to save her brother. “What’s in it for me?” Voight asks. Dawson promises to help Voight get better accommodations within the prison, in return for his help. “Talk to a guy named T.T” he then tells her and also tells her where to find him. He asks her to tell T.T that Voight sent her and also tell him that she is looking for someone to testify about the Red Oaks, the gang Antonio is trying to take down. “T.T owes me and he is motivated because the Red Oakes are trying to move in on his action” Voight explains.

Severide in the meantime is trying to locate Eric’s sister Rene. Eric has asked him to get in touch with Rene, because she doesn’t seem to want to keep in touch with anyone in her family and Eric feels she might open up to Severide. Dawson arrives at T.T’s apartment building and goes in. Before she can knock on his door, she is pushed to the ground by someone from behind, who then points a gun to her head. Turns out, it’s T.T. He asks her why she is there. She tells him everything. He simply asks her to leave and never come back. Dawson runs out of the building, absolutely terrified and in tears. Severide in the meantime arrives at the strip joint where Rene is now working. He sees her talking to a client. She is surprised to see him there. He tells her that Eric told him to find her.

She doesn’t seem interested in his or Eric’s concern and goes back to her client. Severide is shocked by her reaction and walks away quietly. Dawson tells Casey everything, on Boden’s advice. Casey isn’t happy about the fact that Dawson decided to take Voight’s help. “Just do what you need to do ok…I hope it works out” he tells her angrily. Severide tells Eric he found Rene and lies to him that she is working as a cocktail waitress at a bar. Eric is happy to hear that Rene is fine and also hopes that she will get in touch with him. Boden and team get a call. They arrive at the scene and see that the first floor of a house has collapsed.

The woman who lives on the floor below is standing outside and says the guy on the first floor was a hoarder and there was just too much stuff in his house, which is probably why the floor collapsed. The whole house from the inside has collapsed right down to the basement. The woman exclaims that her daughter along with her boyfriend sometimes goes down to the basement. Boden’s team immediately springs into action. They dig into the basement and find the woman’s daughter and her boyfriend; both are safe. Later at the station, Dawson sees a woman has come to meet her. “T.T told me to come here” the woman says.

The woman says she needs “assurances” if she is going to help. She basically wants to get “out of town” after her testimony, and says or else she will be killed. Dawson gives the woman her word that, she will do anything that the woman wants, in return for her help. “What do you know?” Dawson then asks her. She tells Dawson she knows “everything”. Severide in the meantime gets a call from Eric, who tells him he got a call from a hospital; turns out Rene took a “bunch of pills”. Antonio on the other hand tells Dawson he has found out from Boden that, T.T’s girl gave a detailed statement including the identity of the shooter.

Antonio realizes that Dawson must have promised something in return for Voight’s help. She says it’s a small price to pay for getting him (Antonio) out of trouble. Casey and Nancy again have a difference of opinion and Casey asks her to find a place of her own and gives her two weeks to do it. She tells him the reason she murdered his father. She says his father “chipped away” at her every day. She says his father convinced her that not only was she not a worthy mother, but also that she wasn’t a worthy person.

She then mentions how he began doing the same thing with Casey. “You remember it. I know you do” she tells Casey. She says her fear was that he would do to Casey the same thing he did to her. She describes how she and his father had an argument the night she murdered him. He said something really cruel about Casey, which is why she snapped and did what she did. The episode ends at this point.