Viral - Recap

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The episode begins and Casey sees his mother hiding, on seeing the parole officer arrive. She says she drank alcohol last night and won’t pass if tested by the officer. Casey is left with no other option but to reluctantly lie to the officer. Shay is informed by Clarisse that Daniel has rejected their offer and wants full custody of his child. The lawyer suggests that Shay and Clarisse move into a normal home rather than staying with Severide, if they want to keep custody. She says this because Severide has a reputation for sleeping around and hence two women living with him sends out the wrong signal. “Ok we’ll get our own place” Shay says reluctantly.

Later on a call, Cruz by himself enters a burning house to rescue a dog, despite Boden ordering him against it. Cruz manages to rescue the dog and it runs out. But on his way out a burning piece of the ceiling collapses on Cruz. Cruz falls to the ground. Mouch and Casey, enter the house to rescue him. Cruz is brought out of the house safely. Cruz observes Boden and everyone else is visibly mad at him, for the stunt he just pulled. Eric tells Severide that Rene is now ok physically, but she is being kept under observation so that her mental state can be monitored. Dawson and Shay get a call about a homeless man. They arrive at the scene and see the man lying on the pavement shivering. They walk him to the ambulance.

The man whose name is Mick doesn’t want to go to the hospital, but Dawson observes Mick has ingested some drug which is having an adverse effect on his body. She and Shay therefore conclude that Mick has to be taken to the hospital. Shay injects Mick to draw some blood and Mick flinches in pain. The syringe twists around and the needle pierces Shay’s arm. Later at the hospital, the doctor tells Shay and Dawson that Mick isn’t allowing his blood to be drawn, so they haven’t yet been able to find out what transmittable diseases Mick is carrying. Later at the station Shay tells Severide that, she can’t stay with him anymore because the lawyer says it’s not normal. “You do whatever it takes to keep you, Clarisse and that baby together” Severide says.

Casey reprimands Cruz for the stunt he pulled earlier. Casey tells Cruz to quit and says, if Cruz doesn’t he (Casey) will go to the cops and tell them about Flocco. Shay and Clarisse in the meantime rent a new apartment. Severide meets Rene at the hospital. “Why are you here exactly?” she asks. “Because your brother asked me to come” Severide says. Rene isn’t interested in talking to him and goes back in. Severide tells Eric how Rene reacted when he met her. Christie in the meantime agrees to share the responsibility of monitoring Nancy, with Casey. Cruz is sitting in a church and listening to a sermon with tears in his eyes. Boden gets a call and he and his team arrive outside a building where a bomb squad is already present.

Turns out, one of the apartments in the building is possibly rigged with a bomb. A bomb squad guy and Severide manage to gain access to the apartment in question from the floor above. Inside, Severide sees a woman lying motionless on the floor. She has been stabbed in the stomach and her pulse is weak. The bomb squad guy sees that the front door of the house has been rigged with a fairly powerful bomb. To make matters worse, the carpet in the room is soaked with gasoline. The bomb squad guy will take some time to diffuse the bomb; in the meantime the woman’s pulse is getting weaker. Eric arrives to assist Severide. The bomb squad guy manages to disarm the front door safely, much to Boden and everyone else’s relief. Severide and Eric carry the woman out of the building.

Later at the station, Cruz hands Casey his badge. Casey takes the badge and says he’ll “talk to Boden”. Mouch sees this from a distance. Mouch finds Cruz sitting alone in the locker room and asks him “what happened Joe?” Cruz tells him how he let Flocco die and the guilt he has been suffering from since then. Casey steps into Boden’s office and is about to tell him about Cruz, just then Mouch arrives hurriedly and yells out to Casey. “Can I have a minute?” Mouch asks him. “Now’s not a good time Mouch” Casey replies. “Yes it is” Mouch assertively. Casey finds this odd and steps out of Boden’s office to talk to Mouch. Mouch tries to talk Casey into giving Cruz another chance. He says Cruz told him “everything”.

Mouch says Cruz only needed to hear from someone that, what he did was “ok”. “He screwed up, he knows it, but he was taking care of his family” Mouch says. “How far would you go for the ones you love? How far have you gone?” Mouch reasons. Later, Casey hands Cruz his badge back and quietly walks away. Next day, Shay gets a call informing her that Mick consented to a “blood draw”. Turns out Mick “is clean, he tested negative for everything”. Shay is extremely relieved with the news and so is Dawson. Rene is released from the hospital and sees Severide waiting outside to pick her up. He says he wants to show her something, but she blows him off. Severide in the end manages to convince her to come along with him for just 30 minutes, after which he promises he will drop her to wherever she wants to go.

Nancy in the meantime packs up her things and moves out of Casey’s house to live with a former cellmate of hers named Cheyenne. She tells Casey she “doesn’t want to be the wedge that” drives him and Christie apart. She says she will sort things out with her parole officer. “Be a brother and sister again. Be there for each other” she tells Christie and Casey, before leaving. Clarisse tells Shay that Daniel has agreed to 50-50 custody, but on the condition that Clarisse move to New York with the baby. Clarisse says she has agreed to this demand of Daniel’s and is leaving for New York in the night. Shay is visibly angry and heartbroken on hearing this. Severide brings Rene to the spot where they used to come when they were together.

He says he hasn’t had a real relationship since her. Rene repents cheating on Severide and says she sees him and her family and is reminded of what all she lost, because of her indiscretion. She puts her head on Severide’s shoulder and begins to sob. “I’ve missed you” he tells her. He admits he used to hate her, “but not anymore”. Later, Severide brings Rene to meet Eric. They hug each other with tears in their eyes. The episode ends at this point.