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Better To Lie - Recap

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The episode begins and Shay tells Severide that she wants a baby. She says Clarisse “ripping” her heart out for the second time was devastating but when she held Clarisse’s son, Wesley, in her arms, she felt a sense of purpose and really connected. Hence she wants to be a mother. Severide says she doesn’t have to make any decisions right now. “I have made the decision. I am gonna have a baby” she counters. Later at the station, Severide’s father, Benny, pays him a visit. Casey introduces Benny to everyone. Benny was a fireman. They get a call and Benny rides along with the team.

At the scene they see that there has been an accident and people are trapped in a building. Benny seems visibly moved at the sight. Later, at the station, Severide sees Benny looking really disturbed and asks him about it. Benny says while seeing the rescue today, he was reminded of all the colleagues he has lost on the job. He also seems bothered about finding out Peter Mills is the son of Henry Mills who was his (Benny's) colleague. Later Benny asks Boden what version Peter has of his father’s death. Boden says Peter knows that his father died a hero. Benny for some reason is outraged to hear this.

Boden says the subject of Henry’s death won’t even come up unless Benny brings it up. “I’m just here to spend time with my kid” Benny says. “Then do that” Boden counters. Shay declares to everyone she is “going to be artificially inseminated and hopefully have a baby”. She also reveals that she is looking at potential sperm donors. Dawson is worried for Shay and feels she isn’t making the right decision but Severide doesn’t feel it’s a big deal. “So she has a kid. So what?” he says. Dawson and Peter decide to come out as a couple. Dawson and Shay get a call and arrive at a house where a guy has been shot. Shay hears a child’s cry coming from the bedroom.

She goes to the bedroom and sees a small baby crying its lungs out. She picks up the baby in her arms and the child stops crying. The baby is then taken away by child services. Peter did some digging and has found out that his father, Boden, and Benny were all in the same batch. He tells Dawson that he finds it really odd that Boden never mentioned this and all Boden has ever said is that his dad is a hero. “What did your mom say?” Dawson asks. “Nothing, she doesn’t want to talk about it” Peter replies. There is a fireman’s academy dinner that is going to be held and Peter’s mother tells Boden she doesn’t want Benny to say something at the dinner that would hurt Peter.

Boden says he can’t stop people from saying what they want. “Do you really not care if it all comes out?” she asks him. “I have a speech to write. See you at the dinner” he tells her and leaves. At home, Benny tells Severide to be wary of Peter and not accept him into squad until Severide is absolutely sure Peter can handle it. Later, the team gets called to the scene of an accident. A bike messenger is killed after being crushed under a vehicle. Peter sees a man standing on the ledge of a bridge nearby, ready to jump. The guy says the messenger died because of the way he maneuvered his vehicle and because of the guilt he wants to kill himself.

Peter calms the man down and lies to him, saying that the messenger is alive and is going to be fine. Boden and Casey arrive and see what Peter is trying to do. Casey backs up Peter’s story by saying the messenger is badly hurt but will be okay. The motorist, in the end, is convinced Peter is telling the truth and allows himself to be rescued. Boden and Casey commend Peter for saving the man’s life, even if he had to lie to the man for that. Dawson and Peter come out as a couple. Peter meets Severide and tells him he would like to have a talk with Benny about his father, Henry Mills. “I need to know how my dad died. Spent my whole life wondering” Peter tells Severide. Later, Severide and Shay arrive for the academy dinner.

Casey now knows that Dawson and Peter are together and at the dinner he sees Dawson sitting with Peter and his mother at the same table. Peter walks up to where Casey is standing. “Treat her right” Casey tells him. “I will” Peter says. Later, Boden gives a speech. He praises Peter publicly for the life he recently saved. Benny isn’t too happy to hear Boden commending Peter. He then brings up Henry’s mention and says he served with Henry 20 years ago. He says Henry gave up his life in the line of duty. Benny isn’t really pleased to hear Boden praising Henry and he walks out. Peter notices this and so does everyone else. Boden continues with his speech and says any person who becomes a fireman is already a hero.

Just as Benny is about to leave, Boden confronts him. “So Benny…you proud of yourself?” Boden asks. Benny counters sarcastically saying he is at an age where he doesn’t want to listen to “fairy tales”. Benny asks Boden how he can play the good guy when Boden is a part of the reason Henry “didn’t make it out of there”. “Henry was trying to prove himself to you that night and he took unnecessary risks because of it” Benny says. “He was doing his job” Boden counters. “My ass. He was trying to prove himself to the guy who slept with his wife” Benny says. Boden is visibly shocked to hear this. “Yeah I knew. Henry told me” Benny says.

Dawson, who is standing nearby, overhears the whole conversation. “Benny you should walk away from me right now, before I lay you out” Boden says seething with anger. “You got it…Chief” Benny says sarcastically before walking away. Casey was at the academy with Heather, Darden’s widow. After the banquet he drops her home. She, before getting out of the vehicle, thanks Casey for always being there for her. She then surprises him by kissing him. He kisses her back. She then wishes him goodnight and steps out. Casey is visibly baffled by what just happened. “Oh man” he says to himself. The episode ends at this point.