Fireworks - Recap

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The episode begins with Boden meeting with Dawson before shift. She brings up the conversation that she recently heard between him and Benny Severide. She tells him that Peter is becoming increasingly curious about his father and might eventually find out the truth. Frank tells her to drop it and mind her own business. At home, Severide asks his father what is going on between him and Boden. Benny makes light of the whole situation, saying he and Boden have known each other for years and have always had a love-hate relationship.

While dealing with a fire that has burnt down a restaurant, Severide has a chat with the owner. He tells Severide that he is having union troubles and he is sure that they are ones who set his restaurant on fire. Severide suggests he go to the cops, but Tuxhorn, the owner, feels that won’t help. Casey and team are inside the restaurant. They are trying to confirm whether the fire has been completely doused or not. While they are checking the ceiling, Casey’s clothes catch fire. Cruz grabs Casey and jumps out with him through the restaurant window. The fire on Casey’s clothes is quickly doused and he thanks Cruz for saving him. Otis informs the team that the ceiling was filled with homemade gasoline bombs. This confirms the owner’s suspicions.

At the station, Boden, Kelly, and Severide are told who the person heading the union is. They also informed that the evidence against the union is purely circumstantial. Severide feels no action will be taken against this person because he is politically connected. Boden and Severide talk in his office about Benny. Boden tells Severide that Benny can’t come to the station anymore because he has a certain idea about how Peter Mills died, which isn’t true. Boden says Benny might discuss this issue with Peter and hurt his feelings. He orders Severide to take his father to a different station. Severide calls up Benny and makes up an excuse, saying his friend at some other station wants to meet him so he should go there.

Peter tells Dawson he is trying to dig up old records to find out exactly how his father died. Shay is still looking for a donor. Mouch tells her that he admires her gumption in deciding to have a baby all by herself. Heather stops by the station and asks Casey out to dinner. Severide sees them chatting and doesn’t seem too happy. At that very moment, Benny arrives at the station. Boden is really pissed to see Benny and Severide too is shocked. Boden takes Benny aside and tells him that he isn’t welcome at the station. They get into an argument about the issue and Severide intervenes. He promises Boden that this will be Benny’s last day at their station. Before leaving, Boden threatens to kick Benny’s ass if he ever shows up again.

Lou, the union leader, visits the station. He isn’t happy that a complaint has been filed against him. He tells Boden and Severide that just because the restaurant owner says so, it doesn’t make him guilty. While looking through photos and profiles of sperm donors on her computer, Shay comes across Mouch’s profile and is shocked. Shay talks to Mouch about it and he says he had posted his profile years ago. She says she has a few questions, but they are interrupted because of a call. Another restaurant is on fire and it’s owned by Tuxhorn. He feels the fire is the consequence of him complaining against the union.

Severide and Casey find a badly burnt man at the back of the restaurant. Before he can be rushed to the hospital, he passes away. At the station, Boden, Casey and Severide are told that Lou has a sound alibi, which is why it’s impossible to pin this second fire on him. Severide and Casey decide to investigate the scene of the second fire. Boden suggests they take Benny along because he was a really good arson investigator. Peter asks Benny about his father and their conversation is interrupted when Severide tells Benny to come with him. Shay asks Mouch how it felt selling his sperm. He gives her the details and says he isn’t in touch with any of the kids. He says he only did it for the money. She feels that’s very impersonal and is put off by it. She decides to drop the whole idea of getting artificially inseminated.

Based on the evidence at the scene, Benny concludes that the fire was an inside job. At the station, Boden tells Casey and Severide that 15 minutes after the second fire was reported, an 18-year old kid with third degree burns was found close to the scene. He claimed it was a barbeque mishap. Severide meets Omar, the kid, at the hospital. Severide gets Omar to admit that Tuxhorn made him do the whole thing for insurance. Omar says he did it because his father owed Tuxhorn money and that it was Tuxorn and his wife’s plan to pin the whole thing on Lou, who they had a beef with. Peter finds out something from the old records and looks shocked.

Shay tells Severide that she would like to have a baby with him. He is too shocked to say anything. She tells him to think about it and assures him that even if he says no, it won’t affect their friendship. Peter has discovered that everyone except Benny had signed off on a gallantry award that his father was nominated for. He confronts Benny in front of everyone about it. He asks Benny why he thought his father didn’t deserve this award. Benny reveals that the day his father died he was dealing with a fire. In the middle of it he panicked and removed his mask. Another guy saw this and while trying to save his father they both lost their lives. Benny says he could not sign off on an award for someone who had shown cowardice. Peter loses his cool and punches him in the face. Everyone steps in and restrains the two of them before it gets ugly. Benny is about to tell about Boden, but changes his mind at the last moment.

Boden tells Peter that he is off duty until further notice and orders him to go home. Boden has a chat with Dawson in his office. He says he and Peter’s mother were involved for a period of time, when Henry and she were having problems. He realized Henry deserved another chance at being with his wife, so Boden called off his relationship. After a month, Henry moved back in with his wife, but she claimed Boden had broken her heart.

Heather cooks Casey dinner and hints that she is interested in having a relationship. Casey says her husband was his good friend and he doesn’t want to do anything to disrespect his memory. He suggests they just remain good friends. Dawson visits Peter, but doesn’t tell him anything from her conversation with Boden. Heather dozes off on Casey’s couch and he tucks her in. Benny apologizes to Severide for everything that happened at the station. He packs up his stuff and leaves. Severide visits Peter and says he can be a part of the squad. Peter is visibly surprised and overjoyed. The episode ends at this point.