A Coffin That Small - Recap

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The episode begins with Heather waking up on Casey’s couch in the morning and apologizing to him for it. Casey says its cool and Heather goes to the bathroom to freshen up. Severide pays Casey a visit to drop off a bottle of wine Benny left for him and hears Heather’s voice coming from inside. Severide isn’t pleased about it and storms off before Casey can explain that it’s not how it looks. Casey and team are busy flushing out fire hydrants, when a little boy yells out to them for help.

They rush into a building with the little boy and see another boy stuck inside a garbage chute. The little boy explains that they were playing, when this happened. Casey notices that the neck of the boy who is stuck is twisted and he is finding it difficult to breathe. Casey and team cut open the chute and rescue the boy, but he is barely alive. The boy is rushed to the hospital and his mother who has just arrived goes with him. At the hospital, Dawson has a heart-to-heart with the mother about Taye, her son. At the station, Boden and Severide inform Casey that they are trying to push through Peter’s name for the rescue squad and if he makes it he will be the youngest ever to do so. Casey doesn’t seem too happy about it and tells them to do what they feel is right.

Boden calls Peter into his office and asks him if he only wants to be in the squad because of his father. Peter replies that it has nothing to do with what his father did or did not do. He says his ambition is to be an elite firefighter, but Boden taunts him saying it doesn’t look like it from the weight he has put on since he joined the job. On hearing this, Peter leaves Boden’s office looking worried, while Boden simply smiles to himself. While Casey and Severide are arguing about Heather, someone fires multiple shots at the station breaking a bunch of windows and drives away in a hurry. They talk to a couple of detectives about this incident and the detectives say this could be Voight-related because his hearing is coming up. They promise to make their inquiries and for the time being decide to place a bunch of cops at the station for security.

While heading home, Casey sees a bunch of suspicious looking black teenagers looming outside the station. At a coffee shop, after Severide has discussed with Shay what the whole insemination process would entail, he tells her he is in. Shay is overjoyed to hear him say that. While driving to a funeral of a retired firefighter, Herman tells Boden and Mouch about how he isn’t in touch with his father anymore because his father doesn’t want to keep in touch. Peter and Dawson are out for a jog and kid around with each other while they are at it. The next day at the station, Casey and team see in the news that Taye, the boy who fell down the chute, is dead. Herman is so moved by the news that he leaves his father a voice message asking him to call back.

Casey and Severide again get into an argument about Heather and Casey says he is done explaining himself. Severide isn’t ready to give up and keeps needling Casey, saying he is lying and isn’t man enough to accept that he is sleeping with Heather. Boden calls them into his office and demands an explanation, but Casey walks out without saying anything. Dawson and Shay are rescuing a homeless guy from the streets. They walk him to the ambulance and Dawson climbs into the back first, but before Shay and the homeless guy can get in the ambulance drives away. Shay immediately alerts the authorities about the ambulance being stolen. Dawson from the back of the ambulance, orders the driver to pull over, but he tells her to shut up and keeps driving. She gets him to stop by telling the man that they can trace them with the GPS and can make the ambulance stop suddenly and pushes buttons to pretend that it is going to happen. The cops arrest him.

At the station, Shay tells Severide that she can’t afford the insemination, so she proposes that they go the conventional way, which is to have unprotected sex. Severide is too stunned to say anything, so Shay tells him to think about it and quickly walks away. Boden introduces Dawson to Tara Little, a new candidate, and says Tara will be riding with her for a little while. Casey sits in his vehicle and spies on the black teenagers hanging outside the station. He notices them hiding something in the fire hydrants. After a while, he walks up to one of them and asks to talk to their leader. He is taken to an apartment, where he finds a guy sitting on a couch surrounded by a bunch of other guys.

Casey talks about the shots that were fired at the station and tells the guy that he knows he and his gang hide drugs in the fire hydrants. He says those hydrants need to be flushed, so they can be used in case there is a fire in the neighborhood and if he hides his drugs there they will be flushed. Before leaving he tells the guy that he can’t stop him from selling his stuff, but says that they all have to coexist here because the neighborhood is everybody’s. At the station, Shay tells Severide that her father has agreed to pay for the insemination, saying he was worried he would never get to be a grandpa. Severide tells her that is good news, but looks disappointed.

Mouch notices Herman still waiting for his father to call back, so he takes him to his father’s company. There they meet Larry, Herman’s brother, who says his father is in Boston, but takes Herman into his father’s office. Herman is moved when he sees that his father has dedicated a complete wall to all of Herman’s accomplishments as a firefighter. Larry also tells Herman how their father can’t stop talking about his son the firefighter. Taye’s mother arrives at the station and thanks Boden and team for trying to save him. She says Taye always wanted to be a firefighter and hands Boden a photo of Taye dressed as a firefighter, saying her son would have wanted them to have this.

Herman looks at Taye’s photo and tells everyone that he has an idea. Next, it’s shown that Boden and his team in full uniform along with the fire trucks are standing on the side of the road. They raise a salute when Taye’s funeral procession passes by and Taye’s mother is really touched by this gesture. The episode ends at this point.