Ambition - Recap

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The episode begins with Shay telling Severide that she is ovulating, so they are good to go. Shay is really excited about the whole thing and Severide says he is too. The team receives a call about an industrial accident, while they are getting to know Tara, the new candidate. They arrive at the scene, where a man called Phil is trapped under an iron beam. After confirming with one of workers at the plant that there isn’t anything inflammable around, Severide calls for a blowtorch to cut through the beam to free the man.

While at it, Casey notices some oily substance spilt on the floor nearby and he also sees a can containing the stuff with a warning label that says “inflammable”. Before Casey can tell Severide to turn off the blowtorch, the liquid on the floor rapidly catches fire and there is an explosion. Severide is thrown a distance by the impact. After the fire has been taken care of, on Peter’s suggestion, the team uses another beam to lift the one underneath which Phil is trapped. Phil is rushed to the hospital and Severide commends Peter for his quick thinking. At the firehouse, Casey and his team aren’t too happy to see Peter sucking up to Severide and let Peter know that they don’t like that.

Peter requests to have a talk with Casey in private and apologizes to him for his behavior, but also lets him know that he is going to actively pursue the opening in Squad. Casey reminds him that for the time being he is still in truck, so he better act like it. Dawson and Shay get a call about a laceration injury and arrive outside a house, where a woman tells them that her husband was working on something in his garage, when the garage door began opening by itself and he got stuck.

In the garage, they see a man dangling from the roof by his shoulder with his arm stuck in the machine that lifts the door. The man’s arm is in bad shape and Tara freezes at the sight. Dawson asks her to snap out of it and help her rescue the man. They eventually get his arm out and rush him to the hospital. At the firehouse, Otis and rest of Casey’s team are really jealous, when they see Peter being groomed by Severide for Squad. Casey arrives and hears them discussing this issue, but he sides with Peter, saying he deserves to get into Squad because he is busting his ass. Tara and Severide are busy flirting with each other and she even finds an excuse to invite him out for a beer. Casey meets Boden and asks him if he is sure Peter is ready for Squad. Boden says that Severide thinks so, but Casey insists that Boden have a serious talk with Peter and adds that he shouldn’t let his obligation towards Henry Mills cloud his judgment.

Peter tells Dawson that he feels Casey is giving him such a tough time only because he is dating the girl Casey likes. Dawson disagrees, saying that Casey has always been fair with everyone and would never let his feelings come in the way of his work. Hermann is in Canada on some hunting trip and Cindy, his wife, arrives at the firehouse to collect some stuff from his locker. Shay, who is in the locker room, notices that Cindy is short of breath and is barely able to stand, so she checks her vitals and finds that her oxygen levels are really low. She immediately rushes Cindy to the hospital and stays there until she is told by the doctors that Cindy is fine. Before leaving she meets Cindy, who thanks Shay for saving her life.

At the firehouse, Dawson is asked by a superior about how Tara is coping at work. Dawson truthfully tells him that Tara is not cutout for a busy firehouse and is probably be more suited for the suburbs. While Dawson is out looking for doors for her bar with Casey, she gets a call from Peter. She tells him what she is doing, but doesn’t tell him who she is with. Tara arrives are Severide’s, beer in hand and he is surprised to see her, but invites her in anyways. While they are busy flirting, a really pissed Shay arrives and begins yelling at Severide for not picking up her calls. She says that she was in the ovulation window and they had to be at the clinic, but she simply couldn’t get in touch with him and now the clinic is closed. Severide tires to calm her down, saying they can go tomorrow, but Shay feels Severide isn’t serious about the whole thing, so she tells him that he doesn’t have to do it.

The next day at the firehouse, Peter hears Casey talking about the door and realizes Dawson was with him, but before he can talk to her, the team gets a call about a fire. They arrive at the scene and see smoke coming out of the windows of a house, but they are all boarded up. They figure out that it’s a marijuana grow house and after going in and while dousing the fire, Cap, one of the guys from the rescue squad, gets electrocuted and faints. After the power source has been turned off from the outside by Severide and his men, Casey and Peter rescue Cap.

After Cap is brought outside and revived, Otis commends Peter for a job well done and Peter is glad that Otis isn’t pissed with him anymore. Casey returns to the truck and finds Peter sitting there by himself. Peter asks Casey, why he never tried for Squad and Casey replies, saying the lives that they save and the people that they rescue don’t really care what insignia the firemen are wearing. Their conversation is interrupted, when they get a call asking for assistance in a shooting incident.

Dawson and Shay arrive at the scene and see a guy lying dead under a bridge. A cop tells them that the guy was shot multiple times and the killing was gang related. Dawson recognizes the victim as Curtis, the guy who helped Casey bust Voight. Casey arrives a while later and looks worried when he sees the victim. Shay and Severide make amends after they have both apologized to each other. Shay feels she should look for other options because she doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship, but Severide insists that he wants to do it.

Severide is called to the firehouse and upon arrival he is informed by Boden that Tara has lodged a complaint that he lured her to his apartment and tried to force himself on her. Severide is too stunned to say anything and Boden suggests that Severide hire a good lawyer. At Molly’s, Dawson’s new bar, while Casey and she are having a chat, Hallie arrives and they are both surprised to see her. Hallie tells Casey that they should grab a coffee; Casey agrees and tells Dawson he will see her later. The episode ends at this point.