Retaliation Hit - Recap

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The episode begins at the sexual molestation hearing, with Severide being asked to recount all that happened, while Tara was in his apartment. He tells the commander of the fire department, heading the investigation, that Tara seemed a little desperate. Which is why, he faked a yawn, pretending he was sleepy, so she would leave. Over coffee, Casey tells Hallie that Voight’s dismissal hearing is today and his union is pushing for entrapment. They are both worried because Curtis, the guy who helped Casey take down Voight, was recently found dead.

After the hearing, Voight, who has been acquitted, meets a pal of his and they decide to grab a bite. At the firehouse, Severide returns and Peter tells him he is there for him if he needs anything. After Severide walks out, one of the guys from the squad taunts Peter, saying Severide’s shoes need shining. Before leaving for a call, Casey is informed by Boden that Voight’s out. The team arrives at the scene and Boden is informed that the driver of a vehicle was shot and lost control of his vehicle, which rammed through a liquor store window. The driver of the vehicle was the guy who shot Curtis and this was probably a retaliation hit. The team sees that a woman is trapped under the vehicle but is still alive, while Parco, the driver, who has passed out, still has his foot on the gas pedal.

The woman is rescued from under the vehicle. After the engine is turned off, Parco, who barely has a pulse, is also removed from the vehicle. Mouch sees Severide texting someone and correctly assumes that he is trying to get in touch with Tara. He urges Severide to not get in touch with her. Mouch reminds him they have a hearing tomorrow, saying they have the upper hand. At the firehouse, the whole team is being put though sexual harassment sensitivity training because of the Severide incident. At Boden’s office, Detective Tony Dawson tries to assure Casey that just because Voight is out doesn’t mean he will come after him. Casey though, isn’t so sure of that. After dropping Parco to the hospital, on the way out, Dawson gets a call from Voight, who wants to call in the favor she owes him, for him helping Tony.

At the firehouse, Dawson tells Casey about the call and Casey offers to help her with his issue in any way he can. Despite Mouch asking him not to talk to or meet Tara, Severide does just that. Severide tries to reason with her, but she apparently believes he actually sexually assaulted her. She says she is willing to withdraw her complaint if he tenders a public apology. Severide on hearing this calls her crazy, so she angrily walks off. At the firehouse, Dawson tells Tony about Voight’s call and he says he will deal with it. Before he walks away, Dawson urges him to not do anything crazy. The team gets a call about an overturned tanker. They arrive at the scene and see the driver trapped inside. Peter is the only one in the squad, who can assemble a pulley, that has to be used to safely pull out the driver, and gets to work.

One of the squad members is clearly unhappy on Peter being given so much importance. After the man is rescued, Boden commends Peter for a job well done. At the firehouse, while having his meal, Peter suddenly realizes that there is dog food in it. He sees the guy from squad, who is jealous of him, laughing and realizes it was he who pulled this prank. Peter is about to attack the guy in rage, but is stopped by others. Boden reprimands the guy for his actions and has him moved to a different firehouse as a punishment. The guy before leaving lashes out, saying he didn’t know kissing ass was the only way to get ahead in this firehouse. Boden ignores his taunt and wishes him luck. Somewhere outside, Tony meets Voight and asks Voight to come to him if he needs a favor. He asks Voight to keep his sister out of it.

Outside the room where the hearing is being conducted, Mouch reprimands Severide for meeting Tara. After Severide concedes he made a mistake, Mouch informs him that his history of other women he banged on the job is being looked at. Severide isn’t too pleased to hear this. At Hallie’s, Casey and her, while having a drink together, begin flirting and end up having sex. At the building where the hearing is being conducted, Severide is shocked to see Voight, who with a smile tells him, that he has been reinstated. At the firehouse, while Severide is telling Dawson and gang about his meeting with Voight, Severide sees Al Wallace, Nicky’s dad, walk into Boden’s office. Nicky the daughter of fire chief Wallace was working at Boden’s firehouse for a few days, which is when she got close to Severide and the two slept together a couple of times.

Nicky was engaged, but after ending her relationship with Severide she broke off her engagement and flew off to Europe. Wallace feels Nicky did this because Severide hurt her and for this reason he has testified against Severide. He tells Boden this, but Boden sides with Severide, saying Severide is innocent. He ends his friendship with Wallace because of what he has done. Shay and Dawson get a call and after arriving at the scene, see that a man has been bitten by a rhino viper, a really poisonous snake, he was illegally keeping in his house. The snake is still in their way, so to get to the man, they have to get it out of the way themselves because there is no time to call animal control. The man’s son hands Shay a stick with a hook with which the man handles the snake. Shay gets cold feet, so she hands the stick to Dawson, who asks the man’s son how to go about it.

He describes to her what his dad does and Dawson tires to do the same. Dawson manages to lock the snake in the bathroom and then rushes the man to the hospital. At the firehouse, Boden tells Severide that criminal charges might be filed against him because of the allegations Chief Wallace has made. He for this reason asks Severide to get himself an attorney. Mouch suggests that Severide apologize to make this whole thing go away, but Severide isn’t willing to do that. Later, Shay consoles him and he says there is no one else he can trust in this world except her. At the opening of Molly’s, Dawson, Otis and Herman have a drink to celebrate the occasion. Casey arrives with Hallie for the opening and Dawson pretends she is cool with it.

Voight arrives a while later and everyone is shocked to see him. He says he here to make amends and buys everyone a drink. Tony tells Dawson that Voight has been promoted to sergeant and is heading the intelligence unit of which Tony is a part of. Voight walks up to Casey and tells him how sorry he is about the past. Casey isn’t in a forgiving mood and walks away. The episode ends at this point.