Leaders Lead - Recap

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The episode begins with Severide waiting for Tara in a parking lot, so they can talk about those allegations of sexual assault. He makes a snide comment about her promotion, she tells him to go away, and he yells some more about how they are going to file criminal charges and that he didn’t do anything to her. At Casey’s, Hallie is starting to get dressed, but Casey pulls her back to bed and asks if they can just stay there all day. Hallie tells him that in twenty-four hours and one minute from now they’ll be back in the bed together. Hallie drops Casey off at the station. Mills and Dawson witness their good-bye and Dawson says she’s happy for them.

Mills grabs Dawson’s hand and they stroll down the sidewalk. He suddenly asks her to move in and then tells her that he loves her. Before she can get over her amazement, he starts punishing himself, saying how stupid he was and how badly that came out. Dawson hurries to the ambulance to give Shay the details, but before they can have a chat about the issue, they get a call about a porch collapse. A woman named Valerie has a spike sticking through her shoulder. They get her in the ambulance where she crashes before they reach the hospital. Hallie jumps into the back of the rig and she and Dawson manage to get Valerie’s heart going again. Hallie then wheels the woman into trauma. Back at the station, Herrmann is in the garage when a woman walks in and asks him if they allow kids to take pictures with the trucks.

Herrmann replies in the affirmative and asks where the kids are. The woman gets a bit nervous and says she’s asking for another time before she leaves. Boden reprimands Severide for confronting Tara in a parking lot. Severide bristles and accuses Boden of being on Tara’s side. Boden warns him, saying if he contacts Tara or goes within 100 feet of her, he (Boden) will have Severide removed from the squad. On the way back from the hospital, after having a talk with Shay, Dawson realizes she loves Mills. They park in the garage but before they can take a breather, they are called out again, this time to a guy who was struck by lightning. Herrmann and Boden are leaving after the shift and Herrmann asks Boden what’s wrong with him. Boden waves him off, saying it’s just a rough shift. Herrmann invites Boden to have dinner in the Burrow with the entire Weasley family.

While they are at it, Mills walks up to Boden and requests that he be given a few extra shifts because his Squad classes are expensive. Severide tells Shay that CFD told him to back off and she tells him that’s stupid and that they should do a little digging into Tara’s background. She says it’s time they went on the offensive. Mills is waiting on the waterfront, when Dawson shows up with pretzels and declares her love for him. She also agrees to move in with him. Severide meets Antonio so they can have a talk about the case and how Severide is going to be facing criminal charges. Antonio tells Severide about another case in which Tara claimed that someone she worked with sexually assaulted her. The charges were dropped but it’s enough for Severide to go hunt the guy down. Pete Campbell, the guy, used to be an executive at a fancy ad agency.

He had a relationship with Tara, who was a graphic designer, but when there was a rumor about downsizing she claimed their relationship was not consensual and that he created a hostile work environment. She got a big settlement, he got fired and blacklisted, and had to sign a nondisclosure agreement so she’d drop the criminal charges. Severide asks for Pete Campbell’s help. Casey arrives at the neighborhood clinic where Hallie is working. He mentions that she always brought him lunch at the station. She walks back into the clinic and shows him around. When she goes to check on something a bald guy with a dark goatee walks in, looks around and leaves. They go back outside to eat. They sit on the hood of her car and she says that when she was away at resident camp in South America she realized the things she actually liked about medicine and a few other things she wanted to reclaim for her life.

It’s dinner time, Herrmann and Boden make their way to the kitchen to wash the dishes and have a beer. Boden is worried that he’s losing Severide’s respect and Herrmann reminds Boden that leaders lead from the front. The team gets called out to an accident; its two cars, one of which is carrying a couple of co-workers who have been having some afternoon delight. The hurt woman is more concerned that her husband is going to find out than with her safety, the safety of her work buddy, or the dead guy in the other car. Severide confronts Tara in the cafeteria and he’s brought Pete Campbell. Severide convinces her to drop the charges, resign her job and recant what she claims Pete Campbell did. At the firehouse, the lady is back and she has her kid. Her daughter is twelve and Herrmann and the rest of the guys make sure she gets pictures on the truck with all the people and her parents.

He goes up and asks the Chief to come out. Boden grumbles about his paperwork but comes anyway. He puts on a happy face and wishes the girl happy birthday. She asks him if he remembers her. He says no and she tells him that twelve years ago she was left on the doorstep of the station and Herrmann told her that Boden was the one who found her. When Boden realizes that this is the girl he wondered about for twelve years, there is a swirl of joy and relief on his face. This little girl always knew the truth about where she came from and how she came to live with her parents. Severide and Boden have a talk. Boden tells Severide that he was always looking out for him and never doubted Severide in the Tara situation for one second. Dawson tells Mills about his mom sleeping with Boden and Mills is pissed.

He gets mad at Dawson for keeping this secret from him. Before they can process their feelings, they get called out to a fire at Hallie’s clinic. Casey recognizes the address immediately and tries to get inside as fast as possible, when he realizes that Hallie’s car is still there. They pull several people out and have to break into the med cage where Hallie’s trapped and lying unconscious on the floor. Casey and Severide finally get her out and Dawson and Casey work on her in the back of the rig while Shay drives. Casey is desperate and Dawson is pained by his pleading with Hallie to be all right. The entire house waits.

Casey walks alone down a hallway until he reaches the doctor. The doctor reaches out and grabs Casey’s shoulder and Casey collapses. Everyone watches from the doorway until Mills pushes through the crowd and walks to Casey. Mills hugs Casey as the others weep. The episode ends at this point.