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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 02/Nov/2007 Burple Nurples
2 1x02 02/Nov/2007 Shnitzel Makes A Deposit
3 1x03 02/Nov/2007 The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin
4 1x04 02/Nov/2007 Chowder's Girlfriend
5 1x05 09/Nov/2007 Grubble Gum
6 1x06 09/Nov/2007 The Cinnamini Monster
7 1x07 16/Nov/2007 Certifrycation Class
8 1x08 16/Nov/2007 Sing Beans
9 1x09 23/Nov/2007 The Wrong Address
10 1x10 23/Nov/2007 The Wrong Customer
11 1x11 30/Nov/2007 Mahjongg Night
12 1x12 30/Nov/2007 Stinky Love
13 1x13 07/Dec/2007 The Thrice Cream Man
14 1x14 07/Dec/2007 The Flibber-Flabber Diet
15 1x15 14/Dec/2007 Gazpacho Stands Up
16 1x16 14/Dec/2007 A Taste Of Marzipan
17 1x17 18/Jan/2008 The Puckerberry Overlords
18 1x18 18/Jan/2008 The Elemelons
19 1x19 06/Mar/2008 Sniffleball
20 1x20 06/Mar/2008 Mung On The Rocks
21 1x21 03/Apr/2008 The Heavy Sleeper
22 1x22 03/Apr/2008 The Moldy Touch
23 1x23 01/May/2008 At Your Service
24 1x24 01/May/2008 Chowder And Mr. Fugu
25 1x25 05/Jun/2008 The Vacation
26 1x26 05/Jun/2008 The Sleep Eater
27 1x27 12/Jun/2008 Bruised Bluenana
28 1x28 12/Jun/2008 Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel
29 1x29 19/Jun/2008 The Thousand Pound Cake
30 1x30 19/Jun/2008 The Rat Sandwich
31 1x31 26/Jun/2008 Chowder Loses His Hat
32 1x32 26/Jun/2008 Brain Grub
33 1x33 03/Jul/2008 Shnitzel Quits (1)
34 1x34 03/Jul/2008 Shnitzel Quits (2)
35 1x35 10/Jul/2008 The Broken Part
36 1x36 10/Jul/2008 The Meach Harvest
37 1x37 17/Jul/2008 Banned from the Stand
38 1x38 17/Jul/2008 Creme Puff Hands
39 1x39 24/Jul/2008 The Apprentice Games (1)
40 1x40 24/Jul/2008 The Apprentice Games (2)

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
41 2x01 02/Oct/2008 The Arborians
42 2x02 06/Nov/2008 Panini for President
43 2x03 06/Nov/2008 Chowder's Babysitter
44 2x04 13/Nov/2008 Fire Breather
45 2x05 13/Nov/2008 Flying Flinger Lingons
46 2x06 20/Nov/2008 The Garage Sale
47 2x07 04/Dec/2008 Hey, Hey It's Knishmas (1)
48 2x08 04/Dec/2008 Hey, Hey It's Knishmas (2)
49 2x09 11/Dec/2008 Chowder's Catering Company
50 2x10 11/Dec/2008 The Catch Phrase
51 2x11 12/Feb/2009 The Hot Date
52 2x12 12/Feb/2009 The Shopping Spree
53 2x13 02/Apr/2009 The Party Cruise
54 2x14 01/Jun/2009 Won Ton Bombs
55 2x15 02/Jun/2009 The Big Hat Biddies
56 2x16 03/Jun/2009 Deadly Maze
57 2x17 04/Jun/2009 Kid Shnitzel

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
58 3x01 11/Jun/2009 The BLT's
59 3x02 11/Jun/2009 Trouble with Truffles
60 3x03 18/Jun/2009 Gazpacho Fights Back
61 3x04 25/Jun/2009 Dinner Theatre
62 3x05 02/Jul/2009 Big Ball
63 3x06 09/Jul/2009 The Brain Freeze
64 3x07 16/Jul/2009 The Snail Car
65 3x08 23/Jul/2009 The Lollistops
66 3x09 30/Jul/2009 Endive's Dirty Secret
67 3x10 30/Jul/2009 Big Food
68 3x11 06/Aug/2009 Paint The Town
69 3x12 06/Aug/2009 The Blackout
70 3x13 13/Aug/2009 The Dice Cycle
71 3x14 13/Aug/2009 The Chain Recipe
72 3x15 20/Aug/2009 The Garden
73 3x16 20/Aug/2009 Sheboodles
74 3x17 27/Aug/2009 Gazpacho Moves In
75 3x18 03/Sep/2009 My Big Fat Stinky Wedding
76 3x19 10/Sep/2009 Apprentice Appreciation Day
77 3x20 17/Sep/2009 Grape Worm

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
78 4x01 24/Sep/2009 A Faire to Remember
79 4x02 08/Oct/2009 Tofu Town Showdown
80 4x03 15/Oct/2009 Hands on a Big Mixer
81 4x04 22/Oct/2009 The Spookiest House in Marzipan
82 4x05 29/Oct/2009 Poultry Geist
83 4x06 05/Nov/2009 Blast Raz
84 4x07 12/Nov/2009 The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker
85 4x08 19/Nov/2009 The Apprentice Scouts
86 4x09 03/Dec/2009 A Little Bit of Pizzazz!
87 4x10 10/Dec/2009 The Birthday Suits
88 4x11 07/Jan/2010 The Heist
89 4x12 14/Jan/2010 The Prank
90 4x13 21/Jan/2010 Old Man Thyme
91 4x14 28/Jan/2010 Chowder's Magazine
92 4x15 04/Mar/2010 Weekend at Schnitzel's
93 4x16 11/Mar/2010 Taste Buds
94 4x17 18/Mar/2010 Gazpacho!
95 4x18 05/Apr/2010 The Toots
96 4x19 07/Aug/2010 Chowder Grows Up (1)
97 4x20 07/Aug/2010 Chowder Grows Up (2)

    Season 4 »
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Runtime: 15 Minutes
Premiere: November 02, 2007
Ended: August 07, 2010
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