Burple Nurples - Recap

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After discovering that Panini had been allowed to cook a dish all on her own, Chowder decided to ask Mung Daal if he could do the same. Despite his initial reluctance, Mung Daal decided to allow his young apprentice to do as he pleased, as he didn’t want to be upstaged by Ms. Endive. However, when Chowder refused to listen to Mung Daal as he prepared a batch of burple nurples, he strayed from the recipe and inadvertently poisoned the dish. Mung Daal had attempted to tell him this fact, but when Chowder began to cry, Mung Daal realized that he had to find a solution to the problem that wouldn’t result in his young apprentice’s feelings being hurt.

Shortly after Chowder opened up his burple nurple stand, Mung Daal decided to put on a costume in order to purchase all of the poisoned burple nurples. His plan worked, but as he began to walk away from the stand, Chowder asked him if he would like to taste one of them. Mung Daal told him that he was a burple nurples connoisseur, and didn’t need to taste them in order to determine their quality, though he ultimately had to fake eating one in order to make Chowder content. However, as he turned around and tried to leave, he learned that Chowder had many more burple nurples ready to sell.

Mung Daal realized that he had to prevent anybody from eating those poisoned burple nurples, so he went back to Mung Daal Catering and took all of the money that they had available. Shortly after returning to the stand, he discovered that Gorgonzola had purchased a burple nurple in order to prove to Chowder that he’s a lousy chef. Desperate, Mung Daal ran up to Gorgonzola and offered to pay him double the market price for the burple nurple, though he ultimately had to pay eighty times the market price. However, Gorgonzola then used his newfound money to purchase more burple nurples, which required Mung Daal to keep bargaining with him.

After spending every dollop and sment he had, Mung Daal finally convinced Gorgonzola to leave the burple nurple stand. However, when he realized that Chowder still had some burple nurples, he ran back to Mung Daal Catering in order to borrow some money from Shnitzel. Unfortunately for him, Shnitzel didn’t have any money, so Mung Daal dressed up as a woman and asked Chowder if he would be willing to give some free samples to a pretty lady. Chowder agreed, but then told Mung Daal that he wasn’t a pretty lady, as he had no idea that he was actually speaking to Mung Daal. Realizing he was out of options, Mung Daal decided to steal the remaining burple nurples.

Mung Daal and Chowder then ran through Marzipan City. Mung Daal looked for a way to dispose of the poisoned burple nurples, though he kept inadvertently putting them in positions where living creatures could consume them. However, when he stumbled across Mt. Fondoom, he realized that he could throw the burple nurples into the fire and destroy them once and for all. Mung Daal ran up the rocky slopes, with Chowder in pursuit, and he did what he needed to do. Realizing that the ordeal was now over, Mung Daal decided to confess; he told his young apprentice that he regretted doing what he had done, and that he was still proud of him, regardless of what happened.