Grubble Gum - Recap

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Chowder had decided to purchase some grubble gum, but he also purchased an extra piece as well, as he knew that Truffles liked grubble gum and often attacked those who didn’t share with her. However, when Chowder went back to Mung Daal Catering and attempted to give it to her, he discovered that he had inadvertently devoured all of the grubble gum on the way home. Truffles suspected that had grubble gum and began to investigate his personage, so Chowder decided to swallow it in order to prevent Truffles from discovering what had happened. Truffles then conceded that she was wrong, though Chowder’s stomach started to rumble.

Later that night, Chowder began to blow a grubble gum bubble in his sleep, though it popped when it got too large and caused his room to get covered in the stuff. Truffles woke up and rushed into the room, as she suspected that Chowder had actually had grubble gum, though she couldn’t see anything because she didn’t have her glasses on. The next day, Chowder went down to the kitchen, and when Mung Daal noticed that he had grubble gum all over him, he decided to help him, as he didn’t want Truffles to discover that she had been deceived. Mung Daal attempted to use his other utensils to remove the gum, but he ultimately got stuck in the gum as well.

Next, Shnitzel tried to pull Mung Daal and Shnitzel out of the gum, but he merely got stuck in it as well. After that, the three of them went outside and convinced a giant bird to lay a shmeg on them, as Mung Daal heard that it was a good remedy. When that didn’t work, the three of them went to a frozen wasteland, where they woke a bear up and asked it to help remove the gum; the bear ignored them, and instead chose to maul them, only to get stuck in the grubble gum as well. They then decided to use a giant teapot to blow steam on them; the plan seemed to work, as they separated and floated towards the ceiling, but they ultimately merged and got stuck again.

Truffles then entered the room and claimed that she had smelled grubble gum, so Mung Daal attempted to keep everybody quiet. However, just as she was about to leave, the weight of the grubble gum caused the ceiling to collapse and they fell right on top of her. Truffles yelled at Chowder, claiming that she was right all along, but when she broke a part of Mung Daal’s kitchen, Mung Daal forced everybody to get outside. They started to roll around, taking the scenery with them, but they eventually managed to get through the doors. Once outside, the grubble gum started to roll down a giant hill, picking up and taking various objects and people with it.

The giant ball of grubble gum continued to roll, though it ultimately hit a building and went flying through the air; it landed on Gazpacho’s stand, picking him up and taking him with it. It continued to grow larger and larger, and when it smashed through Ms. Endive’s catering service, Mung Daal began to laugh. The giant ball of grubble gum grew as large as the world before coming to a stop; Truffles told Chowder that such is what happens when you don’t share. The scene then zoomed out and a giant hand picked up the ball of gribble gum; it turned out to be Chowder’s hand, and when he ate it, screams were heard; the episode effectively ended just as it had begun.