Sing Beans - Recap

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Mung Daal Catering had just been commissioned to prepare some sing beans, so that they could perform at a local theater. Mung Daal explained to Chowder that sing beans are a musical food, as they can sing songs depending on how well they are cooked. Mung Daal took the sing beans and extracted them into a pot; Chowder then spat out various musical instruments, which Mung Daal and Shnitzel played, so that the music could fall into the pot and serve as ingredients. After the music was added, Mung Daal reached into Chowder’s mouth and pulled out some flava, which looked like a golden clock, as the dish required some flava in order to cook properly.

Mung Daal explained to Chowder and Shnitzel that they would need to spend the entire night cooking the dish, and that they should draw straws in order to determine the order of their shifts. The three of them went to their canvases and drew what they could. Chowder drew a squiggly line, which Mung Daal thought was nice. Shnitzel drew a realistic straw, which Mung Daal disliked, as he couldn’t tell what it was. Mung Daal drew a picture of Shnitzel drawing a straw, as he didn’t know how to draw a straw. However, Mung Daal then decided that the three of them would all stay up together, in order to make things more fair.

Several hours passed as the three of them sat by the stove. Chowder asked Mung Daal if the sing beans were done; Mung Daal kept telling him that they weren’t, but when Chowder refused to stop asking him, Shnitzel threw them to opposite sides of the room in order to get them to shut up. Mung Daal decided that they should tell jokes in order to pass the time; Mung Daal’s joke didn’t make anybody laugh, and when Shnitzel told his joke, Mung Daal realized that it was a dirty joke and tried to make sure Chowder didn’t understand it. Chowder then told his joke, but he kept messing up, and by the time he was finished, everybody had fallen asleep.

The sing beans then began to sing, so Chowder decided to taste one of them, though he spat it out when he discovered that it tasted like sweat socks. He decided to take the sing beans outside and teach them a new song, which took him the rest of the night. In the morning, Chowder told the beans to perform, but after they began to sing, they jumped out of the pot and started dancing around. Chowder was proud of this at first, but when the sing beans decided to run away and go through Marzipan City, Chowder realized that he had to chase them down in order to bring them back to Mung Daal Catering.

Chowder chased after the sing beans, who were messing with the citizens of Marzipan City, all the while singing their song. Eventually, the citizens, including Chowder, became captivated by the sing beans and decided to join in, and sang alongside them. However, when a dog approached the sing beans and devoured them, Chowder realized that he had messed up, so he went back to Mung Daal Catering and told Mung Daal what happened. Realizing that their choices were limited, Mung Daal, Shnitzel, Truffles and Chowder decided to dress up as sing beans in order to perform at the theater instead of them, in hopes of masquerading their failure.