The Wrong Address - Recap

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Mung Daal Catering had been commissioned to cook a roast moast, but when they finished, Mung Daal realized that they had taken too long. He told Shnitzel to stay behind and get the place cleaned up, as he and Chowder needed to deliver the dish. They got into their snail car and Mung Daal handed Chowder a map, and told him that he needed to navigate, though Chowder ate the map. Due to such, Mung Daal decided that they had no choice but to rely on their gut instinct, and since he was busy driving, he told Chowder to tell him where to go. Chowder was reluctant at first, but ultimately navigated Mung Daal into a run-down part of Marzipan City.

Chowder told Mung Daal that they had arrived at their destination, so Mung Daal parked the car next to a mime. However, when they took the roast moast up the stairs and told a man that they arrived, he told them that he didn’t order a roast moast. Mung Daal attempted to convince him that he did, but the man slammed the door on his face and refused to talk about it. A rat then gnawed through the wall and ran after Mung Daal and Chowder, which caused them to grab the roast moast and flee from the house. They managed to get out just in time, and trapped the rat inside of the house, though they realized that they failed to deliver the dish.

The two of them decided to get back into the car and think of what to do, but Mung Daal realized that his car was missing. He decided to ask some locals if they saw what happened to it, but when they laughed at him, he decided to perform some martial-art moves and knock a can that one of them was holding onto the ground. However, the can was a long-time friend of the guy who was holding it, so he and his friends swore vengeance on Mung Daal and vowed to chase him down and give him a beating. Mung Daal attempted to hide in a nearby building, but when he inadvertently released the rat, he and Chowder grabbed the roast moast and ran through the streets.

Mung Daal and Chowder ran as fast as they could, while carrying the roast moast. They managed to cause the angry locals to lose track of them, by running through an alley, but when the rat stayed on their trail, Mung Daal decided to hijack a pig woman’s car. The rat, too, hijacked a car and gave chase to them, but when the pig woman realized that she had been hijacked, she decided to use the pepper spray that she was selling to fend off the thieves. She sprayed Mung Daal, Chowder and the roast moast repeatedly, but when the rat jumped from his vehicle to the pig woman’s vehicle, everybody kept spraying one another until the car crashed.

Nobody was injured in the crash, but Mung Daal realized that they actually crashed into his car, and that it was right where he parked it. The rat then approached Mung Daal and yelled at him, telling him that he was the customer and that he was merely trying to pay for his roast moast. He gave Mung Daal thirty dollops, which the pig woman confiscated, as she needed it to cover her cost of the used pepper spray. Mung Daal and Chowder decided to go home, but when they arrived, they saw that everything was in ruins. Truffles was carried off by the police and taken to jail; Mung Daal and Chowder decided to mind their own business and left to eat some cake.