The Cinnamini Monster - Recap

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Mung Daal Catering had just prepared some dumplings, and all that remained was to fluff them and put them in their package. However, when Mung Daal noticed that they were too large to fit, he decided to take out some cinnamini powder, so that he could shrink them down to a more reasonable size. Shnitzel then sneezed, due to him being allergic to cinnamini powder, which caused all of the powder to be blown out of its vial. The dumplings had been shrunk, but Mung Daal was distraught over losing all of his cinnamini powder, and told Shnitzel and Chowder that they now had to go on a cinnamini hunt, in order to get more of the stuff.

The three of them went on a journey through Marzipan City, where they were attacked by locals and had to fight their way through thick foliage. They eventually found the cinnamini tree, as Shnitzel had sneezed and blew away the foliage that blocked it. Mung Daal took out a specialized vacuum, which could extract the powder, but when Chowder got in his way and was almost sucked in, Shnitzel switched the machine to “blow”. This sent Chowder flying into the cinnamini tree, where the powder shrunk him down to a few inches. Chowder was happy at first, but a cinnamini monster then opened up a window in the tree, kidnapped him, and brought him inside of the tree.

Inside of the tree, Chowder attempted to fight the cinnamini monster by throwing things at him, but he stopped when he realized that he wasn’t aggressive. The cinnamini monster gave him a hug and then went to his couch; Chowder walked around his home, speaking with the cinnamini monster about various things, though he soon realized that the cinnamini monster didn’t have a single friend in the world. Chowder felt sorry for him, but when he realized that it was almost time for his late-afternoon mid-morning meal, he attempted to leave; the cinnamini monster stopped him by offering him all of the food in his refrigerator, which was an offer that Chowder accepted.

The cinnamini monster then asked Chowder to play a board game with him, but when it proved to be too complicating, Chowder decided to bring Mung Daal inside. Initially, Mung Daal was reluctant to play, but when the cinnamini monster began to cry, Mung Daal changed his mind. However, after the cinnamini monster won, Mung Daal and Chowder attempted to leave, which caused the cinnamini monster to show them a rule card, which proclaimed that they couldn’t leave until they defeated him. Realizing this fact, Mung Daal brought Shnitzel inside of the tree to defeat the cinnamini monster, though the cinnamini monster kept cheating each time Shnitzel did well.

Realizing that he had no choice, Mung Daal decided to call Truffles and bring her to the tree, as he knew that her competitive nature would ensure that the cinnamini monster would be defeated. After she arrived, she immediately accepted the challenge; she and the cinnamini monster engaged in a competition that lasted countless hours, though after a while, she managed to become the victor. However, when they attempted to leave, the cinnamini monster locked the door and swallowed the key. Chowder told Mung Daal that he wanted to go home, but Mung Daal, realizing that all hope had been lost, told him that the tree was now their home, as they couldn’t leave.