The Wrong Customer - Recap

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Mung Daal Catering had been commissioned to cook a roast moast, but when they finished, Mung Daal realized that they had taken too long. He told Shnitzel to stay behind and get the place cleaned up, as he and Chowder needed to deliver the dish. The two of them got into their car and drove off, but shortly after doing so, they passed a car that was being chased by the police. The driver of that car was a short, elderly man who had bad eyesight; he tried to make a turn, but he drove up a ramp and flew through the air, ultimately landing in Mung Daal Catering’s chimney. He flew out of his car and landed on Shnitzel, whom he mistook for his wife.

Shnitzel took the old man to Truffles; she told Shnitzel that he must be the customer, and that he’ll have to watch him until Mung Daal comes back with the roast moast. Shnitzel complained, as he had to clean, though Truffles threatened him and told him to do what she said. Outside, Sergeant Hoagie was attempting to rally his police officers in hopes that they would volunteer and enter Mung Daal Catering, as somebody needed to capture Mr. Sambal. However, when none of the police officers volunteered, he decided to send in Officer Kill Bot, though Officer Kill Bot then malfunctioned and fell apart, so Sergeant Hoagie had to think of something else.

Inside Mung Daal Catering, Mr. Sambal had eaten some dirty dishes, and dumped what he couldn’t eat on the floor, though he meant to throw them away. Shnitzel went to clean up his mess, though Mr. Sambal jumped into a kitchen drawer and laid down, which caused a butcher knife to fly towards Shnitzel. He managed to dodge it, but the knife cut down one of the building’s supports, which caused it to fall down at hit him on the head. Outside, Sergeant Hoagie decided to play “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” in order to determine which police officer should go inside Mung Daal Catering, but he stopped when he kept inadvertently selecting himself.

Back inside Mung Daal Catering, Mr. Sambal continued to inadvertently torment Shnitzel, but when he jumped inside of the oven, Truffles hit Shnitzel on the head with a pot. She accused him of placing Mr. Sambal inside of the oven, and refused to listen to what he said. Mr. Sambal got out of the oven and pushed around a giant eggbeater, as he thought he was walking his dog, so Shnitzel tied him up to prevent him from moving. Truffles came back into the room and scolded Shnitzel, but when he heard the police outside, he realized that Mr. Sambal was a wanted felon. He attempted to tell Truffles, but she refused to listen to him, and called him lazy.

Feeling scolded, Shnitzel decided to leave Mung Daal Catering and let Truffles suffer the consequences of her actions, but he felt guilty and decided to go back in and save her. He picked her up and got her out of the way of many of Mr. Sambal’s actions, which would have killed her, though she kept attacking Shnitzel, as she claimed he was messing with her. Eventually, Mr. Sambal destroyed Mung Daal Catering, and when the police investigated the site, they found Truffles assaulting Shnitzel. They claimed that she was Mr. Sambal and arrested her, though Shnitzel knew that Mr. Sambal was still on the loose; he attempted to tell the police, but they didn’t care.