Mahjongg Night - Recap

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Mung Daal, Shnitzel and Chowder had created a batch of meviled eggs, as it was game night for Truffles and her friends, and they needed some snacks. Chowder decided that he would like to eat one of the meviled eggs, but Truffles hit him on the head with a pot and told him that they were only for the ladies. The ladies then arrived, and Empanada immediately rushed over to the meviled eggs table and consumed as many as she could, which vexed Chowder. Mung Daal attempted to flirt with the ladies, by offering to do squats, though Truffles shoved Mung Daal and Chowder out of the kitchen so that she could get her mahjongg game started.

Mung Daal escorted Chowder up to his bedroom. Chowder asked his mentor what meviled eggs tasted like, in which Mung Daal told him that they are amongst the best hors d'œuvres in the world. He went on to tell Chowder that Truffles is not to be messed with when she is playing mahjongg, as she takes her games very seriously; he told Chowder that he used to have a beard, and that Truffles ripped it right off his face when he had distracted her from her game. He told Chowder to just sit tight and get to sleep, and he could have tons of meviled eggs in the morning, though Chowder couldn’t stop thinking about them.

After inadvertently knocking his pillow off of his bed, he decided to throw it downstairs as an excuse to get closer to the meviled eggs. Once he was down there, Mung Daal attempted to flirt with the ladies, which Chowder used to his advantage as he sneaked underneath the table when they weren’t looking. He reached up and grabbed a mahjongg tile, which he thought was a meviled egg; he ate it, and despite it not being what he thought it was, he decided that he wanted more. He continued to eat mahjongg tiles, but when he ruined Truffles’ chance to win, she discovered his presence and chased him back up to his room, where she boarded him in.

Chowder decided to go downstairs and apologize to Truffles, as she might think he was being professional and give him a meviled egg as a reward. He went through the window, since the door was boarded up, and sang a song as he climbed down. However, when his song annoyed the King Of The Sky, he threw a part of a cloud down at him; the cloud blew wind and punched at Chowder, who continued to run down the side of Mung Daal Catering. He eventually got inside, and apologized to Truffles, but the wind blew and knocked her color off of her body. Truffles then chased Chowder back up to his room and chained him to his bed.

Chowder decided to go to sleep, but shortly after closing his eyes, he changed his mind and attempted to free himself from his bed. He ultimately broke his bed free from its chains and it tumbled down the stairs. Meanwhile, Truffles was about to lose at mahjongg, which was something that deeply troubled her, though Chowder and his bed then emerged from the stairway and crashed into the table, effectively ruining the game. Truffles proclaimed victory and everybody left; Chowder asked Truffles if she was angry, and she said that she wasn’t, and gave him a meviled egg as a reward. Chowder ate it, but then spat it out, as he discovered that it tasted awful.