Stinky Love - Recap

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Chowder and Kimchi had just woken up after a good night’s sleep. After eating some breakfast, they went downstairs in order to see what Mung Daal and Shnitzel were doing. However, when Kimchi’s stench bothered the both of them, Mung Daal asked Chowder if he would take Kimchi to the marketplace and pick up some clabbages. Chowder and Kimchi went outside and walked to Gazpacho’s stand, but when they arrived, Kimchi inadvertently caused one of Gazpacho’s customers to pass out. Gazpacho tried to be nice to Chowder, but he reminded him that Kimchi was banned from the premises; Chowder apologized, grabbed some clabbages, and took Kimchi home.

At Mung Daal Catering, Chowder discovered that Mung Daal and Shnitzel were dressed in strange attire. Mung Daal told him that they had been commissioned to cook a traditional clabbage cobbler, and that the dish required them to prepare it within tradition. They put the clabbages in a pot and stewed them; they then smashed the clabbages, added glumberger cheese, and poured a bucket of their tears into the pot. After they were finished, they put the dish on the ground so that it could ferment while they performed a traditional dance. However, when Kimchi smelled the dish, he floated down and picked it up, took it outside, and placed it on Mung Daal Catering’s roof.

Mung Daal ordered Shnitzel to get the cobbler back, so he began to throw rocks at Kimchi. Chowder decided to run up the building in order to figure out why Kimchi did what he did, but when he discovered that he had fallen in love with the cobbler, he decided to protect his friend’s love. Meanwhile, Shnitzel had climbed up to an adjacent building and attempted to tight-rope walk across a chain, in order to get to Kimchi and retrieve the cobbler, but Mung Daal kept distracting him by telling him not to worry about all the bad things that could happen. Shnitzel almost made it to the other side, but he slipped and fell when Chowder surprised him.

Mung Daal decided to climb up and get the cobbler back himself, though he only moved a few inches before the customer arrived. Mung Daal told him that he would have to come back tomorrow, even though such wasn’t in accordance with tradition; the customer reluctantly agreed, but Mung Daal and Truffles threatened Chowder about what he had done. The two of them went inside for the night, while Chowder, Kimchi and the cobbler remained on the roof. Chowder was impressed with how deep in love Kimchi was, and protected him from some cupid demons that attempted to steal his heart. Chowder then went to sleep, so that Kimchi and his cobbler could be alone.

The next day, Chowder discovered that the cobbler had given birth to a ton of mini-cobblers; he ran down to Mung Daal and gave him one, in which Mung Daal devoured it and proclaimed that it had tasted great. Chowder told him that there were many other mini-cobblers, so Mung Daal decided to sell all of them to other people who were also interested in the traditional dish. Mung Daal then gave the original cobbler to the original customer, causing Kimchi to pout; Mung Daal told him that it was better to have loved and lost than to ever have loved at all, though when Chowder asked him what he meant, he told him that love stinks.