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The Thrice Cream Man - Recap

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Chowder had just exited Mung Daal Catering, as he wanted to get some thrice cream from a local vendor. Mung Daal came out and chased the vendor away, as he was upset with how Chowder kept getting distracted. The two of them went back inside, and he told Chowder that he needed to remain focused and hand him various ingredients. However, when Mung Daal asked him for a mushroom, Chowder ran outside to get some more thrice cream; when he came back inside and gave Mung Daal the mushroom, Mung Daal told him that he had already added the mushroom, though he soon discovered that he inadvertently threw his wife inside of the oven.

Mung Daal realized that he had to do something to put an end to Chowder’s thrice cream obsession, so he and Shnitzel got to work on making a large quantity of thrice cream. Chowder was excited by this, as he loved the stuff and realized that he was going to be the one who eats it. However, when Mung Daal attempted to add the cherry, a jingleberry named Larry came in and jumped onto the thrice cream, as he thought Mung Daal wanted to add him to the dish. The thrice cream exploded shortly after that and a living thrice cream man emerged. Chowder immediately fell in love with him, as he could devour as much thrice cream as he wanted.

Chowder had spent the rest of the day consuming thrice cream, which confused Mung Daal, as he thought he would have been sick of the stuff by then. Chowder then came into the room and told Mung Daal that he wasn’t feeling too well, though despite this fact, he continued to consume the thrice cream. Mung Daal told him a story about how life is like food, and that people shouldn’t bite off more than they chew, lest they’ll get sick. Chowder decided to take his advice and go to sleep, but he didn’t sleep too comfortably, as he had a nightmare about thrice cream and groaned throughout the night.

The next day, Chowder went down to the kitchen and Mung Daal realized that he was far sicker than he thought. The thrice cream man came down and asked Chowder if he wanted more thrice cream, though Chowder ran behind his mentor and Mung Daal told the thrice cream man that Chowder has had enough thrice cream for a while. Chowder told the thrice cream man that he still liked him, but he couldn’t be around him for quite some time, as he needed to overcome his newfound disgust of thrice cream. Mung Daal attempted to convince the thrice cream man that all hope wasn’t lost, as he could find a new friend, but this only angered the thrice cream man.

The thrice cream man filled Mung Daal Catering to its ceiling with thrice cream; Mung Daal and Shnitzel attempted to devour all of the stuff, to prevent everybody from being crushed, though they didn’t succeed. Chowder decided to run outside and get the thrice cream vendor, who in turn revealed a thrice cream woman; the thrice cream man and the thrice cream woman fell in love, and the scene changed to their wedding. The two kissed, and the scene changed yet again to show thirty-one thrice cream babies, as the newlyweds had children; the thrice cream vendor then looked at all the new flavors, since he was their owner, and fainted in shock.