The Flibber-Flabber Diet - Recap

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Truffles was walking home from the store, all the while singing a song which glorified her large buttocks. However, when she bumped against a building, as part of her song, she knocked down a significant part of Marzipan City. She dropped her groceries and ran back to Mung Daal Catering as quickly as she could, and asked Mung Daal if she was fat. He attempted to tell her that she wasn’t, but Chowder proclaimed that she was fat, which sent her spiraling into depression. She began to cry and walked to her bedroom, while eating butter and peanut butter, but when Mung Daal told Chowder that they got off fairly easy, Truffles immediately rushed back into the room.

She blamed Mung Daal for making her overweight, as she said that he was the chef and that he was responsible for selecting the dishes. He attempted to refute her claims, as he felt that his dish selection was fine, but Truffles ultimately demanded that everybody at Mung Daal Catering go on a diet. In order to give herself extra motivation, Truffles created a contest as well, as the person who lost the most weight would come in first place. After she left, Mung Daal decided that the only diet they could go on is a flibber-flabber diet, which was horrible, but he reluctantly went to the flibbius-flabbius plant and allowed it to vomit up the flibber-flabber.

After he had a large quantity of the stuff, he decided to let Chowder eat some; much to his surprise, Chowder loved eating flibber-flabber. Mung Daal decided that he could use Chowder to entice Truffles to match his dietary intake, which he hoped would make her sick of the stuff and permit everybody to end the diet. Later that day, Truffles and Chowder entered an eating competition in order to see who could eat the most flibber-flabber, but when Chowder won, Truffles claimed that it was Mung Daal’s fault, as he should have used his skills to make it taste better. Mung Daal told her that he couldn’t, but she demanded that he try anyway.

Mung Daal attempted to use flibber-flabber as an ingredient in a wide array of dishes, ranging from sandwiches to pizza, though he couldn’t do anything to actually make the stuff taste good. Meanwhile, he kept feeding his failed creations to Chowder, who was slowly growing larger and larger. Eventually, Chowder confronted Mung Daal about the weight he gained, and decided that he needed to put on his emergency big-boy shirt in order to feel more comfortable. This comment caused Mung Daal to have a revelation, as if Chowder felt that he wasn’t as fat by wearing larger clothing, he thought he could employ a similar tactic to make Truffles feel more secure.

Mung Daal tricked Truffles into leaving the house while he and Shnitzel renovated Mung Daal Catering to make everything inside seem larger. When Truffles returned, she noticed that things were indeed bigger, which made her believe that she lost weight; she called off the diet and proclaimed herself to be the winner of the competition. With the situation resolved, Mung Daal, Shnitzel and Chowder went outside in order to dry the building, which would shrink it down to size. Unfortunately for them, they shrunk it too far and caused Truffles to learn the truth, so she placed everybody back on the diet, much to their chagrin.