Shnitzel Makes A Deposit - Recap

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Shnitzel had just arrived at Mung Daal Catering and he appeared to be happier than ever. When Mung Daal noticed this fact, he realized that it was Fivesday; Chowder asked him why Shnitzel is always so happy on Fivesday, so Mung Daal told him that it’s payday, and Shnitzel is happy that he can deposit his check at the bank and get paid. However, when Chowder asked Mung Daal what the bank is like, Mung Daal decided to have him tag along with Shnitzel, so that he could open up his own savings account. Shnitzel wasn’t too happy about this, and attempted to bribe Chowder to stay behind, though Shnitzel ultimately accepted his fate and the two of them left for the bank.

At the bank, Shnitzel told Chowder not to touch anything, but when Chowder began to float in place, Shnitzel told him that he could touch the floor. The two then began walking towards the reception area, where they were greeted by a bank greeter; she offered to give Chowder a lollipop, which he ultimately accepted after much confusion. Shnitzel moved forward and rang a bell, causing an old bank teller to drop from the ceiling; Shnitzel handed him his check, but he was told that he needed to get it signed before he can deposit it. Shnitzel told Chowder to hold his place in line while he went to the desk where the pen was.

After Shnitzel signed his check, he turned back and discovered that Chowder wasn’t doing as he was told, and that a new line was about to be formed. In desperation, Shnitzel ran to get his place back, but he forgot to let go of the pin that was chained to the desk and fell flat on his face, causing him to get stuck at the back of the line. After several hours had passed, Shnitzel and Chowder were almost at the front of the line, but Chowder began to play with an object on another bank patron’s shirt, which resulted in the two of them being locked in the time-out booth for several more hours, much to Shnitzel’s chagrin.

Shnitzel and Chowder ultimately managed to get back in line, but when they were second in line, the woman in front of them wanted to deposit two-hundred dollops in change. The old bank teller began to count the change, but Chowder kept interrupting him when he was almost finished, causing him to lose his count and start all over again. Shnitzel then bound and gagged Chowder to prevent him from causing trouble, but the strain was too much on the old bank teller and he ran out of steam. Two medics arrived and took the old bank teller to a sauna, leaving Shnitzel to get into yet another new line.

In the new line, Shnitzel began to rant and complain, though he ultimately managed to get to the front of the line. Just as Shnitzel was about to hand over his check, a burglar broke into the bank and told everybody to get to the ground, as he had a plunger. Shnitzel ignored his order, and instead grabbed the plunger and shoved it on the burglar’s head, effectively saving the day. Shnitzel then happily deposited his check and was cheered on as he walked out. However, when Chowder told him that he didn’t start his savings account, Shnitzel looked back inside and saw the long lines, causing him to break into pieces due to his frustrations with modern day banking.