Chowder's Girlfriend - Recap

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Mung Daal and Chowder had visited Gazpacho in order to receive some supplies, but when Gazpacho showed them some grabbles, they grabbed onto Mung Daal and forced him onto the ground. A large shadow then fell over the area, in which Ms. Endive was revealed to be the source of the shadow. She and Mung Daal got into an argument over how grabbles should be handled, but when the two of them walked off, Chowder and Panini were left behind. Panini stared at Chowder, which made him nervous, but she then offered him a powdered fleart; he ate it, after she insisted, but when he noted that they were dry, she gave him the juice she was drinking from.

After Chowder sipped from the juice, Gazpacho laughed and asked the two of them how long they’ve been going steady. Panini told Gazpacho that she and Chowder are going to be together forever; she grabbed a hold of Chowder’s hand and said that they were even holding hands, which shocked Chowder and caused him to spit his juice all over her. Chowder then ran home, all the while spitting juice, though he stopped spitting juice after he woke up the next day. Chowder then explained his dilemma to Mung Daal, without revealing that a girl had a crush on him, and Mung Daal told him that if somebody wanted to break up with a girl they dislike, they should do it gently.

Taking Mung Daal’s advice, Chowder ran over to the catering service where Panini worked. He tried to break up with her, but when she offered him more flearts, he devoured them and forgot about his plan. Later, he returned and offered her a monster as a present, as he had hoped that she would be disgusted and break up with him; however, she had a monster of her own, and exclaimed that she was happy that her monster now had a boyfriend as well. Later, he returned while wearing a fake moustache, and tried to tell her that Chowder moved away, but when he became nervous, he told her that Chowder died. However, Panini saw right through his disguise.

Chowder then came back and pointed to his right; he then ran down to a stage and performed a theatrical production of “I’m Not Your Boyfriend”, which had a dancer repeatedly say those words. However, when a firework struck the King Of The Sky, he blew up the stage and ended the performance. Panini then ran down to Chowder, who was smoldering, and kissed him on the cheek; she told him that the performance was the best thing anybody had ever done for her, and that he was the best boyfriend in the entire world. This resulted in Chowder becoming saddened and depressed, and he went to Gazpacho’s shop in order to soak in a barrel of pickles.

Gazpacho told Chowder that, according to his mother, if a girl kissed a boy, the boy had to marry the girl in order to make an honest woman out of her, lest her reputation would be ruined forever. Fearing that such would actually happen to Panini, Chowder ran to Mung Daal Catering and got a wedding cake made. However, the grabbles then ripened and jumped into the cake, effectively ruining it by the time he got to where Panini was. Chowder told Panini that they could still get married, to save her reputation, but she told him that she needed her personal space and wanted him to stop bothering her every five seconds; she assured him that they could still be friends, though.