Certifrycation Class - Recap

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Mung Daal had just prepared a fire snacker, but when it caught his kitchen on fire, Shnitzel questioned his skill. In order to prove that he knew what he was doing, he showed Shnitzel his certifrycate, which gave him the right to cook, which in-turn gave him authority in his kitchen. However, when he was in the process of showing off his certifrycate, a member of the Expired Certifrycate Enforcement Agency entered the kitchen and took his certifrycate. Mung Daal attempted to stop him, but the man told Mung Daal that his certifrycate had expired and that he needed to get a new certifrycate in order to cook. A giant man then grabbed Mung Daal Catering and carried it away.

Mung Daal decided to attend Reuben’s School Of Certifrycation in order to receive a new certifrycate; he learned that Ms. Endive was also there, as she wanted to re-new her certifrycate before it had expired. The instructor, Reuben, woke up from behind the desk and told them that they would need to pass a test by performing tasks in order to prove that they’re not recipe pirates. The first task that had to be performed was to boil water, and while Ms. Endive passed this task with flying colors, Mung Daal failed, as he thought boiling water was too easy and instead chose to toil water; Reuben warned him about being a recipe pirate, and they moved on to the next task.

The next task called for them to make a sandwich; Mung Daal felt that it would be easy, but when he attempted to make it, he found himself wanting to change the recipe. Chowder talked him out of making changes, as he was told to follow the recipe exactly. When he was finished, he walked over to Reuben; Reuben loved Ms. Endive’s sandwich, but when he ate Mung Daal’s, he complained that mayonnaise was on the sandwich, as he was allergic to mayonnaise. Mung Daal told him that the recipe called for mayonnaise, and that he was told to follow the recipe, but Reuben refused to listen to him and gave him an eye-patch, making him one step closer to failing the test.

Mung Daal then failed to measure half a cup of water, and obtained more pirate garb. He then failed to make a salad type dish properly, and obtained more pirate garb. He then failed to squash a melon without getting people covered in juice, and obtained more pirate garb. He failed many other tasks, which weren’t shown, though he kept accumulating pirate garb until he was dressed fully as a pirate. The last task was to cut a piece of cake, though Mung Daal was emotionally torn at this point. He struggled inside his own mind, not sure if he should be himself or be like Reuben, though his babbling caused him to fail the test.

Reuben went to the top of his school and used a giant hand to force Mung Daal and Chowder, who were dressed like a pirate and a parrot, off of the building and into the dumpster. There, Mung Daal gave up hope, but Chowder sang a song in order to motivate Mung Daal into taking a stand. Inside, Ms. Endive had just received her certifrycate from Reuben, though Mung Daal then swung in like a pirate and snatched the certifrycate from her hand, effectively making him certifryed. Back at Mung Daal Catering, Mung Daal showed off his new certifrycate, but when Truffles told him that he once again lit his kitchen on fire, he proudly told her that such is what he does.