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Chowder: Gazpacho Stands Up

Chowder discovered that he has horrible penmanship, which is a problem, as the writing of a chef needs to be legible. In hopes of overcoming his problem, Chowder decided to practice, but he changed his plan when he learned that Gazpacho was going to perform at a local comedy club. Chowder decided to help his friend by writing down his jokes for him, as he would be able to do a good deed and practice writing at the same time, but will he overcome his dyslexia?

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x15
Airdate: Friday December 14th, 2007

Guest Stars
Dana SnyderDana Snyder
voiced Gazpacho
Dana SnyderDana Snyder
voiced Gazpacho
John DiMaggioJohn DiMaggio
voiced Meanie Cream Cake, Chocolate Chuckle Hut Owner
John DiMaggioJohn DiMaggio
voiced Meanie Cream Cake, Chocolate Chuckle Hut Owner
Dwight SchultzDwight Schultz
voiced Hippo Customer
Dwight SchultzDwight Schultz
voiced Hippo Customer


Mung Daal Catering had just been commissioned to cook a meanie cream cake; Mung Daal and Chowder had finished baking it and they merely needed to decorate it. Mung Daal told Chowder that they needed to write something on the cake; Chowder wanted to write something nice, but when Mung Daal reminded him that it was a meanie cream cake, he decided to write something mean. Unfortunately for him, when he was finished, his handwriting wasn’t legible; the meanie cream cake insulted him due to this fact, but Mung Daal agreed with it, so Chowder vowed that he would do what he could to improve upon his penmanship...

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Episode Notes
Revealed Dishes:
  • Bumbleberry Soufflé
  • Fleetloaf
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Mini Cream Cake
  • Snow Cone

  • Revealed Ingredients:
  • Bumbleberry
  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Egg
  • Flushroom
  • Grape Jelly
  • Onion
  • Raspberry
  • Sell Itself Berry
  • Snobbercolon Meat
  • Strawberry Jelly
  • Vanilla

  • It is revealed that Chowder has a form of dyslexia.

    It is revealed that Shnitzel likes to perform stand-up comedy in his spare time.

    The name of the comedy club where Gazpacho was scheduled to perform is “The Chocolate Chuckle Hut”. The shops around it were called "Wash & Wear Laundry", "Donuts" and "Heck's Shed".

    Episode Quotes
    Mung Daal: Okay, Chowder! We’ll now decorate our meanie cream cake.
    (Mung Daal gives the cake two berries, to work as its eyes)
    Mini Cream Cake: Great! Just great! I can finally see and I get to look at Ugly One and Ugly Two. What is that?! A nose or a parade float?!
    Chowder: (to Mung Daal) I think he’s talking about you.

    (Chowder had just written on the screen, so Gazpacho washed it off)
    Chowder: What about that one?
    (Chowder points to the Cartoon Network logo at the bottom right corner)
    Gazpacho: Eh, that one doesn’t come off. I tried.

    Chowder: Mung told me I have to practice my penmanship.
    Gazpacho: Mother says you can tell a lot about a person from their handwriting. (sadly) That’s why she reads my diary.

    Gazpacho: What’s the deal with walking? It’s like people have somewhere to be!
    Chowder: (laughing) Right! Right!
    Gazpacho: And what’s the deal with hats? Why do people always wear them on their heads? Why not on their butts?
    Chowder: Then they’d be called butt hats!
    Gazpacho: Chowder, don’t interrupt the creative flow.
    Chowder: (sadly) Sorry.
    Gazpacho: Actually, uh, write that butt hat thing down. It’s good.

    Chowder: What’s topical comedy?
    Gazpacho: It’s jokes about rashes and boils, you know, stuff that you put topical ointment on.

    Gazpacho: That book represents all my hopes and dreams.
    Chowder: Here you go!
    (Chowder hands Gazpacho the book)
    Gazpacho: No! Mother crushes hopes and dreams!

    (Mung Daal just read Comedy Gold, which Chowder wrote)
    Mung Daal: Can’t read a word of it.
    Chowder: What?!
    Mung Daal: Chowder, half of this isn’t even language, and the other half is strawberry jelly!
    Chowder: I ran out of ink!

    (Mung Daal just read Comedy Gold, which Chowder had re-wrote)
    Mung Daal: (laughing) Well, I’m impressed, Chowder, because it’s worse than the last one! And this time you used grape jelly!
    Chowder: We were out of strawberry!

    Chocolate Chuckle Hut Owner: Good evening, ladies and germs. Welcome to the open mike night here; I’d like to remind you of our seven hot chocolate minimum.
    (Mung Daal takes a sip of hot chocolate, but is displeased)
    Mung Daal: Oh, powdered…
    Truffles: Bring on the funny!
    Chocolate Chuckle Hut Owner: First up tonight is a Chocolate Chuckle Hut regular. You know him! You love him! Put your hands together for Shnitzy!
    Shnitzel: Radda! Radda! Ra-radda radda radda. Okay. Radda radda, ra…
    (Shnitzel notices Chowder, Mung Daal and Truffles in the audience, and runs through a wall to the left of him)
    Chocolate Chuckle Hut Owner: Oh, that Shnitzy, you never know he’s gonna do next. Okay, our next comic has some might big shoes to fill, but an even bigger pair of pants! If his mom calls, he’s not here! Let’s give it up for Gazpacho!

    Mung Daal: That was fantastic, Gazpacho!
    Gazpacho: Thank you, Mung.
    Mung Daal: You know what I liked best about your act? It was in good taste!
    Truffles: Ugh, I’ve had enough.
    Gazpacho: (to Chowder) They totally loved me tonight!
    Chowder: You were great!
    (Gazpacho gives Chowder the Comedy Gold book)
    Gazpacho: Here. Now that I’ve mastered comedy, I don’t really need it anymore. Besides, I feel my true calling is ice-dancing. Well, I gotta go. Mother’s waiting.
    Chowder: I hope she’s not mad at you.
    Gazpacho: She usually is, but not tonight! She even ordered me a cake!
    (The scene changes to show the meanie cream cake)

    Episode Goofs
    Chowder shouldn’t have been able to enter the Chocolate Chuckle Hut. There was a sign by the front desk that said “No Minors”, though nobody cared that Chowder was in the building and watching the comedy performances.

    Why were Mung Daal and Chowder, along with the others impressed of Gazpacho? He was telling about cooking recipes and food, not funny stories.

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