Gazpacho Stands Up - Recap

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Mung Daal Catering had just been commissioned to cook a meanie cream cake; Mung Daal and Chowder had finished baking it and they merely needed to decorate it. Mung Daal told Chowder that they needed to write something on the cake; Chowder wanted to write something nice, but when Mung Daal reminded him that it was a meanie cream cake, he decided to write something mean. Unfortunately for him, when he was finished, his handwriting wasn’t legible; the meanie cream cake insulted him due to this fact, but Mung Daal agreed with it, so Chowder vowed that he would do what he could to improve upon his penmanship.

Chowder decided to go practice his penmanship at Marzipan City’s marketplace, where he drew on the screen; this upset Gazpacho, as he told the camera to zoom in so that he could clean the ink off. He then asked Chowder what he was doing; Chowder told him that he was practicing his penmanship, but when Gazpacho saw how bad it was, he made a joke about it. This hurt Chowder’s feelings, but Gazpacho assured him that it was only a joke, and that he was going to perform at the Chocolate Chuckle Hut. However, he was distraught, as he didn’t have any material written down and wouldn’t be able to perform properly.

Chowder offered to write down his jokes for him, so that he could help his friend and practice his penmanship at the same time. Gazpacho agreed and the two of them went to a fountain where Gazpacho told various jokes; he focused on observational comedy, topical comedy and relationship comedy, even though he was incorrect about what those branches of humor focused on. When he was finished, Gazpacho told Chowder to take Comedy Gold, the book that was written, and bring it to the Comedy Chuckle Hut later that evening. Chowder accepted his assignment and took the book back to the kitchen, while Gazpacho went to prepare for his big evening.

At Mung Daal Catering, Chowder showed his book to Mung Daal, who told him that he couldn’t read a word. Chowder was upset about this, but he vowed to do a better job and he went to his room, where he battled his dyslexia. He spent several hours writing a new version of Comedy Gold, all the while putting special effort into each word, but when he showed his new book to Mung Daal, he was told that it was even worse than the previous book. Chowder realized that he had failed, and that he didn’t have time to try again; in desperation, he ran to Mung Daal Catering’s recipe library and stuffed Comedy Gold full of recipes.

At the Comedy Chuckle Hut, Chowder handed Gazpacho Comedy Gold. The show then began; Shnitzel stepped up first and told a few jokes, but when he realized that his friends were there, he ran away. Gazpacho stepped up and nervously began telling his jokes, and despite them being nothing more than a few recipes, he began to feel comfortable and told them with vigor. Mung Daal and various others loved his performance, while some didn’t understand them; when all was said and done, Gazpacho was happy and announced his retirement at home. He then said he was happy, as his mother ordered him a cake, which turned out to be the meanie cream cake.