A Taste Of Marzipan - Recap

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Marzipan City is hosting its annual “Taste Of Marzipan Festival”, where the best chefs in Marzipan City come to represent its culinary tradition. People from all around the world attend the festival, so that they can play games and consume cuisine. Chowder, Mung Daal, Truffles and Shnitzel had just arrived at the festival grounds and were looking for their spot, though Mung Daal met up with an old friend of his, Kapusta. The two embraced and Mung Daal told his friend that he had created a dish for the festival that would really knock his pants off, but when he realized that his friend wasn’t wearing pants, he nervously said farewell and ran away to look for his spot.

The group found their spot and Chowder spat out the stand; Mung Daal stepped inside and unveiled his dish; graspberry chocolate strudel doodles. However, Ms. Endive had a stand right near his stand, and she sarcastically mocked the fact that Mung Daal was even allowed to enter the festival grounds. Mung Daal was going to insult her, but he soon discovered that she had also made graspberry chocolate strudel doodles, and proclaimed that his dish was better than her dish. Truffles attempted to get some guy on the street to taste test the two dishes, but he was chased off when he was merely leeching off of them to get free food.

Mung Daal and Ms. Endive decided to send their apprentices over to one another’s stand, in order to taste their dishes and report back to them, to let them know which dish tasted better. The two managed to sneak their way to the mid-way point, but when Panini met up with Chowder behind a dumpster, she forgot all about her mission and just wanted to flirt with him. Chowder attempted to get away, so she grabbed a hold of his hands and began to dance with him. Chowder creamed for help, but everybody in the general vicinity thought their dancing was adorable; Mung Daal, on the other hand, was upset that his apprentice wasn’t able to finish the job.

Mung Daal decided to take Shnitzel advice and insult Ms. Endive, but when she gave him the hand, he decided to throw food at her. He failed, as he was too weak, but when Ms. Endive compared his strength to that of an old woman, Truffles took offense and threw food right at her head. This caused Ms. Endive to declare a food fight; she and Panini began to throw food at Mung Daal, while Chowder, Mung Daal, Shnitzel and Truffles all threw food at Ms. Endive. The two groups then changed into military attire and set up bases where their stands were. They began to exchange fire, though neither of them had managed to hit their targets.

The two groups continued to exchange fire; Mung Daal wrote in his diary that his troops were starting to lose morale, as Chowder had asked him if they could go home; he also lamented that there have been some injuries. In order to end the war, Mung Daal decided to call in the air raid; Shnitzel jumped off a building, and when he hit, a nuclear type explosion took place. Chowder began to cry, since the festival was ruined, along with its food; Mung Daal saw the error of his ways and went to make peace with Ms. Endive, but as the two shook hands, he decided to hit her in the face with a dish. He then ordered a retreat and everybody went home, while Ms. Endive yelled at him.