The Puckerberry Overlords - Recap

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Chowder’s wisdom tooth explains that he’s going to tell a story about Chowder. The scene changes to Mung Daal Catering, where Mung Daal is wearing a hazmat suit while trying to pluck a fruit from a tree. Right as he successfully removes it, Chowder calls out his name and causes him to drop it on the ground, shrieking in terror. Chowder asks Mung Daal why they have to stay behind the protective wall; Mung Daal reminds his apprentice that puckerberries are extremely dangerous and that he once knew somebody who ate one and got sucked into his own mouth, though he expresses that a good chef knows how to use the berries in a non lethal fashion.

However, Chowder ignored Mung Daal and consumed one of the puckerberries. First, his lips puckered up. Next, his eyes began to water uncontrollably. Then, he became jittery. He then started to flatulent severely. Finally, his entire head started to pucker and he got sucked into his own mouth. By the time Mung Daal realized this, it was too late to help, but he managed to get Shnitzel to tie some string beans onto his tail in hopes that they could pull him out. The scene changed to inside of Chowder’s mouth, where Chowder attempted to eat the string beans that were on his tail, though each time he ate it, it fell back onto the ground.

Chowder came across two of his taste buds, but he was soon captured by a mysterious creature. The scene changes back to Mung Daal Catering, where Shnitzel is shown to be cycling on a giant egg beater in order to pull Chowder out of his mouth, though he isn’t having much success. Back in Chowder’s mouth, Frank is forcing Chowder and his taste buds to march towards the sour king’s citadel. However, when Chowder overhears his wisdom tooth’s narration, he mistakes him for the moon and asks him for cheese. The wisdom tooth sets Chowder straight and informs him that he needs to defeat the sour guys in order to save his mouth.

Frank took Chowder to meet with Sour Ron, the lord of the mouth. Sour Ron explained to Chowder that he has taken over the mouth and that everything will soon become sour. This upsets Chowder, as he claimed that it was his mouth and that he wouldn’t let Sour Ron get away with his plan, as a chef’s mouth is his more important asset. Sour Ron ordered Frank to take Chowder to the floss mines, where he would serve the sour king. Meanwhile, back in Mung Daal Catering, the force of the pucker hole increases tremendously. Shnitzel is sent flying off of his egg beater and the string bean wire gets sucked through the pucker hole, resulting in it being shut down.

The scene changes to the floss mines, where Chowder learns that his sweet tooth has gone crazy and ran away. Upset over this, he rips off his shirt and attempts to do battle with Sour Ron. However, when Sour Ron stops him, Chowder recalls what Mung Daal said about how a good chef can balance sourness with sweetness. Chowder then sang a song that ultimately won over the hearts of the puckerberry overlords, causing them to give up their empire of sourness and live in harmony within the mouth. Now, with how mouth full of sweetness, Chowder unpuckered and popped out of his mouth, much to the joy of Mung Daal and Shnitzel.