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Sniffleball - Recap

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It’s the start of a new day in Marzipan City and all is well, except for the fact that Mung Daal has lost some of the utensils that he needs to do his job. However, when he goes upstairs in order to ask Chowder if he knows where they are, he discovers that he has all of the utensils in his bedroom. He watches Chowder as he socializes with the utensils, giving them a voice and praising them for being the best friends that a child could ask for. Mung Daal walks over towards the window, asking Chowder when he last went outside, but when he opens a blind, Chowder merely hisses at the prospect of going into the light. Mung Daal expresses that today is the perfect day for them to get out of the kitchen; Chowder mocks him by having the utensils repeat what he said, which causes Mung Daal to forcibly drag Chowder outside. The two of them make their way towards the local playground; Mung Daal attempts to tell his young apprentice that one needs to be social, but Chowder ignores him and instead grabs onto a pedestrian. When Mung Daal continues to drag him, the man’s clothing is ripped from his body and Chowder is sent flying off into the distance. Chowder exploits the opportunity to run away from Mung Daal, though his mentor manages to catch him and they continue their trek towards the local playground.

The two of them arrive at their destination and they notice a large group of children playing sniffleball, a sport similar to baseball that uses one’s snot as the ball. Mung Daal attempts to convince Chowder that he’ll have a lot of fun playing the game, but when he removes his hand from his mouth, Chowder merely screams in protest. Mung Daal reminds his young apprentice that he needs to make some friends that aren’t utensils, but as soon as he places him on the ground, he runs off. Mung Daal taps his foot patiently and moments later, Shnitzel chases Chowder and scares him into staying on the playground. Chowder makes another attempt to get out of his obligations by saying that he doesn’t know how to play sniffleball, though his mentor merely informs him that all he needs to do is look good while playing the field, and that everything else will fall into place. Just then, a sniffleball lands next to Chowder and Mung Daal encourages him to pick it up, but when he leans down to do so, a familiar face arrives and places her hand on top of his, much to his dismay.

Panini says hello to Chowder, which results in him attempting to remind her that he isn’t her boyfriend. However, before he can finish his sentence, she motions for him to remain quiet. A rainbow appears over the both of them, with a little blue creature wearing pink underwear landing next to Chowder. The creature giggles and slaps him in the face, knocking him down and causing a bunch of hearts to flutter around him. Chowder attempts to crawl away from Panini, but she follows him and expresses her satisfaction with the fact that the two of them are playing sniffleball together, as people who plan to spend the rest of their lives together need to have things in common with one another. She expresses that he looks yummy in the sniffleball hat that he’s wearing, but before she can say much else, Chowder expresses that there is a monster behind her; Panini turns around and says hello to the monster, but Chowder exploits the moment to run into the dugout in order to get away from her. In the dugout, Chowder backs up against the wall in order to feel safer, though he inadvertently bumps into a line of sniffleball bats and knocks them all down. One of the bats lands next to Gorgonzola, who approaches Chowder and scolds him for being on the field, as sniffleball is his sport and he doesn’t like the fact that Chowder is there, as he believes that he will try to take away the position that he worked hard to earn. A nerd then approaches Gorgonzola and asks him for a bat, revealing that Gorgonzola is merely the batboy.

Meanwhile, Gazpacho is blowing on a large number of whistles in order to celebrate his current state of independence, as his mother never lets him blow whistles at the house. However, when he begins to question whether or not his mother could hear what he’s doing, he becomes frightened and half-heartedly informs the players that the game has begun. The pitcher throws a sniffleball towards the player at bat and it’s hit out to the outfield, where Chowder and Panini are playing. The ball lands right next to them, but when Chowder attempts to pick it up, Panini stops him and tells him that another player will get the ball. A young dog runs over and picks it up, angrily telling the two of them to get a room; this causes Chowder to realize that he needs to get away from Panini, so he tells her that they should get to opposite sides of the field in order to be more effective. He walks backwards in order move away from her, but she sneaks behind him and he inadvertently bumps into her. She hugs him from behind and uses the opportunity to flirt with him some more, though when another ball is hit their way, Chowder attempts to use the moment as a means of getting away from her. He scuttles to his left, though she follows him; when the ball lands on the ground, Chowder nervously expresses that they missed again. Panini asks him if they really did miss, in which she leans in and kisses him on the cheek, much to his chagrin.

Chowder screams and then walks towards the plate, as it’s now his turn as bat. He attempts to leave the field, but when Mung Daal gets in the way, he accepts his fate and prepares to do what needs to be done. Gorgonzola mocks him and informs him that he’s going to learn the hard way why people call him “The Zinger”. He then throws the sniffleball which goes very fast, albeit for a second; it then falls onto the ground and slowly crawls towards Chowder, which shocks Mung Daal and causes him to exclaim that he just threw the zinger. Chowder attempts to swing at the ball, but after missing three times, he falls onto the ground and Gazpacho reluctantly tells his friend that he is now out. Panini pouts over what took place, while Mung Daal angrily exclaims that Gazpacho is blind and made a bad call. Gazpacho attempts to console Chowder, telling him that being out isn’t so bad; Chowder expresses that he wants to go home, as sniffleball isn’t a game that he likes. He tells him that Gorgonzola has been mean to him, that Panini refuses to stop kissing him, and that there isn’t anything to eat. Gazpacho reminds him that everybody who steps up to the plate wants to make it home, though not everybody can make it home; Chowder asks him about the home base and he’s told that all he needs to do to get home is to hit the ball and run across all of the bases in order to get back to the starting point, albeit without getting touched. Gazpacho encourages him to give it another go next time he’s up to bat, though Chowder pushes him aside and tells him that he’s taking another turn, much to the dismay of the young dog who was supposed to be next.

Gorgonzola threatens Chowder and claims that he’s going down, in which he throws another zinger and the ball slowly moves towards him. However, Chowder doesn’t move from hit batting position and the ball ultimately hits the bat, resulting in a successful hit. Chowder starts to run towards first base while Gorgonzola attempts to throw the sniffleball at him in order to get him out, though the two of them are largely unsuccessful and after quite some time, Chowder successfully reaches first base. He expresses his excitement over this fact, as does Gazpacho, Mung Daal and Panini, though when Gorgonzola mentions that he still has twelve more bases to go, Chowder mentions to himself that he’s going to need some help from his utensil friends. Gorgonzola then turns around and notices that Panini is next up to bat; he mentions that it will be an easy out, which angers Panini; Gorgonzola throws her a normal ball, which she easily hits and she knocks the ball into him, resulting in him being knocked down. Chowder proceeds to run to the next base, in which he throws a spoon into Gorgonzola’s eye in order to buy enough time to reach the plate.

Chowder quickly continues his trek towards home base, successfully managing to avoid being tagged by Gorgonzola through use of his utensils. However, after arriving on the final base before home, he realizes that he’s out of utensils and that he must become the utensil in order to successfully get home. A ball is then hit and the field of play is resumed; Chowder jumps off of the base and attempts to run home, though Gorgonzola takes off his nose, inflates it, and uses it to get an aerial advantage on Chowder. He catches the sniffleball and releases the air in his nose to quickly gain ground on him, though he ultimately slams into the ground. Chowder continues to run towards home base, but Gorgonzola gets out of the hole and manages to catch up to him, touching him with the sniffleball and making him out. Chowder falls to the ground, defeated, but as Gorgonzola celebrates his triumph, Chowder realizes that he can’t give up and he continues to crawl towards home base. Gorgonzola attempts to remind his rival that he’s been eliminated and that he lost, which means that he can’t get home, though Chowder ignores his words. Gorgonzola frustratingly hits Chowder with the sniffleball repeatedly, though Chowder is unmoved and he begins to pick up speed. Gorgonzola jumps behind Chowder and grabs a hold of his tail in hopes of stopping him, but once Chowder reaches home base, he quickly runs towards the exit of the playground and causes Gorgonzola to fall onto the ground. Chowder immediately runs home, to Mung Daal’s Catering, leaving everybody at the playground confused as to what just happened. Mung Daal exclaims that he would call what happened a “home run”, which results in somebody throwing a sniffleball at him.