Mung On The Rocks - Recap

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Mung Daal’s Catering has been commissioned to prepare a dish that requires a particular fish, so Mung Daal has decided to take the boys out into the wilderness in order to retrieve it. After checking to ensure that they have the proper equipment, they make their way outside, though Truffles stops her husband and asks him where he’s going. He explains the situation to her, which results in her asking him if he has forgotten anything. He tells her that he hasn’t and he continues to make his way outside, but when Truffles further attempts to convince him that he has forgotten something, he yells at her and insists that he hasn’t forgotten anything, slamming the door as he goes outside. Truffles looks on in disbelief, with a large “Happy 450th Anniversary” banner hanging from the ceiling above her; a bunch of confetti falls onto the ground and day quickly passes into night, with a sullen Truffles not moving an inch. The door opens and Chowder, Mung Daal and Shnitzel make their way inside, a little worse for wear. Truffles asks her husband if the fishing went well, in which he tells her that what’s important is that they made it back alive, and he asks her if she wants to kiss her conquering hero. Truffles angrily grabs a fish from Chowder’s head and slaps Mung Daal with it.

Mung Daal gets off of the floor and asks his wife what has gotten into her; she angrily tells him to read the sign, and when he does, he expresses that he forgot about their anniversary. Truffles tells him that she’s well aware that he forgot, and that she believes that he loves his kitchen more than he loves her. Mung Daal attempts to persuade her that he loves the both of them, but his attempts only result in Truffles telling him to marry the kitchen if he loves it so much. Shnitzel pulls up a stool by the feuding couple and eats popcorn as he watches the action unfold, while Chowder, excited about the prospect of marrying a kitchen, starts to kiss the kitchen counter. Mung Daal tells Chowder to stop kissing his kitchen, which is the final straw for Truffles and she quickly leaves to her bedroom, telling Mung Daal that she hopes that he and his kitchen are happy together. Mung Daal follows her, attempting to reason with her, though his endeavors are met with silence; he then performs the dance of the crested crane, claiming that his wife loves the dance and has never been able to resist it, though she merely opens the door and tosses out his pajamas and toothbrush as a means of showing him that he isn’t sleeping with her tonight.

Mung Daal accepts his fate and he heads upstairs in order to sleep alongside Chowder, as the two of them will need to share the bed for the night. However, he is somewhat distraught due to Chowder’s flatulence, and when he discovers that his pillow is too lumpy, he picks it up and finds a ham underneath it. He asks Chowder why he has ham under his pillow, in which Chowder tells him that he had no choice, as the other pillow already has cake underneath it. Chowder takes the cake out and the two of them begin to eat it; Chowder takes the time to ask Mung Daal why Truffles is so angry. Mung Daal tells his young apprentice that women have certain things called expectations, and that men can never live up to those expectations. He explains that, once women learn to lower their expectations, everyone will be happy and that the fights will cease to occur. Chowder exclaims that Truffles’ expectations should be really low at this point, since they’ve been married for four-hundred and fifty years, though Mung Daal angrily interrupts him and tells him to just get some sleep, as everything will be fine in the morning. Chowder takes his advice and immediately enters a state of slumber, while Mung Daal nervously wonders whether Truffles will really forgive him.

The next day, Chowder, Mung Daal and Shnitzel are preparing fish sticks and fish stones, the recipe that required them to go fishing the day before. Truffles enters the room and says hello to Chowder and Shnitzel, but she walks right past her husband without saying a word. Chowder believes that what just happened is a good thing, as Truffles is no longer yelling, though Mung Daal realizes that he was wrong about his prediction. He follows his wife into the front office and he hands her an order that a customer is supposed to pick up, but as he attempts to get her attention, she refuses to look up at him from the book that she is reading. He lets her know that he’ll be in the kitchen, even though he doesn’t need to be in the kitchen, but her silence only causes him to become depressed. He turns around and scolds a cricket who is chirping, though the cricket turns out to be the customer; it jumps towards Truffles and receives the order. Mung Daal informs his wife that he’s just going to go back to work, though her continued silence further breaks his heart. He can only manage to halfheartedly do his job, as his mind is preoccupied with his sad situation.

Chowder asks Shnitzel why Mung Daal is so sad, though Shnitzel doesn’t answer his question because he believes that he is too young to understand. However, when a customer enters the front office in order to complain about how his super happy cake turned out to be super sad, Chowder realizes that he needs to do something in order to get Mung Daal and Truffles back together. He heads into Marzipan City’s marketplace in order to speak with Gazpacho, but when he tells his friend that a certain mean lady is troubling somebody he knows, Gazpacho assumes that he is talking about his mother. Gazpacho tells Chowder a story about how he got in trouble because he ate the last four pizza pockets, but when Chowder clarifies that he wasn’t talking about his mother, Gazpacho casually drops what he was saying. Gazpacho explains to Chowder that the best way to get somebody to stop being angry, or at least what works for his mother, is to give them a lot of fizzy river juice fruit. He expresses that the juice, which makes people burp, is a natural way to make people feel much happier. Gazpacho gives Chowder a free can of juice and reminds him that he must not shake the can, as it can get too fizzy.

Chowder begins his trek back to Mung Daal’s Catering, but he trips on the steps and the fizzy river juice fruit tumbles all the way down to the street. He runs down the steps in order to retrieve it, but after he picks it up, he mistakenly believes that Gazpacho told him that he should shake the juice up. He continues to walk towards the kitchen, shaking the juice as fervently as he can; when he arrives, he walks over towards Truffles and tells her that he brought her some juice. He smiles happily as she opens it, but once she does, the can explodes into a river of juice and Marzipan City finds itself in the midst of a flood. Chowder wonders to himself if the juice is working, but when Mung Daal hears his wife scream for help, he immediately regains his composure, grabs a fish stick, and uses it as a makeshift boat in order to find and rescue his beloved. Meanwhile, Truffles climbs on top of a giant man who is now adrift in the river of juice, but as Mung Daal makes his way closer to her, the fish stick begins to sink and Mung Daal finds himself in need of rescuing. Truffles takes off her hat and throws it to Mung Daal, who clings onto it for dear life; the giant man then picks Mung Daal up and places him down next to Truffles.

Truffles tells her husband that they’ve been through four-hundred and fifty years of such chaos, though Mung Daal tells her that it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. He reaches down into the juice and picks up a picnic basket, so that he and his beloved can enjoy a meal while drifting on the giant man. Truffles expresses that he’s always been cooking up trouble, though Mung Daal reminds her that every chef needs to have inspiration. He takes an acoustic guitar out of the picnic basket and he begins to sing a song for Truffles, though as the group passes underneath a bridge, they emerge from the other side appearing as they did in their youth. Mung Daal continues to sing his song to Truffles, and once they finish, they lean in and kiss one another as they pass through another bridge. The flood ultimately subsides and the two of them return back to Mung Daal’s Catering, where they announce to Chowder and Shnitzel that everything is back to normal. Truffles flirtatiously tells Mung Daal that it’s time for him to get cooking, so the two of them head to their bedroom, much to Chowder’s confusion, as he reminds them that they weren’t going into the kitchen.