Show Slang
Burple Nurple:
A dish for novice chefs. It was the second dish that Mung Daal had ever created, and it was also Chowder’s first dish. It’s a somewhat difficult dish to make, with a decent number of steps and required ingredients, though Chowder accidentally poisoned his first batch.
It is required in order to open up a kitchen in Marzipan City, as city officials wished to ensure that the only people preparing food were those who knew what they’re doing. However, certifrycates don’t necessarily have to be earned, and even though each one is supposed to be signed by the commissioner of the culinary arts, such isn’t something that is always enforced.
Cinnamini Powder:
Extracted from a cinnamini tree, it has the ability to shrink anything and anybody that comes into contact with it. The powder seems to have some connection with the cinnamini monster, who lives inside of the cinnamini tree, though the exact details are uncertain.
Clabbage Cobbler:
A dish for advanced chefs. It is a traditional dish, which means that the chef preparing it must follow the traditions of the people who first created it, lest it won’t turn out properly. Its primary ingredients include clabbages, glumberger cheese and tears; it’s also one of the smelliest dishes in the world.
Comedy Gold:
A book of jokes that Chowder had penned for Gazpacho, as he wrote down everything that he had said. However, Chowder’s penmanship was too horrible to produce anything legible, so the book now contains a bunch of recipes that Chowder had placed within it.
It is is the primary form of currency in Marzipan City. It comes in both a paper form and a coin form, though the coin form is more common.
The Expired Certifrycation Enforcement Agency. The members of this agency are tasked with enforcing the certifrycate laws of Marzipan City; when a chef’s certifrycate expires, they are responsible for seizing their certifrycate, shutting down their kitchen, and telling them that they must get their certifrycate renewed.
This day is payday in Marzipan City; employers must give their employees a check, so that they can receive due payment for their laborious duties.
It is a substance that can be served as a dish, or used as an ingredient in other dishes. It is a foul tasting substance, and is said to help people lose weight if they consume large amounts of it; this fact was later proven false by Chowder, who gained weight when he consumed a large amount. The substances is created by a flibbius-flabbius plant, and a recipe book entitled “100 Things To Do With Flibber-Flabber” was written to help people make it taste better.
Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin:
A dish for advanced chefs. It requires well over sixty steps, and when the dish is finished, the chef must beat the dish at a game of thumb-wrestling. Failure to do this will make the dish unable to be served.
It is a type of fruit that grabs onto something and doesn’t let go until it is ripe. While most chefs use a grapple stick for easy storage, Mung Daal believes that the grabbles should hold onto the chef that is going to cook them, as they taste better if they receive love.
It is a type of fruit that, when its stem is pulled, will explode. What types of dishes it is used in is unclear, but it can be used as a weapon during a food fight.
Grubble Gum:
It is a snack that people chew on in order to taste flavor. It can be blown into many different shapes, and can even be turned into a talking form. Truffles loves to chew the stuff and often harms those who don’t share their grubble gum with here. If swallowed, it can cause a wide array of side-effects.
No Fruit:
It is a fruit that has no taste, but when its leaf is pulled from its stem, the fruit transforms and rapidly changes into various other fruit. The no fruit will continue to transform until it is whacked with an object, causing it to permanently stay in its new form. Once done, the fruit tastes extraordinarily delicious and and can be used to make high quality dishes. A good chef, however, must have the hand-eye coordination to hit the no fruit at the right time, lest they end up with fruit they do not need.
Pickle In A Cup:
A dish for novice chefs. It was the first dish that Mung Daal had ever created, and the dish that he had wished for Chowder to create.
It is the primary word that a creature such as Shnitzel can speak; the term can mean anything, and other characters can understand exactly what is being said. It’s a universal term that can be applied universally.
Recipe Pirate:
It is an individual who refuses to follow a recipe. They are deemed threats by those who distribute certifrycates and they are often denied the right to cook food.
Rock Monster:
A type of being that exists in the world. Shnitzel is the only rock monster who has been shown, though it is implied that other rock monsters do exist. They are capable of doing just about anything that other civilized creatures are capable of; they are also fond of rocks.
Sing Beans:
A dish for advanced chefs. It is a musical food that , after being cooked, comes alive and sings a song. The better the chef cooks them, the better the beans will sing.
It is the secondary form of currency in Marzipan City. It isn’t worth as much as a dollop, but can still be used to purchase things.
Sparkle Spackle Pudding:
A dish for novice chefs. It creates a sense of happiness when it is consumed, which forces a rainbow to fly out of the mouth of the individual who had consumed it.
The Chocolate Chuckle Hut:
A comedy club that focuses on selling chocolate based products; it has an open mike night every so often, though people are required to purchase at least seven hot chocolates in order to attend the show. Children are banned from the building, though Chowder was able to watch the show without being thrown out. Shnitzel is also a regular at the comedy club, and often performs there on his days off from work.
The Really, Really, Really Big Book Of Recipes:
It is a massive recipe book that is hundreds of times larger than a typical recipe book. Many of the recipes found inside of it are extremely long and could not fit inside of a normal recipe book, so Mung Daal is forced to consult with it from time to time.
The Taste Of Marzipan Festival:
The Taste Of Marzipan Festival is hosted annually in Marzipan City. Each year, they invite the best chefs in the city to set up stands, so that regular citizens can come and enjoy delicacies that they might not be able to afford on a regular day. There are also many games and events, so that people can have fun while their looking for dishes to consume.