Chuck Versus the Coup D'Etat - Recap

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Sarah and Chuck blow off the engagement ring moment and head out. Chuck watches the moment on video, and wonders if Sarah was pleased or upset by the prospect. Morgan freezes on Chuck's expression at that moment, and wonders the same of him. He tells Chuck that he and Sarah are really bad at day-to-day open communication. He suggests " 101 Conversations Before You Say I Do" and Chuck thinks that's going too far. Morgan tells him not to show Sarah the book. Just use it as a tool to help them communicate.

Ellie and Devon talk about impending parenthood. She feels he is too focused on the baby, and she is only four months pregnant. She wants to go on a trip just to get away, but Devon says they have to prioritize, because in 2028 college will cost upward of $300,000. He tells her he understand she needs a break from babyland, and when she is relieved that he gets it, he leans over and tells her stomach they'll talk later.

Chuck and Sarah are being briefed by General Beckman. Casey rolls in, and when Sarah asks why he's there, he says he needed some fresh air. Chuck states that they are in an underground bunker. Commandante Juan Pablo Turrini is unexpectedly in town. Beckman tells them she wants everyone who wasn't shot recently to stake out the embassy and see if he turns up. She says everyone else should be in bed, and she ends the call.

While in the surveillance van, Chuck broaches the ring thing. He says they are good communicators and they shouldn't have to avoid the subject. He said it was obviously not an actual proposal, and Sarah agrees. When Chuck questions if it was all that obvious, he and Sarah begin studying each other's expressions to try to figure out what the other is thinking. He brings up the book Morgan suggested, and Sarah asks if she should read it. Chuck says no, he will. They are interrupted by their superior, on video. She says the motorcade is not going to the embassy. Chuck asks where it's going.

Devon answers the door, and it's Commandante Juan Pablo Turrini. He greets Devon and tells him they need him in Costa Gravas.

Chuck and Sarah arrive at Devon and Ellie's. Turrini was delivering a video message from Premier Allejandro Goya, inviting Devon and Ellie to Costa Gravas, on his dime. He wants them to allow him to drench them in luxury this very weekend, please. Devon fears for Ellie's safety, and Sarah reassures her that they are peaceful right now, in Costa Gravas. Chuck says maybe she'd feel safer if he and Sarah joined them, and the Commandante says they are more than welcome to join them. They will stay at the palace.

Morgan is caring for Casey while he recuperates. His daughter, Alex, arrives and leaps into Morgan's arms. Casey barks "daughter", and they leap back out again. She brought him soup. Alex brought Roman Holiday, and Morgan says that's his favorite sick day movie as well. Casey gets tired of them bonding and tells Morgan to leave. It backfires when Alex says she should get going as well. Casey makes Morgan give Alex a five-minute lead.

Sarah is trying on bikinis, and Chuck picks all of them. He packs the communication book. Goya welcome Devon and Ellie very happily. He smells that Ellie is pregnant. His wife is introduced to the foursome, and she apologizes if he has charmed away any of their women.

Chuck and Sarah start discussing how they expect to spend time. He says five hours a week are needed for Morgan, and Halo. She needs 30 minutes quiet before sleep, which is going to play havoc with his cuddling needs. They decide every-other-night is cuddling, interspersed with 30 minutes quiet time nights.

The Premier unveils a very large statue of Devon, which is a gift to him for his service to their country. As it is presented, Chuck flashes on a sign near the door. Sarah picks up on the flash, and Chuck tells here there is a Soviet Air Weapons System down the hallway of the sign, behind a red door. He doesn't want to deal with that now, he wants to enjoy her time in the tropical paradise with Sarah. Plus, he doesn't want anything dangerous happening around Ellie. That becomes a moot point when the Premier's wife starts moving people into position. She tells one that their beautiful socialist dream has been taken apart by capitalist swine, but it is their time, now.

Sarah says she's going to have Casey start checking things out from his end. Casey is pathetically happy to hear from them. Chuck fills him in on the hallway in question, and Casey knows exactly where it is. He tells Chuck that he once hid for two weeks inside a wall in that very hall.

The Premier sings a song of love to his wife, Hortensia, and Chuck and Sarah wander down the hall to check out the room in question. Casey is on Chuck's cell phone, talking them through the palace.

They find the red door, and Sarah picks the lock. They close the door behind them, and face a green door. It sounds like somebody is trying to take down the red door, but when they open it Ellie and Devon are on the other side. The sound of gunfire reaches the four of them. Chuck disarms the soldier attacking them, and throws the gun to Sarah. They operate in tandem to get Ellie and Devon to a safe place. They follow Goya when he tells them he has an escape route. He also tells them that when Casey was hiding in the wall, he was in Cuba the entire time. Casey hears that over the cell, and fumes.

Sarah uses her lipstick camera to take pictures of the command room they exit through. On the plane, Ellie exclaims that she can't believe there was a coup on her babymoon. She's very grateful Chuck was there. Devon thanks Chuck as well. Ellie feels bad that she insisted they go. Devon assures her that they do need some time away, so as soon as they get home, they are headed for Malibu.

Chuck points out to Sarah what great communicators Ellie and Devon are. She says that's great, but they have a homeless dictator on their hands. Goya is reminiscing about how he and his wife used to finish each other's sentences, and now he cannot even trust her. If he can't trust her, he cannot trust his embassy. Sarah offers to arrange a CIA safe house, but Goya refuses. There's only one person he would trust with his life right now, and that is John Casey.

Morgan has a text from Alex, asking if they can have a movie marathon soon. He's mumbling about it being a disaster, when Big Mike walks in. Morgan asks him for advice, because he thinks Alex might be the one. Big Mike says he needs to be sure about that because there is no arm or leg worth as much as the love of a good woman.

Sarah discovers that the book Chuck has been working from is a pre-wedding book, and she's not amused. It's not just because it's pre-wedding; she's tired of them constantly working at the questions. She wants them to just "BE".

Goya answers questions about him having nuclear weapons in his basement. Two keys are necessary to implement them, and he has one. He is embarrassed to admit his wife has the other. Turrini says that's enough questions, and ends the discussion. General Beckman calls Chuck and Sarah into a private conversation. She is sending them back to Costa Gravas. They can't have a rogue leader with nuclear capabilities. She tells them to check with Casey before they go, and leave first thing tomorrow morning.

Goya and Casey are talking about how he thought things would unfold back in 1991. Casey alludes to a man whose politics did not follow Goya's, and who could not take his eyes off Goya's wife. He and Turrini pull their weapons simultaneously. Casey tells Goya to come stand by him and once he does, Goya hits him over the head with a potted plant, knocking him unconscious. Goya tells Turrini that no harm is to come to Casey, as "his blood runs in my veins". Goya, Turrini and his men leave Casey on the ground. Goya knocked out Casey and went with Turrini because if he didn't, Casey would die.

General Beckman gives Chuck and Sarah their new assignment: go to Costa Gravas, destroy the nuclear control room, and find the missile. The U.S. wants Goya in charge but not with nuclear capabilities. Casey is ready to join them and Chuck and Sarah vouch for him.

Chuck, Sarah and Casey are crawling through disgusting slime in an underground tunnel to get to the nuclear control room. Casey is placing explosives as he goes, in case they need to blow the whole place up.

Morgan asks Dr. Fred how he can know Alex is the one. Dr. Fred says that's the subject of his next book. Big Mike interrupts to ask Morgan why he's going to another man for love advice. He tells Morgan he's not going to find his answer in a book. He needs to kiss Alex, that's the only way he'll know.

Hortensia is making a propaganda video. Alejandro chimes in, and she tells him to shut up as he's ruined seven takes already. He wonders why she is so angry. Their angry exchange escalates, and he pulls a gun on her. She returns the favor, along with all her soldiers. Sarah whispers that they have to act fast. Chuck bursts into the room, and they all aim their guns at him. Sarah follows him, and they are both disarmed. Chuck offers to be a mediator. He tells Hortensia that she is totally right about her husband. She requests clarification, and he validates her feelings about how she was treated when she was making her video. He also states that it is quite obvious they still have strong feelings for each other.

Mrs. Goya admits they were very happy, until they moved into the palace and he changed. Sarah notes that change is bad, but Chuck says change is unavoidable. Turrini doesn't like how things are unfolding. Chuck punches him in the throat, and he falls back into Casey, who just entered the room. He tells Hortensia that Turrini used to watch her sleep. Sarah advises Chuck to keep talking, so he gets back to work. Turns out Hortensia is hurt because Allejandro doesn't listen to her anymore. Sarah steps forward and says that the love they felt back then doesn't have to change.

Allejandro asks Hortensia to join him again in leading their country. He knows they can get back to where they were. She asks if she can have an official role, and he agrees. They kiss. Turrini is crestfallen, and asks her about their plans. She spares him a glance, and returns to kissing her husband.

Sarah disarms the control panel, and she and Chuck smile at each other.

Alex walks into Buy More. Morgan sees her out his office window, and greets her. He starts talking about how he knows he's been a bit tentative. While he is talking, she kisses him. He almost completely drops the ball when he meanders on about how there are steps they need to take before they can proceed. She's halfway out the door before he shuts up, grabs her, and kisses her again. It's a great kiss.

Chuck flashes. When Allejandro walks in, Chuck asks him if he purchased the missiles from Alexei Volkoff, and Goya says yes. It was part of his underground weapons pipeline. It was called Project Beacon. Sarah notes that's the project Heather Chandler told them about. Chuck asks about a woman, CIA code name Frost. Goya remembers that she was a kept woman. he tells Chuck these are very dangerous people, and he should proceed with caution.

Chuck asks Ellie about the babymoon, and she says it was great. She asked him about the spy stuff, and she tells him that she didn't realize how much he gave up for her. He answers that he didn't really give up that much. Ellie is glad he has a life they can talk about now, no secrets. She tells him he's her only family, and he blurts out that he's trying to find their mom. She asks why, and Chuck answers that he thinks they should know the whole truth about why she left them. Ellie fears they will find out there is no other side, and she is exactly who they think she is. Chuck says either way at least they will know.

Sarah decides to try talking to Chuck while he sleeps. She tells him she loves him, and that will never change. She also says that when he asks again, the answer will be yes.