Chuck Versus Phase Three - Recap

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Chuck and Sarah are making love, and she tells him what she wants him to do. She wants him to flash. He wants to do something else that starts with the same letter.

Lester is in bed with them. He tells Chuck it's all in his head, and starts laughing hysterically. Chuck starts flashing, but not the intersect. He remembers the Belgian, being on the gondola; what happened? What's wrong? What is GOING ON!!??

Chuck is actually being tested in Thailand. He appears to be sedated, and a scientist is working diligently, under the orders of the Belgian. They're using his memories of Sarah against him, to cause great anxiety.

Casey thinks Beckman will have something, but she promptly douses that hope. They can find nothing. They did find one of the Belgian's lieutenants, but by the time they got a search warrant, he was onto them, and disappeared. Sarah is frantic. Chuck is out there, without the intersect, at the mercy of people who think he has it. He's never been more helpless. Beckman doesn't really get it. This is all about the intersect, and finding the Belgian. The call is ended, and Casey tells Sarah she needs to get it together.

Morgan was waiting for the Beckman call to end, so he joins them. He found the guy who handles all the Belgian's dirty work. Extortion, kidnapping, etc. He's at the Thai embassy. Casey knows that Thai embassy equals Thai soil, and they don't have jurisdiction. Sarah doesn't care about jurisdiction, she's on it.

Casey and Sarah pose as carpet cleaners, and deliver ugly new carpets to the Thai thug. When he comments on the carpets, Sarah tells him they are there to find Chuck. When he goes to call for assistance, Sarah nails him with a tranquilizer arrow. Casey has a remote that rolls Chanarong up in the carpet, so they can take him into custody.

They unroll him, and Sarah greets him with a gun in his face. "Hi. Welcome to American soil. Now where's Chuck."

Morgan sees Walker interacting with the prisoner, and realizes she's gone way over the line. He calls her out for a chat. She leaves the prisoner sitting in the chair, smiling. Casey tells her that the fact that he helped her bring Chanarong in does not mean he's giving her free rein. She needs to calm down, get some rest. Sarah refuses. Casey doesn't like the new Sarah. She's the old Sarah, pre-Chuck. Unpredictable. Not okay. Morgan intercedes and says Sarah needs to take a little nap. She hears him, and gives them two hours.

Ellie is going on a 36-hour shift, and Devon is fretting. She'll have her very own broom closet to nap in. When she goes to get into the car, she finds something that looks like a laptop, but glows green and has flashing lights. She's scared to open it, so Devon does and powers it on, but it's non-responsive. He wants to call Chuck, but Ellie thinks he's not a spy anymore, and she doesn't want him involved.

The scientist is whispering names in Chuck's ear from his cell phone contacts. He tries to mess with Chuck's mind, so they can trigger the intersect.

Sarah lays on the bed, but remains wide-eyed. She sees Chuck's work shirt hanging on the closet door and smells it. She finds a note in his pocket, but it doesn't make any sense. Morgan comes in and finds her reading it. He tells her it's his plans for the perfect marriage proposal. She asks when Chuck made it, and Morgan says it was after he lost the intersect. Sarah wonders if he thought Sarah wouldn't want to marry him after he lost the intersect, because of course she still would. Sarah is kind of a big fish, and he's just a regular guy. Sarah wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But she did tell him that, right? No? Oh.

Beckman asks Casey to keep an eye on Sarah as she seems a bit unhinged. Beckman is right. Sarah kicks Casey into a nearby cell so she can take over the interrogation. She wants to know if Chanarong is ready to talk yet. He makes the mistake of concluding that an American spy wouldn't resort to torture to get what he needs. He's right. Death by lethal injection of ammonia isn't allowed in the Geneva Convention. However, the man she is looking for is in love with, and wants to marry, her. Therefore, all bets are off. He mouths off, saying it's amazing what lengths a woman will go to, to find a husband. Her biological clock must be deafening. Sarah admits he's right. She's just a lonely woman, who is trained in over 200 ways to kill Chanarong. She sticks the ammonia-filled syringe in his neck. Is he afraid yet?

Apparently the answer was yes, because she tells Casey where they can find Chuck. He wants to come along, but Sarah refuses. She'll do anything to find Chuck, and she's not going to take Casey down with her. Casey was right. She's different without Chuck, and she doesn't like it. Casey tries to insist, telling Sarah she needs him. She disagrees. She needs Chuck.

Devon can't keep his eyes or mind off the Notepad. He calls Lester and Jeff over to take a look at it. They'd be happy to help, he can just trade some medical freebies for their assistance. It's a Roark 7. He's in.

Morgan finds Casey. He won't free him until Casey agrees to bring him along to find Chuck. Casey says no, but it's non-negotiable. Casey wants out, Morgan wants in. Fine. They're going to Thailand.

Sarah shows up, speaking fluent Thai. The one guy who can help her speaks English. He doesn't actually want to help her, he just wants to replace Chuck, so she knocks him out and asks if anybody else wants to be her boyfriend.

Chuck dreams Sarah is leaving him because he can't flash. the scientist tells the Belgian it's not working. He needs to push harder. The scientist says the only solution is to wipe Chuck out completely, then all that will be left is the intersect.

Some idiot tells Sarah he knows where to find what she's looking for, but she has to beat his best fighter first. Sarah accepts. They begin fighting, and seem quite well-matched. He knocks her out of the ring, and she comes back fighting hard. He throws sand in her eyes and takes her down. A man outside the ring throws a knife to the bad guy, and Casey and Morgan arrive just in time. Morgan gives Sarah some water to rinse the sand out of her eyes. He sees a snake, and freaks. Casey is telling Sarah what a scum-of-the-earth, hellhole she's landed in, when a waitress arrives. She asks Casey if he'd like his usual. Sarah insists on finishing the fight so she can find out where the Belgian is.

Jeffrey and Lester are still trying to fix the computer, and Devon continues giving out free medical treatment in honor thereof.

Sarah finishes her battle. Something is happening to Chuck. He's dreaming he has his freedom, when Ellie calls. He tells her he's sorry he is spying again, and asks her to call Sarah and Casey. Sarah wins the fight. Ellie tells Chuck to flash, and he realizes he's dreaming again. The doctor tells him that he will lose everything if he doesn't flash.

Casey, Sarah and Morgan get armed, and loaded in the jeep. Chuck dreams he's at Buy More, and he was asleep in the middle of the floor.

The team finds Chuck's holding place. Morgan is going to be a diversion. Chuck is dealing with everything the Belgian throws at him in his dream. Everybody he knows is telling him to flash. They are on all the monitors at Buy More, trying to manipulate him into flashing.

Morgan pretends to be a stoner tourist to gain everybody's attention while Sarah and Casey take out the guards. They refer to Sarah as "The giant blonde she-male." In Chuck's dreams, Ellie and Devon try to get him to flash. Nobody can or will help him. The Belgian tries to contact the guards, but they're all down. Sarah arrives in Chuck's room. Casey knocks out the scientist. His dream and reality merge as Sarah tells Chuck she's there. Morgan advises her to tell Chuck she wants to marry him. In his dream, she's fine but in real life, she's talking through sobs and tears. She tells Chuck she wants to marry him, and kisses him. His eyes open, and he kisses her back.

Lester finally gets to a login screen, where they need a response for "Knock-knock".

Chuck is home again, and the Belgian is in custody, and Sarah is back to normal. General Beckman tells Chuck they're keeping him, even without the intersect. Casey denies all knowledge of what happened to the kidnapped Thai official. Sarah and Chuck kiss. He tells her the proposal plan was just a rough draft. But he lied. He's got nothing. He asks Morgan for help planning the proposal.

Ellie is home, and Devon shows her the laptop. She knows the password to "Knock-knock" because she always got it wrong when she was little. "I'm here!" The password works.