Chuck Versus the Gobbler - Recap

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Sarah beats the daylights out of Casey.

Two days before:

Casey fills Morgan in on Sarah's progress in going undercover. Morgan is worried for Chuck in Sarah's absence. He thinks he's going to be all mopey and sad, but Chuck arrives at work smiling and happily greeting everyone. He thinks Sarah is making good progress, so what's not to be happy about it. He knows Sarah won't change like his mom did.

Sarah is a brunette, covered in leather. She approaches Volkoff, but he's skeptical that she's serious about going rogue. Why should he trust her? She disarms his three men, aims two pistols at him and tells him he will trust her because she could kill him right now, but doesn't. He welcomes her to Volkoff Industries.

As they toast her joining them, Mary Bartowski arrives. Sarah tells her that her actions served as inspiration for her decision. Mary asks Alexei for a word with Sarah in private, and he grants it. As he leaves, Mary tells him that Sarah will betray him. Mary has a brainstorm. Sarah should break Yuri (the Gobbler) out of prison. He's a cannibal. Basically, this is a suicide mission.

Chuck and Morgan are at the breakfast table when Alex asks if she can borrow one of Morgan's t-shirts. He says sure, and when she comes through, Chuck tells Morgan not to panic. But she's wearing his vintage unworn Back to the Future t-shirt, and spilling orange juice on the floor. Morgan could care. Apparently, he's in love. This is news to him, but he's happy to hear it.

Mary gives Sarah a few more pieces of the puzzle. Since Yuri's been in prison, Volkoff's communications have slowed down to a crawl. If she frees Yuri, she can infiltrate Hydra, which is Volkoff's computer network. She fears Sarah will have to do things she might regret, but Sarah is going to do what she has to do, for Chuck.

Ellie begs Chuck to intercede with Devon. She keeps coming up with names, and he keeps shooting 'em down. But she has the perfect one. Grunka. Chuck and Devon agree that she cannot do that to a baby. He figures she wants the name to be original, and Devon agrees. Chuck thinks he may have a way to stop this Grunka name in it's tracks.

Casey confronts Morgan about Alex leaving his apartment that morning, wearing his shirt. Morgan babbles, and Casey growls. He tells Casey he's a perfect gentleman, and he really does care about her. Casey says that's all he needed to know.

Sarah arrives, after coming in through the vents and disabling security. She had to see Chuck. She wants them to create a diversion so she can get to the Gobbler. She fills them in on Yuri being Volkoff's main bodyguard and Mary's belief that he has something to do with the Hydra database. She gives Chuck a quick kiss and then when he follows her out to talk, she gives him a major kiss before leaving.

At the prison, Chuck is introduced as a dangerous transfer. Casey and Morgan are guards. They're going to divert the prisoners with a fight, then Chuck will use the intersect to knock out Yuri. Casey says it has to be a complete knockout. Yuri can't know that Sarah had any help breaking him out of maximum security prison.

Morgan chats up Chuck's killer instincts to all the prisoners, and Chuck tells him he's gone too far. Casey and Morgan walk away. Chuck asks who is Yuri the Gobbler, and a fellow prisoner points with his eyes, since Yuri chewed off his fingers for pointing.

Morgan asks Casey about telling Alex he loves her. Casey says the words are stupid. You show people you love them. He build Alex a shelf to show her. Morgan finds it quite odd that Casey has never told his daughter that he loves her.

Chuck approaches Yuri. Morgan and Casey give the head guard a birthday cake to take his eyes off the security cameras while everything unfolds. As Chuck starts up with Yuri, Morgan and Casey sing happy birthday to Steve. Casey sends the 'now' message, and Chuck hits the intersect, a bit unsuccessfully. He sends the message that he needs more time. Three other guards show up and join in the birthday festivities. Casey rewinds the tape so it'll show the same footage as before. Sarah arrives in a delivery truck as Chuck continues his unsuccessful attempts to take down Yuri. Sarah radios Casey to unlock the east entrance. Chuck finally takes him down as Casey lets Sarah in.

Sarah stops the truck and the team gets out. Chuck gives her a finger kiss goodbye, and they exchange I love you's. He hates saying goodbye, but he knows it's all going to be over soon. Chuck finally realizes it might not be over as fast as he'd like. Now he's depressed.

Lester, Jeffrey and Big Mike try to slur the name Grunka at Buy More, but Ellie doesn't buy it. She goes to wait in the car.

Volkoff is reunited with Yuri. Yuri apologizes for going to prison, but Volkoff says he's not angry. Just disappointed. Very disappointed. He whips out his gun and shoots Yuri in the face as Sarah and Mary look on.

Morgan and Casey join Chuck post-mission since he's missing Sarah so much.

Volkoff tells Mary that Yuri didn't know about Hydra. Yuri WAS Hydra. The database was behind his eye. It's not just a database, it's how he communicates with all his people. Hydra allows him to see everything. Alexei says that the fact that the two women are seeing it proves that it has a flaw. He smashes the eyeball and says human error. Sarah asks if he just destroyed Hydra and Alexei says no. He just downloaded everything to a more secure backup location.

Alexei tells Sarah she did good work but before he rewards her, there is still one more small issue that he has to take care of. Mary had trapped a piece of the shattered eyeball under her boot and pockets it when Alexei's back is turned.

The boys are playing Risk and eating pizza when Casey gets an unsecured message from Sarah. That means something's up. She asks Casey to come alone. He refuses Chuck's offer to accompany him. Volkoff tells Sarah her mission is to kill John Casey. Frost will be along to see that all goes well, and he'll be watching from a distance. Mary gives her the shattered eye and tells her to give it to Casey if she finds a way.

Chuck doesn't listen to Casey. Morgan saw where Casey was sent, and fills Chuck in. Chuck leaves before Morgan even knows he's gone.

Sarah sees the camera watching her, and makes a clumsy move to draw Casey's attention. Now she won't have to shoot him in cold blood. The fight is the one that kicked off the show. She gives him verbal cues after telling him that Volkoff is watching. Mary watches the fight unfold, as Chuck notifies General Beckman. When he ends the call, Alexei's men all cock their weapons. Alexei tells him he's just in time for a particular moment. It's the step Sarah is about to make, where she chooses his side. Chuck can watch with him.

Sarah and Casey continue fighting while trying to figure out how to end it without Casey's death. When she throws him against the window, Casey sees a little platform below. It's only 40' down - he's done 60' before. He'll survive, and she'll look successful to Volkoff. She gives him the eyeball bit before she throws him out the window. Chuck sees it happen and freaks out. The platform gives, and Casey falls the rest of the way to the ground.

Volkoff congratulates Chuck on being one step closer to the woman he loves, and one of Alexei's henchman knocks him out. Sarah falls to his side, but agrees she's ready to go when Volkoff asks. Mary brings up the rear.

Devon and Ellie pick a baby name. Clara. She can't believe he thought she'd actually name their baby after the spoons she bought at Ikea.

On the Volkoff jet, Mary assures Sarah it gets easier with time and distance.

At Casey's bedside, Chuck wonders how Sarah could do this. Alex arrives, and Morgan assures her that her dad loves her, too. More than she knows. Chuck sends Sarah a text, but she declines it.