Chuck Versus the C.A.T. Squad - Recap

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Voice over:

The say it's a personality thing, but to me a martini's got gin, not vodka. Some folks like chocolate; I'll take vanilla. I say baseball over football. And to me, man's best friend doesn't bark or fetch a ball. See, personally, I like cats. Meet my Clandestine Attack Team, better known as...The CAT Squad. Meow! They were the best spy team in the business.

The year? 2003. The girls...

Cold-hearted Carina

Zondra - The Bitch

Amy - The Party Girl pride and joy...Sarah Walker

Go get 'em, Cats!

It was a daydream, courtesy of Morgan based on Chuck filling him in on the Clandestine Attack Team. Chuck is hoping they can attend Sarah's engagement party. Morgan suggests he ask Sarah for the contact information, but thus far, she's been reluctant to help. Chuck wants Morgan to give him Carina's contact info, since they were once an item. Chuck texts her, and Carina gets the ball rolling. She calls Amy to ask how they can find Zondra.

Sarah finds Ellie leaving for an overnight visit, but she'll be back in time for the party. Sarah is apprehensive about the party possibilities. Ellie says she can offer a listening ear whenever needed. When she arrives inside, Chuck gives her the 'good' news. CAT Squad! Now she's REALLY nervous.

The team makes an appearance by rappelling in from a helicopter. They're there for roughly 15 seconds, hooking Sarah up and taking her away. They'll have her home by 12. Chuck thinks midnight is good, but they were talking noon. Tomorrow. Maybe. If Chuck is lucky.

Chuck wakes up to a seriously hungover Sarah. They had a wonderful night, but the girls really don't trust each other anymore. The last time they worked together, one of them was a turncoat, and they don't know which one. There was a bug sweep, and they found a transmitter hidden in the heel of Zondra's boot. She denied it was hers. She passed a lie detector test, they decided to let it go, shook on it, etc. But it made for some bad feelings. Chuck figures that if the CIA cleared her, she's good to go. Time heals, as do margaritas. Speaking of which, he's working on a new recipe for the party. Sarah announces that the engagement party is not the Squad's cup of tea. They'll be gone as soon as they wake up.

Sarah leads Chuck to the sleeping girls, but there's one missing. Carina. She's in bed with Morgan. When he gets out of bed, he's wearing his boxers and a t-shirt. Carina thinks that his new demeanor means he's got a real, ongoing sex life. This makes Morgan attractive to her. He refuses, because she ignored him for months and months. She throws off the sheets and stands up, so Morgan bolts. He tells Chuck he'll be back when Carina is gone. As he opens the door, Alex is poised to knock. They were supposed to do breakfast, and he forgot. He fills her in a bit about the engagement party, and she accepts it. Carina of course shows up wearing a mini robe and acting all possessive. Morgan shoves her back in the apartment and asks Alex about lunch tomorrow. She assures him with a kiss that she trusts him.

The CAT Squad eats breakfast. Chuck asks for old stories, but they're all top secret. Carina drops her foot in Morgan's lap, causing him to leap out of his chair and head for the kitchen. Zondra talks, and Amy says they (Zondra and Sarah) were a great team, and she often thinks about how much fun they had.

Finally, the CATS are leaving, and Sarah is relieved. Zondra looks Chuck up and down as she tells Sarah "Good luck with - THAT." Sarah throws the car keys to Carina as she walks away, and she beeps the car. Chuck says "Baby steps, right? And no more surprises." as the car explodes.

Carina is on the ground with Chuck offering to call an ambulance, but she's okay. Something is sticking out of her leg though. It's part of the bomb, and Chuck flashes from it. Augusto Gaez.

General Beckman fills him in. Augusto Gaez is the arch-nemesis of the CAT Squad, and the leader of The Gentle Hand. The CAT Squad and Casey have joined Chuck and Sarah for the conference. Because he tried to kill them on American soil, Langley is in charge now. The CATS are expected to go get Gaez and extradite him back to the States for trial. Because of Carina's injury, she'll provide support from Castle. Chuck and Casey will shadow the CATS. Sarah tries to tell Beckman that they're not a team anymore, but she's not having any of it. The CATS are back, and they're headed for Rio. Chuck is good to go, but Sarah remains apprehensive about Zondra's trustworthiness.

Augusto gets a call from a heavily-modulated voice. "The CAT Squad is on their way to Rio." He's happy to hear it. His plan is going perfectly.

Chuck has a plan, too. While he's stuck in the surveillance van with Casey, he's going to go over all the files on Zondra and run them through intersect. If she's clean, all is well. If not, they'll take her down at the same time as they do Gaez. Casey has to run interference when Zondra gets combative with Sarah.

Casey tells Morgan he's babysitting Carina. He tries to beg off, but John doesn't believe him. "And I'm hunting unicorns. You're babysitting. Get over it." The CATS discuss how they're going to get in, and Amy says "Guys, hello? It's a party!"

The girls show up all dressed in white, and start mingling. Sarah's necklace relays the picture back to Casey. Chuck fills him in on how he thinks he can clear Zondra, and Casey recognizes himself (back in the day). He used to think he could fix everything. Not anymore. He shares Morgan's belief he should contact Kathleen, but she's moved on, so he's going to let it go.

Gaez arrives at the party, and Zondra calls him in. Surrounded by muscle. Sarah sees him as well.

Morgan and Carina spar about Alex. He hasn't told Alex he loves her yet, so Carina views him as fair game. Alex calls, and he tries to go see her, but Carina informs him he's not going anywhere. Alex starts getting insecure. As they talk, Carina gives him a neck and shoulder rub. Alex tells him he owes her big time, and Morgan fully agrees. He sends all manner of kisses just as General Beckman reappears onscreen to inform them that there is a problem in Rio.

Amy plays "dumb blond" and asks the muscle if she can ask them a question. When they step forward, Sarah asks "Is your insurance paid up?" She and Zondra take the two out, as Amy pulls a handgun. She takes the lead, and the three walk into Gaez' room. Carina weighs in to let them know it's a trap. Morgan tries to second chair her, but she slaps him back out of camera range. The girls are surrounded by gun men, and a very calm Gaez. He advises them to drop their weapons, and they do so.

The girls are immobilized while Gaez makes his pitch. He wants them to join his organization. He needs skilled operatives, who can open a door with a kiss, or a smile. Chuck is working his way to the girls when one of them starts working on her bonds. Chuck calls in to Casey, letting him know that there are five guards, and he's going to use the intersect to capture Gaez. Casey wants him to sit tight until he gives the signal.

Sarah starts taunting Gaez and Zondra. Zondra is angry, and fed-up. She wants Sarah to accuse her out loud and to her face, instead of under her breath as she's been doing for years. Sarah return fires, because Zondra's been doing the same by alleging that Sarah set Zondra up. Sarah is the one who put the tracker in the boot. Gaez tries to turn the girls against each other.

Sarah bursts through her bonds and has her weapon to Gaez' throat. He's about to tell her who amongst the CATS was working with him, when Chuck falls through the roof. He uses the intersect to take down the guards. Gaez escapes and he's promptly captured by Casey. Sarah gives Chuck a cheerful earful and cuts him down. She's very angry at him.

Beckman tells them they did a good job in Rio, but they still don't know who the mole is. Casey thinks it's Carina, but Chuck thinks it's Amy. Is anybody really that perky? Beckman gives Casey orders to interrogate Gaez. The CATS have to stay nearby until things are resolved.

Sarah has a job for Chuck.

Alex arrives at work and sees that Morgan has lipstick on his collar. That's it. Three strikes and he's out. It's over.

Zondra is tired of Walker's crap. They're gonna solve this old school. They kick box.

Amy joins Casey in the interrogation. Gaez claims he's never even heard of "The Gentle Hand".

Zondra and Sarah talk as they fight, and find that Sarah couldn't have planted anything in that boot. She got an anonymous call to stay in Paris. She was never in Milan.

Amy powders her nose. When Casey asks her about primping, she blows the powder in his face and he is immobilized. She joins Zondra and Sarah as they come to the realization that she's the mole. She incapacitates Zondra and gloats to Sarah. She has everything she ever wanted, but she's lonely. Sarah should join her. Sarah tells her to go to hell. She knocks Sarah down, reminding her that she has a target on her back. Amy knows where she lives. Sarah, Chuck; the sister with the baby? Don't forget. She knocks Sarah down and out.

Ellie find Chuck leaving with a great deal of luggage. He tells her that he loves Sarah, he just wants her to be happy. Everything he did backfired. Ellie tells him he doesn't have to fix everything. He blew it, big time. But Ellie is pretty sure Sarah still loves him.

Morgan gives Carina a cheerful earful. He's leaving to tell Alex he loves her. Carina tries to stop him, but he keeps walking, right into Amy's fist. Gaez puts a gun to Carina's head, and then knocks her unconscious.

Sarah comes to, grabs her phone and calls Chuck. She fills him in on what's transpired. Castle is in lockdown, and Gaez and Amy are headed his way. They're in the elevator. She expects him to hide, but Chuck refuses. He has a plan. Amy tries to intimidate him as Chuck sets up his trap. Sarah says she doesn't have time to forgive Chuck, Gaez and Amy are headed his way.

Chuck breaks a CD into shurikens, one of which disarms Amy. He uses the intersect to disarm and take down Gaez, but Amy jumps on his back. He tries not to fight her, because he was raised to be a gentleman. When he falls, the keys fall out of his pocket, and Amy scoops them up. She's about to leave when she trips over the wire Chuck left across the aisle for her. When she looks up, Sarah, Zondra and Carina are standing over her, guns drawn.

The CATS are happy they found the mole. Sarah and Zondra apologize in unison. They enjoyed their friendship. They will both be at the engagement party and the wedding. They're going to be bridesmaids. Carina needs to apologize to Morgan.

Sarah thanks Chuck for bringing the CATS back into her life. It needs to end here, though. No more digging. But she needs him to keep helping her. Always. He's perfect. They kiss.

Alex arrives at the party and sees a sad Morgan, nursing a beer. She tells him it's over. She doesn't feel special, she just feels lied to. She apologizes and walks away. He calls her back and tells her the truth. He says I love you twice, followed by "I am in love with you." For real. She loves him too. But he can't do this. He won't. Promise. Carina tries to apologize, but Alex doesn't need to hear it. Morgan loves her.

Sarah tells Ellie it's all very lovely. She doesn't even know where her father is, and her relationship with her mother is very strained, so it's complicated. She's willing to share more with Ellie. They can get Chuck involved later. She asks Ellie to be her maid of honor, and Ellie accepts.