Chuck Versus The First Bank Of Evil - Recap

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Vivian Volkoff stands before the door her locket has opened. Inside, there's a key card on a pedestal. When she picks it up, a red light starts flashing and beeping. She murmurs "I give up" before dropping her head in her hands. A gentleman states that she's having a strange reaction to being given a gift of this magnitude. He's Riley, Alexei's attorney. He has a letter for Vivian, which he starts reading in her father's voice as ordered by Alexei. She asks him to read it normally. The letter states that the card in the safe will help her rebuild Volkoff Industries. She refuses. He says nobody says no to Alexei, as he pulls a gun on her. Perhaps she'd like to rethink her answer. She attacks him, and escapes.

Ellie and Sarah discuss her wedding. Sarah doesn't think she's cut out for the girly stuff. Ellie will do what she can to help. She shares with Sarah about breaking down crying when she picked up the wedding bands. From that point, it was all real. It'll all be real for Sarah at some point, too.

Morgan talks to Chuck about his apartment intentions. He's having trouble finding something in his price range, so he might need a roommate. But for now, it's not so bad being at his mom's. Chuck gets buzzed down to Castle, but tells Morgan he's happy for him before heading out. Once he leaves, it's obvious that Morgan was lying. Big Mike and his mom are having a very frequent and noisy love life. He needs a new place ASAP.

Sarah and Chuck discuss Riley's visit. When she throws the key card on the table, Chuck flashes and immediately announces that they need to call Beckman. Volkoff has all his money in a bank in Macao, China. They need to freeze those funds, but it's not that simple. The bank in question is operated by a crime syndicate. Now that they have Vivian's help, they might be able to gain access to those funds. Chuck doesn't believe Vivian is going to want to help, but Beckman tells him it's his job to change all that. He's a spy, she's an asset. If this mission is going to work, he needs to turn Vivian into a Volkoff.

Jeff and Lester want Morgan to settle a bet for them. Where to meet women. He doesn't have time to discuss it, he needs to find a place to live. Lester says he can have a room in their apartment-slash-van in exchange for one week off so they can go to the Renn fair and meet the ladies. Morgan says no. He gets called to the floor and tells them to see themselves out. Lester looks at Morgan's laptop and discovers that Morgan's potential roommates are going to meet him at work, so he's going to throw a spanner in the works.

Chuck fights to get through to Vivian, but he's not getting much of anywhere. They bond over their absent fathers. She agrees to help, but she's going to need to change her look if she's going to be any sort of intimidating. That's what they would expect of Volkoff's daughter. They use a computer program to create a new look for her. Chuck runs his wedding ensemble past Sarah, and she remains as distant as she did with Ellie.

Casey bustles through as they're talking, and Sarah and Chuck follow him. Why haven't they seen him lately? Sarah says he should be getting ready for the Volkoff mission, but he says he has a mission of his own. Which he's not free to discuss. Sorry. He warns them to be careful when they hit the First Bank of Macau.

Renn Faire players start arriving in Morgan's office, looking for a roommate. Casey shows up, too; he tells Morgan that Buy More is a delicate cover, and he needs to shut this roommate operation down, NOW. Morgan doesn't know what happened, until he realizes Les and Jeffrey messed with his post. He remembers Casey has an extra room, but Casey refuses and leaves.

Sarah briefs Vivian on how they will proceed when they arrive at the First Bank of Macau. Chuck will be acting as her bodyguard. She's very apprehensive about the verification process. What if she doesn't know the answer? Chuck says she should look to him, and she'll be fine.

Chuck's wearing a Magnum mustache and glasses when he accompanies Vivian. The bank manager scans the card, since he wasn't aware it had changed hands. He asks Vivian to follow him. The bank guard prevents Chuck from following her. Chuck and Vivian have a sidebar. He wants to get her out of there, but she wants to find out more about her dad. After she leaves, Chuck contacts Sarah for more information on how they can get out of there.

Chuck tries to get more information out of the security guard. When he goes too far, the guard slugs him and catches him as he semi-collapses. As he's in the guard's arms, Chuck lifts his key card.

The manager removes a DNA sample from Vivian. As long as she is who she says she is, and nobody has removed her from the fund's account, she's good to go.

Sarah talks Chuck through to get to the vault. She's unamused that Ellie wants to go cake tasting this afternoon. Chuck suggests she just choose one wedding subject, and be happy about that one. He's in front of an open door full of computer servers when Chuck flashes. The last thing he sees is the word "STOLEN" in red, before the door closes in his face. He contacts her regarding the servers. They were stolen from the Chinese army a year ago. He doesn't know what they're doing with them, but they wouldn't need military grade tech unless they were up to something serious.

Vivian is scanned by a red light, and an automaton starts asking her questions. The screen flashes true when she answers the questions, but the third question is "Are you working with a law enforcement agency?" She takes a deep breath and answers "No." The screen flashes "True." The manager comes and tells her she passed the test. He gives her a safety deposit box. Alexei once told him it contained his most prized possessions. She opens it and finds her life history chronicled in pictures and news articles.

Chuck is intercepted and lifted off the ground by his neck. He tells Sarah he needs help.

As Vivian is walking out, they encounter Chuck and the two guards holding him. She plays the bit perfectly, slapping him and aiming a gun at him. "Were you trying to steal? I trusted you." The manager tries to talk her down, but he only means he doesn't want Chuck shot on bank property. Sarah meets them at the door, and Vivian thanks the manager. She'll take it from here. He can hand Chuck over to her head of security (Sarah). Before they leave, the bank manager tells Vivian that he can now see her resemblance to her father. She smiles.

Chuck, Sarah and Vivian try to find clues to the location of Volkoff's funds in the items from the safety deposit box. Looks like it's a dead end. Sarah takes a message from Ellie and excuses herself. Ellie says at least Chuck got to talk to his father. She'll never be able to do so. Maybe she will, Chuck says. Maybe he can ask around, see if they can set up a meeting. He knows what she's going through. She interrupts him for a big hug.

Ellie had an epiphany. You're supposed to build a wedding around the dress, and Sarah doesn't have hers yet. Sarah loves the idea, and she goes to do some research. She pulls up the computer program that selects clothing, and starts trying on dresses. She eventually finds the perfect one. The wedding becomes a reality to her. She finally gets that she's getting married. Casey comes in and points out that while the dress is quite lovely, it's apparently been on a mission. Sarah sees the damage on the back and continues to smile happily.

Morgan confronts Les and Jeffrey about the ad. They owe him. They don't agree. Plus, their free room has been turned over to the king.

Beckman fills Sarah and Chuck in on what happens next. Vivian needs to go back to the bank and digitally upload a tag to their system so they can access the servers. Does Chuck think he can get her to do so? He thinks that it's much more likely if they allow her a meeting with her father. Beckman will set it up. They'll need a diversion so Vivian can plant the tag. Chuck and Sarah will rob the bank to draw attention away from her.

Morgan is sleeping in the Buy More. He hears somebody walking around, talking. He sees and follows some techs through a sliding panel in the wall, which leads to Casey's project. Casey almost catches him. Then one of the tech sees him, so Morgan talks into his watch to make it clear he belongs there. Casey does catch him, so he tells the truth about sleeping in Buy More.

Vivian arrives at the bank and Sarah and Chuck get ready to follow her in. Sarah turns around and sees Chuck wearing black pantyhose as a mask. She packed them in case they had a chance to go out later. Oops. He puts on a pair of sunglasses. Vivian reaches her destination. Chuck and Sarah get to work, and the guard leaves Vivian. She does what she has to do as Sarah is doing flips across the lobby. Chuck flashes, and follows suit with Sarah's moves. Vivian finishes uploading and turns to leave, running right into Riley. He informs her that she's being used. The agent who is empathizing with her is the man who put her father in jail: Charles Carmichael, aka Chuck.

Chuck and Sarah discuss wedding plans while threatening the bank employees. He's happy to hear she found a dress.

Vivian tries to reason with Riley. He continues playing with her mind, telling her it's up to him if she gets to see her father. The CIA certainly won't let her. He gives her his card, and returns her locket to her.

Chuck and Sarah take Vivian hostage, and burn all the money they stole. Chuck tells Vivian she did a great job. He can see there's something wrong with her, but she denies it.

Beckman congratulates the team on a job well-done. Chuck asks about reuniting father and daughter, and Beckman refuses. The security risks are too high. Chuck is not amused. He feels like he lied to Vivian. Beckman tells him he told the asset what she needed to hear, that's all. Good job.

Chuck tells Vivian the bad news. He says it's complicated, and you can see her wheels turning. She doesn't trust Chuck anymore, and she feels used.

Sarah and Ellie are discussing really expensive wedding plans. She's gone completely over-the-top. Chuck overheard and he's worried, too.

Morgan checks in with Casey and apologizes about the snooping incident. He then becomes very nosy, and Casey asks if he's leveraging him to stay in his apartment. Yes he is, and it's working. Casey threatens him if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. Because now? Casey knows where he lives.

Chuck calls Vivian, who hits the ignore button. He leaves a voice mail, apologizing for letting her down so hard. She's in the backseat of a car, with Riley. She's ready to learn the truth about her father.