Chuck Versus the Muuurder - Recap

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Ellis is totally absorbed in her dad's computer. She asks Devon if he
got Clara down, and he gently points out that she's in the bassinet next
to her mommy. She tells him she's completely sleep-deprived, but she
doesn't feel tired at all. She thinks her dad was working on getting the
neuro-circuitry in the brain to reorganize itself. Fascinating stuff.
She says to Devon "Don't worry, honey; what's the worst that could happen?"

Bentley watches through the computer at Ellie, and takes notes. She's
interrupted by a message from Chuck stating that Beckman wants them in
the conference room. Beckman opens by notifying the team that Bentley
failed abysmally in finding Intersect candidates. Morgan asides "ouch!"
at Bentley. Beckman goes on to say that Chuck's the only one who knows
what it's like to be him, the best person for the Intersect job. He goes
with "broke the mold", etc and Bentley and Casey react. She ends the
call, leaving Chuck in charge. Morgan congratulates him, while Casey
sarcastically notes that he's glad it didn't go to Chuck's head.

Morgan notes that the last time somebody left Chuck in charge, he led a
D&D team to their fiery death. They squabble about that for a few
seconds before Chuck returns to the "reporting to me" theme. He knows
it's going to be very awkward for some of you (mad gesturing of "eyes on
you" at Bentley). She retorts that she hopes he's enjoying this. Because
it's only going to last until he screws up. Bentley walks out, and Chuck
introduces everybody to the psychological guide that has been created,
based on his psyche. Langley went over it and will be sending four spies
over to see if they're a match. Casey is unamused. "Good lord. Four more

The four techs show up, and the team puts them through some tests. They
choose the best person for the job, Brody. He's definitely another
Chuck. As soon as he's informed he's been chosen, he is killed by
somebody in Castle.

Large Mart is running the same promotion as Buy Smart. Big Mike is
wearing a green BM costume in honor thereof to try to draw more
attention to Buy More. It would appear that they have insider
information, since Large Mart always runs the same promotions as Buy
More. He heads outside to promote, and the Large Mart van pulls up and
kidnaps him. Morgan sees it happen, but he's too late.

Chuck goes downstairs and finds the remaining three candidates. He asks
if they've seen Brody and they of course realize he made his choice.

Devon calls and fills Chuck in on Ellie having her dad's computer, and
how that came about. He thinks she's close to finding out something
really big. Chuck says it's imperative that the computer be removed from
Ellie's possession. Devon says it makes her so happy, though. He thinks
she feels close to her dad again. Chuck can't leave work, so tells Devon
to swap out the hard drives. She'll think it just broke again, and Chuck
can handle it from there.

He ends the call and confronts Bentley, who lies about giving the
computer to Ellie. Chuck promptly calls her on it, and she admits to
lying. As they argue, Chuck slides through the blood, and they find
Brody's body. Bentley states the obvious; there goes his first choice.

Morgan talks to his team. Large Mart says the kidnapping is in
retaliation, but he knows that none of them would break a two-year prank
detente with the Large Mart because obviously their leader forbid it.
Why? Because it's just that important. But they claim that Buy More
kidnapped Kevin Bacon. Jeffrey whispers to Lester, and Morgan is on it.
What did they do? They lead him to the closet where the adorable little
pig mascot is being held hostage. Strangely Kevin Bacon attracts much
more traffic than Big Mike's BM costume.

Chuck talks to Sarah about the death. Casey has everybody disarmed.
Sarah reminds Chuck how important it is that he handle this situation
properly, because Bentley will do anything she can to make him look bad.
He needs to look calm and confident. He takes her words to heart, and
goes and fills in the three candidates and the rest of the team. They're
going to go over all the footage. No cell phone usage until this
situation is resolved. Bentley asks why Casey and Sarah are above
suspicion, and the candidates agree with her. Chuck points out that they
have been part of Team Bartowski for years now, and have saved his life
many times.

The candidates continue to find fault with who Chuck trusts, triggering
both Casey and Sarah's anger. Damian says sod it, he's outta here. And
by the way? He's GREEK. So everybody assuming he was a middle east
terrorist can just feel really ashamed right about now.

Chuck chases him down, but he won't listen to reason. Chuck sees red
lights flashing near the door Damian is about to open, and calls for him
not to, but he does it anyway. There's a big explosion, and Damian is
between the steel door and the wall. The lights are knocked out, and
Sarah helps Damian back to their main area. He's badly wounded and
losing a lot of blood. They can't access anything now, to find out who
killed Brody. Casey reports back that they're in there without any
support. Sarah reminds him he needs to maintain. They will back him, but
HE needs to do it.

Squabbling erupts, and Lewis' English accent turns out to be from a
semester abroad.

Buy More and Large Mart parley over Kevin Bacon. They can't have him
until Morgan knows Big Mike is okay. He's fine. He got a Subway
breakfast sandwich. Morgan is ready to hand over Kevin Bacon, but he has
disappeared from the maintenance closet. He has until midnight to locate
and return the little porker.

Ellie comes home just as Devon finishes changing out the hard drive. She
figured out what her dad was up to. He was trying to figure out how to
input knowledge into the human brain, without having to learn it. But
that's not enough. She doesn't know what he would have wanted her to do
with that knowledge. She just wishes he was here.

Sarah and Chuck confront Director Bentley, as she's their most likely
suspect. Obviously, since she went after Ellie, so there is nothing she
won't do to accomplish what she wants. Plus, she was the only one who
knew Brody was his first choice. Bentley snaps that Brody made Chuck
light up like a 13 year-old girl. Everyone knew Brody was his first
choice. Sarah nods in agreement.

Josie is questioned next. She's all teary, and Sarah doesn't buy it.
Josie bursts into tears. For their information, she was dumped by her
boyfriend last week for being too emotional. Chuck sidebars with Sarah,
because sobbing women make him very uncomfortable. Josie watches through
her tears.

Damian accuses them of torturing him. Chuck gets uncomfortable, but
Sarah sneers how there is no clear definition of torture. Everything he
has is covered in sand. Damian is angry, because the CIA won't send him
anywhere that's not covered in sand, and he's certainly not full of sand
to interfere with their machinery!

Lewis is last. Sarah finds a knife in his bag, which Chuck declares as
belonging to an IRA bomb maker. Lewis has it because he killed the man,
and took the knife.

Casey checks in as Chuck slides down the wall in defeat. As he's planted
on his butt, he notices a bomb attached to the bottom of the chair. They
make it out with no time to spare. Lester and Jeffrey are asleep in the
media room when the bomb blast is felt. Lester feels it but Jeffrey

Everything Chuck and Sarah hear is muffled. Casey finds them. Damian
took another piece of shrapnel, this time in the back. They need to get
him to a doctor. Everybody is there now except Lewis. Lewis is the killer.

Morgan confronts Lester and Jeffrey one last time as to the whereabouts
of Kevin Bacon. Lester makes it very obvious that they know exactly
where he is.

Sarah and Chuck pass the weapons back out, since they know it was Lewis.
Chuck says he's going to find him and take him down. As he and Bentley
look for Lewis, he apologizes for wrongfully accusing her of murder.
Aside from what she did to Ellie, maybe they can put all this behind
them and become friends. Bentley tells him he has to stop caring what
people think.

Josie talks Sarah's ear off. She and her boyfriend were together for six
years. He never committed. How did Sarah get the Intersect to commit?

Chuck sees that Bentley obviously feels that way, since she's made no
attempt whatsoever to be liked. She says that's not important to her,
and Chuck asks if she's made out of stone. She shushes him, because she
can hear somebody in the vents overhead.

Casey thinks he found Lewis. A ladder comes down from the ceiling, but
there is no one in sight, at first. Then Casey sees Kevin Bacon.

Morgan can't believe what he's hearing. Kevin Bacon is wandering the
vent system, thanks to Jeffrey and Lester.

Bentley heads for the Intersect room. It's the safest place in Castle,
and it's bomb proof. Chuck says he doesn't want to pull rank, and she
interrupts him. Ooh, he doesn't want to pull rank? Because she may not
like him? He sees the screen frozen where Bentley was observing Ellie.
He asks what it is, and she claims that it's none of his concern. As
things escalate between them, Chuck reads Bentley's face and realizes
Lewis is there. They both turn their weapons on him. He's dead. So if
it's not him, and it's not Bentley, then who?

Everybody has a gun on somebody, and Chuck replays the past few days in
his head to see if he can come up with a name. He talks to Josie, who it
turns out is quite emotional because she's pregnant. Casey extends his
congratulations, and hopes it's a boy. Josie turns her weapon on him.
Everybody leans in to hear what he's saying. Chuck has brought everyone
to the far side of the room so he could tell them it's Damian. He's the
killer, and he's probably armed.

Damian's eyes open as everybody plans their next move. Damian stands up
and shows them that the boombox is actually a bomb. He wants to get to a
doctor. He used the door to shield himself so it would appear he was one
of the victims. He planted the bomb under the chair when he was being
interrogated, then used the confusion of the blast to kill Lewis. So
they know what happened, but they don't know why.

Chuck asks him specifically what he's after, and Damian says "I came
here for you, Chuck." Casey shoots to wound, and Chuck flashes on the
boombox bomb. They have less than a minute, and it will take too much
time to disarm it. Bentley grabs the bomb and heads for the Intersect
room. Chuck says there is no power, the doors won't close. She says
there's a manual release, but Chuck doesn't want her to do it. Bentley
pulls her weapon on him and tells him that this is what a leader does.
She closes the door in his face and goes inside, with 30 seconds to wait.

Chuck hot wires the door and gets her out again before the bomb blows.

Kevin Bacon is thrown by the blast and flies through the vents and out a
hatch into Chuck's arms.

Given everything that transpired, Chuck shall be the only Intersect.
It's too dangerous to do anything else. Casey, Sarah and Chuck are going
to be the team members. Director Bentley is to return to Washington and
await reassignment. Chuck points out that her contributions today were
invaluable. Beckman takes note, and ends the call.

Before she leaves, Bentley tells Chuck he's a good spy, and apologizes
for underestimating him. He thanks her and says it's good to not have a
nemesis anymore. Before leaving, she turns and tells him how smart Ellie
is. If anybody can figure the Intersect out, it's her. He might want to
reconsider his decision to keep her away from that path.

Morgan rallies the team to break Big Mike out. That's when Big Mike
walks in, clinging to his sandwich, smiling and pumping his fist.
Everybody rejoices. Group hug. Large Mart burns the BM costume out
front. Chuck drops off Kevin Bacon.

The team arrives home, and Devon is pacing outside. He hands the hard
drive to Chuck, who declares it for the best. They both look completely
unsure. Devon gets back inside and Ellie is working on the computer.
Devon handed off a fake hard drive.

Chuck apologizes to Casey and Sarah. They were totally there for him
today. The Intersect isn't just him. It doesn't work without them.
Beckman interrupts. Damian was supposed to destroy Castle after he was
wired $10m by Vivian Volkoff. It appears she's going after the man who
took down her father. They are to remain on high alert until they hear
anything further. She ends the call, and Chuck says "I'm someone's
nemesis?" Casey returns "For real, this time."

Elle sleeps with the open laptop on the table before her. A green light
pops out of the top and scans Ellie repeatedly. It identifies Ellie by
name, and then locates and opens Agent X files.