Chuck Versus Bo - Recap

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The scene opens with Casey and Morgan planting fake memories into the minds of Lester and Jeff who are passed out in a car. Meanwhile at home, Chuck and Sarah are soundly sleeping, when Sarah suddenly hears a sounds wakes up; armed, she quietly tiptoes towards the source of the sound; she slowly opens the front door, and finds the morning newspaper, the source of the sound, lying on the porch. Chuck walks into the room; Sarah greets him by telling him that she wants to quit spying. Taken aback, Chuck tells her that they could sit down calmly and discuss it. Sarah tells Chuck, that with her wanting a future with him, and babies and everything, the kind of lifestyle they lead presently doesn’t go hand in hand with that vision. Sarah tells Chuck that they should change their company business profile, and concentrate on cyber terrorism, which would be both safe, and would be right up her and Chuck’s alley. Chuck agrees with Sarah and is elated at the idea. Chuck and Sarah break the news to Casey and Morgan; with Morgan loving the idea and Casey finding it outrageous.

Although unhappy with the idea, Casey promises to think about it. At the store Big Mike brings Morgan a package, in it is a phone, in which Morgan had recorded a video message a few months back. In the video, Morgan talks about being in a party, where a dude comes up to him with a pair of ‘Intersect Glasses’, Morgan also says in the video that he has stashed the glasses in a vault somewhere, and in the video reminds himself to find those glasses. When asked about the video by Casey, Morgan says he doesn’t remember a thing, as he had consumed copious amounts of booze; it was this phase that he was going through. Somewhere out there is a pair of Intersect glasses, and the gang decides to embark on one last mission to find it. Sarah browses through Morgan’s phone, fishing for clues, she stumbles upon messages send by Morgan to someone with the initials BD, but somehow Morgan doesn’t seem to remember who that is. Chuck and Morgan pay Ellie a visit, to see if she can jog Morgan’s memory into remembering something. Ellie hypnotizes Morgan, and seems to have an effect.

Lester and Jeff wake up, and try to figure out what happened. They smell something fishy and decide to get to the bottom of it. They walk out of the car, which has been stranded in the middle of nowhere and look for a lift. Chuck confides in Sarah, that he is frustrated at never being able to move on, and whenever he tries, trouble seems to find him. Sarah reassures him that this time will be different, and this will be their last mission. Sarah shows Casey a photo of their future office space; Casey is impressed, just then Ellie walks in and tells the gang that Morgan post hypnosis keeps repeating the words ‘Emerald’ and ‘Gold’ and the number ‘10’. It turns out Ellie has taken back Morgan back a bit too far in the past; right back to his high school days.

At the shop, a male customer walks up to the counter and asks Morgan if he is in a serious relationship, feeling awkward Morgan replies in the affirmative. The customer, then goes on to ask if Morgan is in love with the girl, he is in a relationship with. In the meanwhile Alex, Morgan’s ex girlfriend comes up to the counter and apologizes for the other guys behavior, she also tells Morgan that she made a mistake and still misses him. In the meanwhile Morgan receives a message from BD asking to meet him. Lester and Jeff are shown lurking around in the shop spying on the gang. Chuck and Sarah find out that there is a Golden Peak resort in Colorado, and there is a Michael Carmichael registered in the night in question, it’s the ski town, from the photos in Morgan’s phone, and the gang decides to travel there.

At the ski-lodge the gang is hoping Morgan would get regain his memory. While Morgan and Chuck are walking around in the lodge, a female voice calls out Morgan’s name from behind; lo behold its Bo Derek. The BD it turns out is Bo Derek, BD seals hers and Morgan’s meeting with a passionate kiss, much to Casey’s and Chuck’s envy. Much to everyone’s surprise, BD tells Chuck that Morgan rocked her world, one intimate night in November. BD takes Chuck and Morgan to a pin up board where there are pictures of Morgan partying the night away. She also mentions how Morgan told everyone that night that he saves the world. Even here Lester and Jeff are seen following the gang. Sarah prompts Morgan to go up to BD’s room to find out if she knows anything about the vault. Back in her room while BD begins undressing Morgan, he tries to find out more about what happened that night. In the meanwhile, Sarah questions the bartender at the ski-lodge about that night. Sarah and Casey find out that they are being trailed by Lester and Jeff, Casey leaves to take care of them.

Suddenly a spaced out dude comes up to Sarah and tells her that he gave Morgan a tattoo that night. Casey once again catches hold of Jeff and Lester, and takes care of them. Chuck tells Morgan that he has a tattoo, and he pulls out his lower lip, written inside is the message “Don’t Trust Bo Derek”. Suddenly Chuck feels a gun on the back of his head, with BD holding it; she demands that she be taken to the glasses. Just then Sarah comes from behind and hits BD on the back of her head, rendering her unconscious. Jeff and Lester once again find themselves in the desert in a car, with no memory of what exactly happened; just then Jeff finds Bo Derek written on the inside of his forearm. Back in a room, Chuck and Morgan question a handcuffed Bo Derek.

It turns out she too is a spy. She narrates the wild antics that Morgan exhibited that night, from partying to drinking to womanizing. She also tells them how she met Morgan at the party and got physical. She then tells them that she called her boss, Morgan is shown talking to the boss in a semi conscious state. The boss is shown telling Morgan that he won’t remember anything about this conversation they have had, he says he is so confident, that he reveals his true identity and his name Nicholas Quinn, to Morgan; he also tells him that he shall become the ‘intersect’. Suddenly Morgan springs into action and kicks Quinn’s and his gang’s butts, and escapes with the ‘Intersect Glasses’. Back in the office Chuck tells the gang that Quinn is an evil spy, and it turns out that most of his clients are the ones who Chuck and gang have put behind bars.

A part of the mystery is solved, but there is still no information on the vault and the intersect glasses. Morgan decides to come clean with Alex, and tells her about how he slept with Bo Derek; which she obviously doesn’t believe. But the two of them kiss and make up, and decide to let bygones be bygones. Just then Big Mike comes in and asks Morgan for the key, he says he checked the managers vault, this takes Morgan back to that night, when he was escaping from Quinn and his men; Morgan then had rolled down a mountain side and stumbled upon a BUY MORE. Chuck looks up an incident on the internet, where there was a break in, at a BUY MORE in Vail where Morgan was that night; Morgan remembers that he has hidden the stuff at BUY MORE in the manager’s vault. The guys land up in the BUY MORE, in search of the missing paraphernalia.

The gang poses as security specialists from Carmichael Industries to gain access to the vault; even here they are followed by Lester and Jeff. The gang renders the store manager unconscious, before accessing the vault. Morgan keys in the password and opens the vault, to the dismay of the gang; finding nothing in it. While on their way out of the store, they see on display a replica vault advertising the game called ‘Gunz and Gold’, Chuck puts two and two together, and the gang check inside the replica vault; inside, in a box, lo behold! They find the ‘Intersect Glasses’, Jeff and Lester spying on the gang figure out that they are spies. Just then, there is rapid gunfire; Quinn and his men enter the store. Quinn tells the gang that he is former CIA, and that Larkin stole the Intersect glasses for Chuck. Quinn said he went after the glasses, was caught and tortured for more than a year.

A gun battle ensues between both the parties; overpowered Quinn makes good his escape. Chuck tells Casey not to follow Quinn, and wishes that the gang is just done with this and every other mission, for good. Jeff and Lester again end up in the desert with their memories wiped out. Chuck gets a call from Sarah who is at office; she tells him that she wants to celebrate with the gang. As Chuck collects the newspaper from the porch and walks into the house, he is rendered unconscious by Quinn, who is hiding in the house. Sarah receives a call from Quinn asking her to bring the Intersect Glasses by 9 pm to the docks at pier 23, if she ever wants to see Chuck alive again. Armed with guns Sarah and Casey reach the pier. Suddenly, the two of them are surrounded by heavily armed men in uniforms, asking for the glasses. A gun battle ensues; both Casey and Sarah are cornered, with no way out. The episode ends with Sarah wearing the glasses, as a last resort, and gaining superhuman abilities, thus very easily and impressively overpowering the enemy.